Friday, December 26, 2008

Work Christmas Party 2008

I have finally uploaded the photos from this years work Christmas party. It pretty much went the same way as last years, as in we went out straight from work and drank lots of beer, went to the party and drank beer and wine with the meal and then moved on to Whiskey. This meant that I was absolutely plastered. :-)

At least I didn't go on anywhere else this year and instead took my inebriated self straight home.

Anyway, a good time was had by all and I managed not to insult anyone or make a total twat of myself.

Pics are here.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Those Crazy Catholics Are At It Again!

The Pope gave his end of year address to senior Vatican staff yesterday.

I'm not sure about you but I would think that a religious leader would probably say something like "Come on guys, let's be nice to each other. Peace and love and goodwill to all men."

er, no.

What his Popeship actually said was "that saving humanity from homosexual or transsexual behaviour is just as important as saving the rainforest from destruction."

So, instead of celebrating Christmas and all having a nice time we should be ganging up on homosexuals.

Is this the correct stance from someone who is listened to by so many?

Personally I think that the Catholic church is one of the most evil organisations on the planet (second only to Sony) but a lot of people don't and I think that any Pope should have a more responsible attitude.

Let's just hope general members of the Catholic church have a slightly more enlightened way of thinking.

Anyway, the Pope wears a dress so he should be careful who he decided to persecute. :-)

Sunday, December 07, 2008

Merry Christmas from the Family Briddon

Merry Christmas to everyone from the Briddon household.

As you can see from the video above, Alice and Amelia have really grown up. :-)

Monday, November 24, 2008

Alice Is SO Clever!

I seem to be posting about Amelia being very clever recently, probably because changes in behaviour at her age are so pronounced.

We must not forget Alice though. She is learning all the time and can now write her own name with no help at all. The scan of her writing is shown above. I am sure you will agree that she is very clever.

I actually think her writing is neater than mine!!!!

Friday, November 21, 2008

More Exciting Amelia News!!

Is there a week goes by without my beautiful youngest daughter doing something else new? I think not.

This evening she managed to pull herself up to a standing position for the first time!! Amazing!!!

What will she do next? I am hoping she will develop an uncanny ability to pick lottery numbers. :-)

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

It's All Over!

As I said below, yesterday afternoon I went for the snip.

Leading up to the event I was slightly apprehensive but yesterday I was surprisingly calm, and even just before and during the op I was not worried at all. I guess I 'Manned Up'. :-)

Anyway, we dropped the rug rats off at my mum's at 13:30 and got to the hospital at 14:15. We were taken through to the waiting area almost immediately and I was given 2 most fetching gowns to wear along with some lovely plastic foot bags. It took me a while to work out why I had 2 gowns but then I realised that wearing one would mean I was showing my ass or my manhood depending on which way I wore it and I was given 2 so I could wear one each way round. I must say I think I carried the look off very well. ;-)

I then signed the patient consent form and sat with Victoria for 10 minutes before my doctor called my name and I went through to the operating theatre.

I was given a bed to lie on and the 2 doctors told me they would be keeping me talking through the procedure to keep my mind off what they were doing and they certainly kept up their side of the bargain, chatting happily all the way through. They were very friendly but remaining professional and really put me at ease.

The operation began when they injected the anaesthetic. This was about as painful as an injection you would have when having a filling, ie not at all. After that all you feel is a bit of movement as you are pulled about but no pain at all. It takes about 5 minutes for the first side to be done and they move on to the other side and the operation is repeated. It took about 15 minutes in total from me leaving Victoria to me being wheeled back to the recovery room.

After the op I had to stay on the bed for 30 minutes, after which the nurse checked the (tiny) wounds were no longer bleeding and then I was given a sample cup, told to return it in March and sent home. All done and dusted in about 90 minutes from walking through the door.

When I got home the anaesthetic had worn off so there was a little discomfort but it was really nothing bad at all. A little pulling from the stitches and a bit of a dull ache only a man can understand. This morning I feel about the same. No bruises or anything.

Anyway, the experience was not a bad one. It was about as painful as a filling, ie, not.

Now all I have to do is wait until March to get the all clear and it's no condom central for me. :-)

Monday, November 17, 2008

The Unkindest Cut Of All

Today I am off work so I can visit the hospital. I am going to have the snip.

As you can imagine, I am not too happy about the prospect of someone with a very sharp knife chopping away very close to my favourite organ but as I am such a great husband and Victoria and I don't want any more children I think it is the best thing to do.

When you first go to the doctors to request a vasectomy they try to put you off.

Doctor : "You do know it's permanent don't you".

Me : "Yes"

Doctor : "Even though it is the safest form of contraception there is still a chance it won't work"

Me : "I understand that yes"

Doctor : "What if your entire family die in a horrible accident involving a high speed crash on the M1 in which a burning bus crashes into your car, causing you to be thrown free but your wife and children to be mashed into pulp, burned to a crisp and then eaten by wild dogs? Would you not want to find someone else and start over again? Because you would not be able to!!"

Me : "eh?"

OK, so I am exaggerating but they really do say things like "What if one of your children dies, would you not want to replace it?". Like you can replace a child! Muppet's!

Anyway, I am all booked in for 14:30 at the Hallamshire. Victoria is coming with me for moral support and the kids are going to my mums. I am off work tomorrow as suggested by the hospital but I expect to be fighting fit for Wednesday.

I'll let you know later how it went.

Wish me luck!!!

Friday, November 14, 2008

Amelia Escapes Her Bumbo Chair

Amelia has a Bumbo chair that we put her in whenever we want her to be immobile for a brief period of time. This chair is great as she can sit comfortably but not escape.

It least that is what we thought!

Victoria captured this video of Amelia managing to get out of her chair with ease. I guess we will have to resort to a straight jacket or something from now on.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

The Wisdom Of Alice Part 10

Alice jumps on me and her foot stands on the part men don't like to be kicked in.

Me : Ouch!!!

Alice : Sorry, did I tread on your tuppence?

Me : What? No! I'm a boy, I don't have a tuppence.

Alice : You do! You have a wobbly tuppence.

Restaurant Review - Milano

As I said below, Victoria, myself, my brother and my sister in law all went to Milano on Saturday night.

We have been there before but not for a few years for some reason so we were keen to try it again.

After a couple of pre-meal pints at the Robin Hood we arrived at the restaurant about 10 minutes before our table was booked and headed to the bar. A waiter took our drinks order and within a few minutes Victoria and I were happily sipping down G & T's while Claire had a V & T and Justin had a rather gay Magners.

After a few more minutes we were given a menu each and we all had difficulty choosing what we wanted as it all looked really good.

For starters I had Thai Fishcakes, Victoria had dried strips of beef, Justin had chicken livers and Clairs had a sort of Scalopes, Octopus and squid broth. All were excellent. We all went for the fish option for a main course. My brother had the Sea Bass, Victoria had the Monkfish and Claire and I both had the Cod. Once again it was all brilliant and after two courses we were all full. Well, the girls were not so full that they could not have a dessert but Justin and I decided not to.

The food, service and atmosphere were all excellent, and I don't think the price was too bad either. The total bill came to £249 for all four of us. That did include 4 G&T's, 2 V&T's 3 bottles of white, one bottle of red, 3 Magners and a large Ardbeg. Not bad at all really. Oh, and all the white was drunk by Victoria and Claire the little binge drinkers!!!

We will be going back to Milano soon. I would recommend it highly.


Saturday, November 08, 2008

A Night Out.

Tonight Victoria and I are going out for a meal. We are going to Milanos on Archer Road with my brother and his wife.

We have not been there for several years as we normally go to Morans but it's always good to have a change and Milanos is an excellent restaurant.

When we manage to get these small sniffs of freedom (as in no kids) we like to start the evening by swearing alot. We like to work out how long it is since we last went out and try to get all the swearing in at once. Don't worry, by the time we reach the restaurant we will have finished but if the air turns blue for a few minutes this evening you will know why. :-)

I'll tell you how it went and what we had to eat tomorrow.

Alice's Birthday Weekend

Last Saturday was Alice's 4th birthday. 4 years old already!! Were did those years go?

Anyway, she had a party on the Friday with her little friends and then she dressed up as a witch for halloween. Very scary she was.

On her birthday morning we opened her vast pile of presents and then went to Chatsworth farm to look at the animals. Same as the last 3 years but it was her choice.

She also wanted to go to her favourite restaurant for lunch. "The one with the train" as she puts it. She actually mean Uncle Sams on Ecclesall road.

On Sunday we took Alice and Amelia on a steam train which went from Rowsley to Matlock and back. All good fun.

We had a great weekend which was topped off nicely by Lewis Hamilton winning the F1 drivers championship.

Pictures are here.

Monday, November 03, 2008

Lewis Hamilton Is Formula 1 World Drivers Champion!!!

Lewis Hamilton won the drivers championship yesterday in Brazil. He went into the race with a 7 point lead and only needed to finish in the top 5 to secure the championship. Unfortunately his car was not particularly competitive and he qualified 4th on the grid on Saturday.

Before the race had even started the heavens opened and it rained very heavily for about 10 minutes, causing all the teams to change their tyres to wet weather ones. The rest of the race was dry and it looked like Lewis would cruise home to a 4th place and that was good enough.

Unfortunately it started raining 3 laps from the end so most drivers dived into the pits to change tyres back to wets again. I say most drivers because Timo Glock thought he could stay out and score extra points which meant that Lewis came out of the pits in 5th place with Sebastian Vettel right behind him. Lewis went slightly wide in a corner and Vettel took the place leaving Lewis 6th and in a position not good enough to win the championship.

Victoria and my hearts sank. Surely he is not going to lose the championship again at the last minute!

No. :-)

Timo Glock was on very much the wrong tyres and was going very slowly. This meant that Lewis passed him 2 corners from the end of the race to finish 5th! It is this sort of racing that makes F1 such an amazing sport, in spite of the FIA trying to spoil it!

What an exciting race it was. Our emotions were up and down all the way through and at the end we were so upset when we thought he had not done enough and then instantly elated when he had.

We were swearing at Vettel during the race but my prediction is that for the next 10 years it is Hamilton and Vettel who will have the biggest rivalry and provide the most exciting racing.

Anyway, it is all over until March. We are already looking forward to the next season and have already got out pit straight tickets for Silverstone next year.

Well done Lewis!!!

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Doctor Who Regenerates Again!

NNNNNOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!! David Tennant has announced that after the TV specials next year he will no longer be playing Doctor Who.

This is sad as he is excellent in the role. However, I was sad when Christopher Ecclestone left but they managed to replace him with someone better. Let's hope they can do it again.

More infor here.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Amelia Crawling For The First Time

OK, so she has been crawling for 2 weeks, but I have only just uploaded the video.

Here is Amelia crawling for the first time. Well it was actually the second time but who's counting. :-)

Friday, October 17, 2008

I'm So Embarrassed

I was just walking down the office back to my desk when I coughed and accidentally farted. It was not a quiet fart but a cheek rattling noisy one!

I was walking past a group of occupied desks at the time and I am sure someone must have heard it. Instead of apologising I just kept walking.

I am so embarrassed! I may have to quit my job!!

Saturday, October 04, 2008

Films That Did Not Need Making Part 1 - Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull

I've just watched Indiana Jones and the Kingdom Of The Crystal Skull and what a dull 2 hours it was.

I enjoyed the original Indiana Jones trilogy but I can't see the need to re-hash the franchise a fourth time 19 years after the last film apart from making more money. George Lucas I can imagine doing this but Steven Spielberg? I've never been a big fan but I thought he had a bit more about him.

So what is wrong with the film? Nothing. Apart from some cracking continuity errors there is nothing wrong with the film. It even has the always lovely Cate Blanchett in it which normally means a big score from me for any film. The problem here is that it brings nothing new to the originals. Every part of the story is stolen from the early films. We have seen it all before. The only new bits were the 'I'm too old for this shit' type lines which were used far too often and the end which is just total bollocks.

Harrison Ford really does not seem to have his heart in the role either. Looking at his IMDB page it appears that this century this is only his 6th film so maybe he needed the money. I can't see that being the reason but he really did seem to phone in this performance.

I have heard recently that Spielberg and Ford were willing to make yet another Indiana Jones film, but only if the story was good enough. Pity they didn't mind about this one being crap.

I'll give the film 5/10 and 4 of those points are for Cate Blanchett.

Friday, October 03, 2008

Amelia's Christening

OK, so this post is a little late but I have been ill all week. In fact I am still ill now but thought a post would do me good. :-)

Amelia was Christened last Sunday (28th September) at Dronfield Methodist Church. We had a really great day and it was nice to see so many people who don't normally all get together in the same place.

The Christening was at 11am so we arrived at 10:45. The service started dead on time and the Christening part was about 15 minutes in.

Amelia was a little angel during the ceremony. She was laughing and trying to grab the vicar's nose and then fell asleep for 40 minutes after her part was done!

Victoria and I had asked Tracy and Tim to be Godparents and we were very pleased when they both said yes. They both did their bit very well. Actually nobody read the wrong bit at all which is unusual as normally I mess it up. :-)

After the church it was back to my mum's for a party. There were about 40 people there plus kids. There should have been more but quite a few people didn't turn up as they were ill, probably with the same illness that is making my week a misery!

Victoria and my mum had been cooking for weeks to get all the food prepared. We had a hot buffet. There was Goulash, Thai green curry and a veggie chilli served with salad, rice, potatoes etc. There was also a wide range of desserts including Victoria's chocolate pavlova which is always delicious! Victoria also made what I think is her best ever cake which you can see above. She even made the teddy bears and letter blocks. Very impressive I am sure you will agree.

For some reason (maybe work the next day for most people) nobody got totally plastered. At Alice's Christening everyone got drunk but this time it was a much more sedate affair. Luckily this means that I have loads of booze left over and I am probably set for Christmas. :-)

There are pictures here and thanks to Chris agreeing to play camera man there is a video of the actual Christening here.

Anyway, thanks to Victoria and my mum for cooking all the food, thanks to Tim and Tracy for being Godparents and thanks to Alice and Amelia for being the best little girls a father could ever ask for.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Restaurant Review - The Saffron Club

Yesterday was Victoria's birthday so we decided to go out for a meal with my brother and my sister in law. We were originally going to go to Cafe Guru but for a change we decided to try The Saffron Club.

We arrived at 8pm and said we had booked a table. I was a bit worried as they looked like they didn't know what we were talking about but they sat us down immediately.

Things began to go down hill when the waiter (possibly about 16 years old) brought us one menu and said that there were no more and one would have to do until other people had finished with theirs. "Bring us some drinks then and come back when there are more menu's" was my brothers reply.

We got some drinks and some menu's and finally got to order at 08:30. Our starters then finally arrived at 9pm. 30 minutes for a starter to arrive? Not good but we thought that the meal was coming now so everything else should be quick. We were wrong.

We asked at 9:30 where our main courses were and were told 10 minutes. We then asked at 09:45 and were told 10 minutes. Then the manager came over, apologised and said our food would be 10 - 15 minutes. He even tried to say the food was slow because we didn't order until 08:30!! We explained that there were no menu's.

That was enough. We gave up and decided to leave.

Justin and I were going to pay for the drinks but as our wives pointed out, the only reason we drank extra beer was because we were waiting for so long. They told the manager we didn't want to pay at all so he just told us to leave. I think that he was trying to avoid a scene.

So that was it. We left. No curry for me which was bad as I had been looking forward to it all day.

So would I try The Saffron Club again? No. The staff were totally disorganised and although the starters were good they took far too long to arrive. It even took them 15 minutes to bring poppadoms for god's sake! Obviously I can't comment on the rest of the meal as we never got that far. I think that being sat at a table for 2 hours without even getting you main is ridiculous and although I have never left a restaurant before I think we were justified in doing so this time.

Next time we will stick to the far superior Cafe Guru!

Still, at least it was a cheap night. :-)

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Kitchen Day 3

I didn't bother posting yesterday as all that happened to the kitchen was the electrician came round to install some additional plug sockets and the actual kitchen was delivered!

Today however the fitters arrived at 08:00 and set to work immediately.

I left them to it and went to work, not knowing what I would find when I got back but as you can see by the picture here they have made good progress.

All the units are installed along with the sink. The dish washer is ready to be installed and the taps need plumbing in but apart from that I think we are nearly done.

Of course when the fitters are done we need to get the tiler in to tile the walls, someone in to fit the laminate floor and I need to strip the old wallpaper so Victoria can decorate but at least we are near the end of the main installation!

As they left their tools I am guessing that the fitters will be back tomorrow morning. Hopefully they are not far away from finishing. :-)

All the kitchen pics are available here.

Monday, September 08, 2008

Kitchen Day 1

The first day of our kitchen refit is now over. Essentially everything has been ripped out including the damaged floor and the floor has been replaced. As you can see by the photo it is not looking too good just yet but we are hoping for more progress on Wednesday.

Tomorrow we have Kevin the electrician coming in the morning to put in some additional plug sockets and then the kitchen is arriving tomorrow afternoon. The fitters will then return on Wednesday and might even finish in one day!! It's only a small kitchen after all and they said they don't mind staying late to get a job done.

All exciting stuff I am sure you will agree.

Kitchen Update 1

As you know today is when the kitchen fitters start our new kitchen. They arrived at 08:15 and started removing the old one.

While they were doing this they discovered the lovely 70's style tiles shown in this picture. Very nice I am sure you will agree. I can just picture how nice an entire kitchen would look clothed in such beauty!

More updates as and when something amusing/interesting happens.

I Am So Very Angry!!

Yesterday (7th September) Lewis Hamilton won the Belgium Grand Prix. He was second to Kimi Raikkonen for most of the race and Felipe Massa was an unimpressive third place.

About 4 laps from the end it started to drizzle and we than had the best 4 laps of racing I have seen for years. Hamilton and Raikkonen swapped the lead 4 times in one lap, they both spun off due to having dry tyres in the wet and it was all very exciting to watch and very good for F1 in general.

In the end Lewis won after Raikkonen spun out and hit the wall. He crossed the finish line at about 30 mph because the car was so hard to handle!

We then learned that Lewis was under investigation by the FIA stewards and a few hours later he was given a 25 second penalty which stripped him of his win and demoted him to third.

This is ridiculous! You can see part of the race here . The incident happened at about 25 seconds on the video.

Essentially Lewis was trying to over-take Raikkonen and was pushed off the track. When he rejoined he had the lead but as he cut the corner he would be penalised unless he gave the place back, which he did. The FIA stewards say that he got an unfair advantage by cutting the corner and penalised him for it.

This is really making me sick. It is the second time in 2 races where the FIA stewards have made a decision so blatantly bias in Ferrari's favour that it makes a mockery of the whole sport. I know that Ferrari are Italian but have the mob got big bets on them winning the championship and are putting horse heads in the FIA members beds? Who knows. All I know is that their decisions are crap. You just need to looks at all the forums to see that 99% of F1 fans think this is a bad decision, no matter who they support!

This really needs sorting as it is ruining my favourite sport. We need the rules clarifying and we need consistency when they are applied. We can't (for instance) have cars that leave the pit lane in a dangerous manor all getting drive through penalties except Felipe Massa who does it and gets a 10,000 EURO fine AFTER the race because it would have cost him the win at Valencia.

It is all wrong and I can't believe how angry it makes me.

FYI, I don't know if you know this or not but the president of the FIA is Max Mosley, the tosser who unfairly fined Mclaren 50 million last year for allegedly stealing secrets from Ferrari even though there was no proof. He was later caught having a sado-masochistic orgy with prostitutes which showes his character nicely I think.

Thursday, September 04, 2008

New Kitchen

As some of you may know, we are having a new kitchen fitted. We needed one anyway but it was pushed forward by a leak that essentially destroyed the floor. The insurance said they would pay for the fix but as we were having the kitchen ripped out anyway we thought we would go for an entire new one.

The plan for the new kitchen is pictured above and you can see additional pictures here. Let's see how accurate the pictures are when the job is finished.

The work starts on Monday (8th September) and should take all of next week. At least I am hoping it will be done in a week, bar the tiling I suppose!

While the work is on-going Victoria is taking the kids and going to live at her mum's, leaving me with the mess and forcing me to live on take away food and beer. Actually that sounds quite good. :-)

I will post more pics while the work of happening and keep you up to date on this exciting venture. ;-)

Monday, August 25, 2008

Richard And Sam's Wedding

I've said it before and I'll say it again, I love weddings. Everyone is happy and I can get drunk without having to worry about entertaining anyone except myself!

Last Friday Victoria and I along with my brother and Claire, my mum and step-father and my granny and Eric all trooped down to Henley to see Richard and Sam get married.

Victoria and I were kindly driven 'darn sarf' by my brother and Claire on the day of the wedding. They were not getting married until 4pm and as we left at 07:20 we arrived at the hotel at 10:15 ish. Rather early! We could not check into our rooms until 2pm so we did what any other parents would do when they have no children to look after, we hit the bar!!! Having a pint of Guinness at 10:30 was new to me but was rather easy to do.

After a couple of pints we decided to have lunch in the hotel bar, along with another pint and after that our rooms were ready. A quick shower and a change of clothes and we were ready for a wedding!!!

The wedding was at a place called Old Luxters Barn. This was 20 minutes drive from the hotel and luckily taxis had been provided.

We arrived and were greeted with the traditional Pims and lemonade. Not being a fan of this particular drink I waited until after the ceremony for a beer, and as the venue was also a brewery there was plenty on offer. :-)

Sam walked down the isle to Chasing Cars by Snow Patrol, one of my all time favourite songs which I for some reason thought was Coldplay. Must have been the early Guinness!! As soon as the song started playing Richard started blubbing. My brother and I never had Richard down for a baller but it is nice to see that I am not the only one in the family!

After the actual wedding we had drinks, followed by the meal and speeches. At the end of the speeches Sam's sister sang a song in sign language accompanied by lots of surprise guests who had been secretly rehearsing. It was really funny and I videoed the end. You can see it here.

Then came my inevitable downfall. What with Guinness in the morning, beer after the wedding, wine with the meal and then back onto bottles of Becks for the after party I was always going to get far too drunk. There are pictures of me dancing for gods sake!!!

At 12:15 the taxis came to take us back to the hotel and it was all I could do to keep awake for the journey. When we got back I was ushered to bed by Victoria who then joined the rest of the family in the bar as they were not as pissed as me. I felt crap the next day and was pleased I did not have to drive anywhere. Still, I had a great time!

So, congratulations to Richard and Sam. I hope you are both extremely happy and I hope I did not embarrass myself at the wedding. :-)

Pictures are here.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

A New Look

As you can see, I have changed my website. I was bored of the previous version and fancied something different.

Do you like it?

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Camping Trip To Wales

As I mentioned previously, the Family Briddon were going camping in Wales. Well, that was last week and we are back.

We had a brilliant time. We loved camping and although the weather could have been better it was not so bad as to spoil our fun!

Sunday morning we left home and arrived at the camp-site at about 15:30 ish. We put the tent up and got everything inside and then as we had been promising Alice a trip to the beach we headed off to the nearest one. Unfortunately when we got there Alice got come sand in her shoes and decided she actually hated the beach. Oh well!

The campsite was fantastic. We had everything we needed as well as a fantastic view. The owners were friendly and Alice even made a little friend to play with. Amelia didn't seem to realise we had moved location and slept as well as she does at home. :-)

After a great nights sleep we decided to head to Portmeirion on Monday. This is where one of my favourite TV series, The Prisoner, was filmed. What a great place. A real mix of building styles and it looked EXACTLY like it did in the TV show. What was really cool is that the house where 'Number 6' lived in the shop was now the Prisoner shop!!

Tuesday was a bit wet at first so we decided to go to the local rabbit farm. Essentially it is a small farm with puppies, pigs and bunnies for kids to pet and play with. We all enjoyed this and we all held bunnies. Unfortunately Alice now wants one of her own. This will of course not happen as I will end up looking after it!!

Wednesday we decided to head for Mount Snowdon. The plan was to get the train to the top but due to high winds it was only going about 3/4 of the way up and when you got there you could not get out! Bugger! It was however an amazing trip. The views were spectacular and Alice got her first trip on a train. I took some pictures of the mountain but they in no way do it justice, partly because I was stuck on the very busy train shooting through glass! I really want to return and walk to the top.

Thursday was the wettest day of our holiday. We had planned to take Alice to Canarvon castle as she wanted to be a princess (?) but the rain was so bad that we didn't even get out of the car. Instead we went to a slate shop and Victoria bought a slate cheeseboard and to make it up to Alice we went to Criccieth Castle instead. Unfortunately, by the time we got there it was raining again so I had to carry her most of the way and we both got soaked. Still, if my little girl wants to see a castle, she gets to see a castle!!! :-)

Friday was time to pack up and head for home. We really didn't want to leave. We would all have happily stayed another week!

We really enjoyed Wales. I had forgotten how stunningly beautiful a place it was. We are already planning to return to the same place as well as planning a trip to France next year.

Pictures are here.

Monday, July 28, 2008

Amelia Is 6 Months Old

Yesterday (27th July) Amelia was 6 months old. As you can see by this picture she is very cute and I have to say her personality matches her cuteness. She is always smiling, even while she was recently ill with croup.

She is now able to roll over on her mat and will soon be able to roll back and even crawl. She also has 2 teeth poking through at the front of her bottom jaw.

I can't believe she is 6 months old already. It does not seem that long since she was born. As with Alice, we can't even remember life without her.

Having children is such a pleasure. It is hard work, expensive and frustrating but it is also the most rewarding, pleasurable amazing thing that can happen in life. Victoria and I love them both so much.

More pictures of both my girls from this year are available here if you want a look. I would recommend it as they are both very beautiful. :-)

Tent Pitching Practice

As you know, Victoria, Alice, Amelia and I are off to Wales for some camping fun in our new tent next week so we thought we had better have a practice pitch to make sure all was straight forward and nice and easy.

As you can see by the picture here we managed to get the tent up and I have to say it was really easy. We took about 50 minutes for this first attempt but I reckon we could get it down to about 30 minutes now we know what to do.

Alice enjoyed the tent as you can see. :-)

More pictures here.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Max The Whore-Master Wins Court Case

What a surprise, Max Mosley has won his court case against the News Of The World because of the true stories they printed about him.

Apparently he does not deny he was enjoying 'a sadomasochistic orgy with several prostitutes' but it was the part about the Nazi role-playing that he objected too, maybe due to the fact that he comes from a long line of nazi's and would rather hide it.

The case hinged on a key witness, one of the prostitutes who set the whole thing up and filmed the incident. She was apparently too emotionally stressed to appear in court. I am not sure and obviously have no proof but I bet that if someone did a little snooping into her financial situation and got a look at her bank accounts they will find a recent and rather large deposit!! Can you guess where it might have come from? :-)

Now I am not surprised that Mosley won this case. He was going to fix it somehow just like he fixed the FIA vote of confidence last month, but what worries me is that the court can allow the case to continue when one of the key witnesses does not turn up. Are they not compelled to be there by law if they are called as a witness?

Secondly, is hiring 5 prostitutes not illegal any more? He admits that he did that so should he not be arrested or fined or cautioned or whatever happens to such people?

Anyway it is all a fix. Luckily everyone on the planet knows it was a fix and all the F1 teams know it. He is no longer welcomed at many races and we no longer have to see his stupid grinning idiotic face spouting lies and propaganda (mainly about Mclaren) on the TV during races.

Finally, the BEST punishment is that his wife and children knew nothing of his 'hobby'. They do now and no matter who he pays off they will always know what sort of man he is. :-)

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

The Briddon's Are Going Camping

It sounds a bit like a National Lampoon movie but we have decided that we would like to go camping for a short holiday this year so the family Briddon have been to buy a tent this evening.

We went to Go Outdoors this evening to make our purchase and decided upon an Easy Camp Licata 600

Essentially we went for the biggest we could get without spending stupid money!

We also bought sleeping bags and air beds along with a few other bits and pieces and when we got home we booked 3 nights at The Willows in Abersoch, north Wales. It has easy access to the beach and other attractions and looks like a nice place to spend a few days.

So, we can't wait for 2 weeks time when we toddle off. Before then we still have a few things to buy so we will be making more trips to Go Outdoors as they were so very helpful today.

Kimi Raikkonen - What A Twat!

The video posted here shows Kimi Raikkonen at the German Grand Prix this weekend knocking down a little girl and not even turning round to see if she was OK. What a twat!

This poor little girl probably just wanted to say hello to a racing driver and he knocks her over and does not give a shit. If he had done that to Alice I would have thrown a fit and insisted on an apology.

The man needs to sort out his priorities and realise that he needs to be nice to fans, especially small children!

Raikkonen is now getting close to being as popular with me as Alonso!

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Cricket At Headingley - 18th July 2008

So, yesterday was our much anticipated trip to Headingly to watch some cricket. Regular readers may remember that we went last year and it got rained off so we spent the day in various pubs. We still had a good time but we really wanted to watch some cricket!

This year we were in luck. The weather, while not perfect was largely rain free apart from a few showers.

So, we started the day by meeting at Sheffield train station at 07:45 and caught the 08:21 train to Leeds. Ian, Mark and Conrad decided that this was the time to start drinking but I thought that was a bad idea and stuck to coffee at this early hour!

Mark had decided that everyone should dress up as a panda for today's match and painted himself up on the train. He then did Conrad and throughout the day most of the others in our group. I of course refused to become part of 'Team Panda-monium' as I firstly hate fancy dress and secondly consider face painting to be a bit common. ;-)

We headed to the Headingly Taps pub for a pre match pint and then to the ground for the cricket.

England were batting first and were a bit crap to be honest. They were all out at the end of the day for 203! Rubbish. It did not spoil the day though, mainly because we were all drinking so much beer. :-)

The crowd were a bit quiet at first but after a few drinks they livened up. There were signs at the ground telling people not to build beer snakes (plastic glass towers) or they will be thrown out so obviously there were loads of the things. They actually did throw people out as well which was a bit of a pathetic thing to do!

There were also lots of things being thrown about in addition to the beer snakes. The usual inflatables were present but I think the crowd favourite was the plastic baby. It was going for ages until one very miserable steward decided to confiscate it! Sad bastard if you ask me!!

After the cricket we got a taxi to The Elbow Room again and played a game of killer pool before heading back to Sheffield.

By this point only the hardcore few were up for more beers so there were only 5 of us at The Showroom in the end and only 3 of us went for a kebab after that, the only way to end a day of drinking and cricket! :-)

All in all a good day. Everyone had fun and we actually got to see some cricket!! Anyone for next year?

Monday, July 14, 2008

Operation Certain no more.

It's true! For me at least Operation Certain Death is not going to happen.

I have had to pay out a fortune this year for various things and recently our kitchen has sprung a leak which essentially means we are having a whole new kitchen, and what with the increase in the cost of the flights I just can't afford it.

I am extremely disappointed and feeling rather pissed off about it but these things happen.

Still, I have discovered a love of walking and my brother (who is still going) will be planning another trip next year so maybe that will work out better.

Hey ho!

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Amelia News!!!!

Big news regarding Amelia this weekend! She has been a little grumpy recently which is not at all like her and her gums have been rather hard. Coupled with the almost constant stream of drool emanating from her mouth and we knew teeth were on the way!!!

Yesterday I was playing with Amelia when I saw in her mouth a little flash of white and when I investigated I found the little sprout of a first tooth!! Victoria and I were very excited!!!!

This morning we had another look and what do you know, there was another right next to the first!!! This second tooth was not really unexpected as they normally come through in pairs but it was exciting all the same.

So, we have two front teeth on the bottom jaw sprouting. I will take pictures when possible, which is not yet as whenever I try to open Amelia's mouth to get a good look she sticks out her tongue!

Updates as they happen! :-)

Saturday, July 12, 2008

British Grand Prix 2008 Pics and Videos

British Grand Prix Start - 6th July 2008 from Christian Briddon on Vimeo.
I have finally managed to sort, tidy and upload all my pictures from last weekend's amazing Grand Prix.

I managed to whittle the 920 pictures down to around 200! I took more this year because we were in the grandstands so there were more pictures spoiled by posts and fences. The pictures are available on Flickr here.

I have also added a few videos to vimeo, including the one of the start posted above. Others can be found here, here and here.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

British Grand Prix Moves To Donington? Maybe...

Last Friday, while Victoria and I were watching Friday practice at Silverstone, Bernie Ecclestone announced that as from 2010 the British Grand Prix would be moving to Donington.

This upset me. I have been watching the British GP at Silverstone for years and it is the circuit I associate with the race. I know all the corners and now we have been for the past 2 years Victoria and I know all the best places to sit to watch the race. Silverstone has been hosting the British GP for 60 years on and off!!!!

Why does it have to move? Because Bernie Ecclestone says the facilities are not good enough and he has been threatening to take the race away for years unless they improved.

Maybe the facilities are not the best but Brazil has worse facilities at their circuit and in Canada this year part of the circuit was crumbling away and all Bernie could say was that it 'was the same for all the drivers'. Double standards?

You have to remember also that in other countries the government pours millions into F1 to build the circuit and pay for the GP. At Silverstone the GP is hosted by the BRDC (British Racing Drivers Club) who own the circuit. They had to pay Bernie £11 million this year just to host the race. That is just about what they got for the tickets! They don't even get a cut of the advertising as that goes to the FIA or one of Bernie's companies. They also have to pay for the upkeep of the track and they are also supposed to improve facilities. All this with no external help.

The government refuses to help Silverstone as they see F1 as such a rich sport. They also refuse to pour money into what is essentially a private venture, taking no notice of the prestige the race provides or the £40 million that the race is worth to the local economy. They would rather pour billions into the Olympics which is a one off event that will leave us with many white elephant venues after the games have left.

So, why could Silverstone not be improved? Well it has been. There is better access now on the A43 (I have to admit that this was government funded but only because of much local outrage that the entire area ground to a halt during the GP). They have also improved the pit wall and the grandstands as well as building extra seating. They also finally got planning permission to build a new pit lane and paddock which will cost them £30 million. These things take a long time because the circuit does not make much money from the race, yet they need to invest what they do make into the improvements, so they need to have a race to pay for the improvements and have the improvements to continue to have a race.

As I said, last Friday it was announced that the British GP would be moved to Donington as apparently Bernie has given up on waiting for Silverstone to improve.

Do not think however that Donington is a shining example of how a racing circuit should look. It is about 1 mile shorter than Silverstone and so will have to be greatly altered to increase the length. There is not enough room for an F1 pit/paddock complex due to the design of the track and the grandstands are small, old and falling apart.

When the announcement was made that the GP was moving it was suggested that funding for these improvements was already secured and that the building work was ready to start. Later on we discover that there is no money just yet and that they do not have planning permission.

Other issues could include the access road to Donington. A single carriageway road (the A453) which will have to be widened. This will mean people will have to be moved and their houses demolished.

Donnington is also very close to East Midlands airport which is not good as the F1 teams and TV crews use a wide variety of radio cameras and microwave transmitters, as well as pit radios that are all very close to the frequencies used by air traffic control. This has to cause problems.

Will the airport also like having all the roads nearby clogged up for an entire weekend meaning all their customers can't get to their airport? I think not. They are likely to fight the planning permission which will cause more delays.

So, will Donington host the 2010 British Grand Prix? I don't think so. I do not believe that it can be ready in 2 years time.

Unfortunately Bernie Ecclestone says that if there is no Donington there is no British GP. I am hoping he is just bluffing.

A few years ago he told the world that he GP was moving to Brands Hatch and that Silverstone was finished but that all fell through. I am hoping he is doing the same now. He is British for god's sake. Surely he has some national pride and wants there to be a British GP no matter what!

Here's hoping Silverstone keeps the GP for many, many more years.

Monday, July 07, 2008

British Grand Prix - Race - 6th July 2008

Yesterday was the day of the race. I was going to post something when we got home but we were too tired as we got up at 05:30 am to make sure we missed the traffic. It worked and we once again got to the circuit with ease.

Once again we grabbed some breakfast and decided to have a sit in our seats while we decided what to do for the morning. It was then that the rain started!

We were in a covered grandstand so in theory we should have been nice and dry but the rain was that really light rain that gets you very wet without noticing and the wind was blowing it right into the grandstand so we might as well have been stood in the rain. Still, we had waterproofs which kept us dry and we just sat waiting for the races to start while drinking coffee and hot chocolate.

It was a long wait until the main event but there was plenty to keep us occupied. Firstly there was the Formula BMW race which is a formula for very young drivers. They were all about 15 and most had never driven in the wet before so that made for a good race. When the winner got out of his car he was greeted by a big hug from not a gorgeous girlfriend but from his mum! LOL.

Next was the GP2 race. This is the racing formula that drivers go to before F1 and the all really want to look good and get that elusive F1 drive, so they try really hard. Once again the track was wet so this was another excellent race with Bruno Senna winning.

Following the GP2 was the Porsche Supercup. We went to get some lunch when this was on as it always seems a but dull to us and Porsche 911's are a bit plebby if you ask me. ;-)

Finally we get to the F1. The race started at 1pm but the cars were on the grid at about 12:30 along with all the drivers and many celebs, including Damon Hill, Sterling Moss (we are not worthy!) Murray Walker (also not worthy), Sarah Ferguson, Jodie Kidd, Davina McCall, Gordon Ramsey and many more. I have many pictures of the grid at this time and we are playing spot the celeb. It's a bit like Where's Wally!!

After the grid is cleared it is down to business.

As I said yesterday, Hamilton qualified 4th which was a bit disappointing, but we need not have worried. As soon as the race started he flew past Raikkonen and Webber and into second. He then passed his team mate Kovalainen a few laps later. Then for the rest of the race he flew round Silverstone while everyone else slipped off the track because of the water. It was a masterful drive. He won in the end with a lead of 68 seconds and had lapped everyone apart from 2nd and 3rd place. This was the sort of drive that you only see in a true driving genius. Senna could do it, Schumacher can do it and now Hamilton.

Although Raikkonen won the championship last year it was down to him having more experience, not being a better driver. He hates the rain and it showed this weekend as he struggled to find grip.

While we watched the race the crowd were going mad all the way through. The atmosphere was amazing and I have to say it was the best event I have ever been to.

Hopefully Hamilton (who now leads the championship again) will be able to rid himself of the pressure he has been under and the British tabloids will stop slagging him off so much. That way he can concentrate on winning his first championship!!

As I did last year, I can't recommend going to see a Grand Prix highly enough. It is an amazing experience and although the tickets may seem expensive you do get 3 good days of entertainment for the price. Unfortunately we have now decided that we like sitting on the start finish straight which happen to be the most expensive tickets so it will cost us loads whenever we go. Oh well, it's worth it!!

I took 587 photo's last year over the 3 days and this year I took 920! It is not easy to photograph something going past you at 200mph so you tend to take loads. As we were in a grandstand this year it was also difficult to avoid the posts holding up the roof which resulted in even more pics. I have not sorted through them and edited them yet but I will let you know when I have.

Saturday, July 05, 2008

British Grand Prix - Qualifying - 5th July 2008

Today was day 2 of our British Grand Prix 2008 trip and day 2 means qualifying.

As the traffic was so bad last year Victoria and I decided to leave the hotel early to avoid as much of it as possible, so we left at 06:45 and got to Silverstone at 07:15. A VERY good trip time.

We got to the track and the first thing we did was get a breakfast butty. Well, I had a breakfast butty but Victoria had a curry!! :-)

We decided to eat these in the stands so sat in Luffield B which is where we wanted to be for today. As soon as we sat down it started pissing it down. It was also windy and cold. We were freezing.

Luckily we were in a covered grandstand so we just had to wait it out. It was very cold though!!

At 10am the F1 Saturday practice started, followed by Porsche Supercars qualifying and then the F1 qualifying which was the big show of the day.

Unfortunately Lewis Hamilton lost the car near the end of a fast lap, as you can see in the picture above, and so only qualified fourth. Still, the race is winnable from there and he is so very good. :-)

Tomorrow is race day. We will be say right on the start/finish line so have the best view possible. We are rather looking forward to it.

Go Lewis!!!!!

Friday, July 04, 2008

British Grand Prix - Friday Practice - 4th July 2008

It's here at last!!! Time for Victoria and I to pay a visit to the British Grand Prix. This year we have the best tickets in the house, right on the start/finish line.

We dropped off the kids at my mum's at 7am and got to Silverstone at 10ish. We went straight to our seats to watch the first practice and were annoyed to find that Mclaren, who would normally have been stationed directly in front of our seats are now way down the pitlane thanks to whore beating nazi Max Mosley. I must write to hit to tell him that I hate him and hope he burns in hell. :-)

Still, out seats are amazing!!

We then walked round the track, as we did last year, sitting in all the grandstands so that we know where the best seats are. Luffield and Woodcote seem like good candidates for next year!

While we were doing this we watched Formula BMW practice, GP2 Practice and the second F1 practice. All good stuff.

After 2nd practice we headed off to our hotel, which seems nice and has free internet which I am using now!

More fun tomorrow for qualifying. Today was busy but tomorrow is a sell out, as is race day. It will be really busy so we will be getting up early to get there while avoiding the worst of the traffic.

Go Lewis I say!!!!

Monday, June 16, 2008

Fathers Day Gift

Yesterday was Fathers Day and I got a great gift from Alice and Amelia. As you may have guessed by the picture, it was a mug. On one side it had Amelia's footprint and on the other side it had Alice's hand print. Alice also painted the inside of the mug and the handle.

This is what fathers day presents are supposed to be like. Something from you children that they have made for you. It is a great present that I have brought to work to replace my Buffy mug that has served me well for 8 years!! You can see the Alice side of the mug here.

Thank you Alice and Amelia (and, I suspect, Victoria). I love you all so very much.

I also got 2 ticket holders from the Silverstone website. When we were at last years GP we had to show our tickets a lot and getting them out of the bag each time was a pain. This year we will be proudly hanging our tickets around our necks. :-)

I guess I can thank Victoria for this gift.

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Alice The Geek

Whenever Victoria or I were using our PC Alice was always there asking to sit on our knee, look at pictures (generally of her!!) play Flight Simulator (I kid you not) and generally stopping us from getting things done.

So, as we had an old laptop lying around we thought we would give it to Alice. As she would struggle with a track pad we bought her a Microsoft laptop mouse (the are small for her little hands) and set her up in the dining room.

As you can see from the picture here she happily sits and surfs the net all by herself. She is really good at it. As long as you log her on she will fire up IE, open her favourites and select the CBeeBies website. She will then play all the games and watch her favourite shows. Her only obstacle is that she can't read!

Giving her a PC at the age of 3 may be a bit much but she is really good at using it. I even caught her using the track pad the other day. I asked her how she knew how to use it and she said she had seen me use it on my laptop. Amazing! In my opinion these skills can't come early enough. It will surely not be long before I can teach her to build PC's and pay her extra pocket money to manage my domain at home!!

It's also nice to see that she is growing up to be a geek, just like her daddy. :-)

Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Max Mosley Wins FIA Vote Of Confidence? Get The Fuck Out Of Here!!!!

Whore-master Max Mosley, the Nazi sympathiser who heads the FIA has actually won a vote of confidence from the FIA this morning.

You may remember that a couple of months ago he was caught shagging prostitutes while (allegedly) dressed as a Nazi. You may also think that this is not behaviour befitting the head of an international organisation and that if he was running a company he would have been dismissed or 'retired' immediately.

Formula 1 fans (especially Mclaren fans) have been waiting until today to see Max Mosley get booted out of his job, but no, he has won the vote of confidence.

Practically everyone being interviewed is astonished by the results and the motor racing federations from most countries have now severed all ties with the FIA. This will mean that the entire organisation will be useless and have very little power, but they still kept the old perv in a job.

Why? Do they not know that this will destroy the FIA?

I am guessing he has dirt on each of the people voting and threatened to release it to the press. It can be the only reason he is still in a job.

Now we have to wait until October 2009 until he is gone. He wanted to stay until then as he said he has more to do to help motor racing. What? Fine Mclaren again for some non-existent rule breaking?

There is only one word to describe Max Mosley. It begins with a 'C' and ends in 'unt'.

Monday, May 26, 2008

Alice's Bubble Machine

We recently bought Alice a bubble machine. Here is the video of how excited she was when we turned it on.

Believe it or not she can speak perfectly well but you would not know it from the video. :-)

Alice Excited About Her Bubble Machine from Christian Briddon on Vimeo.

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Amelia's First Meal - 24th May 2008

Amelia had her first meal yesterday. A delicious feast of baby rice!! It was the first thing apart from milk she had ever tasted and we think she enjoyed it. Here is the video.

It's about 8 minutes long so feel free to skip through it. :-)

Amelia's First Meal from Christian Briddon on Vimeo.

Monday, May 19, 2008

The Wisdom Of Alice part 10

Me, trying to put a DVD on for Alice: "Victoria, I think the DVD player has broken".

Alice: "So we can have a new television?"

Me: "No Alice, the DVD player has broken, not the TV"

Alice: "But I want a big new TV like Tim's and now we can have one so I win!!! Ha ha ha!!"

Got to love her logic!!! :-)

Monday, May 05, 2008

Vermin Final Score : Christian 5, Squirrels 0

It's all over!!! I have now captured all the squirrels that called my home their home and 'sorted them out'.

We had caught 3 adults so far, mummy, daddy and another squirrel that should have kept away, and there were just the babies left. The babies had not yet left the nest and so refused to come down into my traps. They were having a great time running up and down my roof and making a right racket!

Eventually I guess hunger forced them down. With no parents to feed them they could only last a few days and yesterday morning I found a baby in the trap. Excellent I thought, just one more to get.

Victoria then noticed that the other baby was hanging around it's brother and did not seem to want to leave. She then suggested I set up the other trap and see if it would enter. No way I thought. It's sibling is in a cage, obviously not enjoying it, and I am going to set up an identical cage next to it and expect it to enter for the promise of chocolate? Surely it can not be that stupid.

I was wrong. :-)

10 minutes later I had both squirrels trapped! How thick must these creatures be?

So that is the end of this saga. All the vermin has been sent to a better place. If there are any other squirrels reading this and thinking about re-locating to a nice new rooftop appartment in Dronfield that has just become vacant, I would think again!! The king of the squirrel catches also lives there. :-)

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

More Vermin

Three squirrels caught in three days!!! Amazing. These traps really do the job!!

This morning when I left for work I saw a baby squirrel poking it's head out of out roof and I saw the same this evening when I got home. I think we have the adults and just need the babies now!

Unfortunatly the babies don't appear to be leaving the nest yet. Still, they have 2 choices. Leave and get caught or starve to death. Either way suits me. :-)

Sunday, April 27, 2008


Victoria and I live in a house that backs onto some woods. This seems to mean that we get all sorts of wildlife around our home. Normally this is considered a good thing but occasionally they decide to make our home their own!

Seemingly every year we get a wasp nest in or around the house, and recently we have had squirrels in the roof. I don't think they are actually in the loft as I have been up their and there is no sign of them and no damage, but they still make a lot of noise and if I wanted to share my home with animals I would go and buy a pet!

Squirrels are apparently rather hard to remove as they can get through very small holes and they keep coming back year after year, so I thought the best thing to do would be to buy a couple of traps and see if we can snag ourselves some rodent!

So, I bought a couple of traps from Amazon of all places and set them up in the garden on what we believe is the path the squirrels use to get to our roof. To be honest I was not hoping for much. Bear Grills never catches anything on his show and he is an expert so what hope have I got!!!

This morning I looked out of the dining room window and saw that one of the traps had been triggered and there was a squirrel inside it!! The little bastard was going mad to get out but the trap worked a treat!!

The picture above is of the now ex-resident of Dronfield just before I got rid of him in the most humane way possible. :-)

The traps are now reset and I am hoping to they will be full again soon.

I will keep you updated.


Victoria called me this morning to say that we have caught ANOTHER squirrel already. I thought these things were supposed to be clever!! :-)

Finally, proof that vegetarians are wrong!!!

Victoria and I went out last night. It was the first time since Amelia was born and so was a nice change.

We went to our favourite restaurant, Morans and for starter we both had soft shelled crab as we have never tried it and were wanting to do so.

Oh my god, this is a delicious little creature and has to be proof that veggies are just SO wrong.

Soft shelled crabs are eaten whole. Shell, legs, claws, everything. Essentially you pick up the crab, drop the whole thing into boiling water for a few minutes and then eat it. It is a walking snack. A living pack up if you will.

The reason this is proof that veggies are wrong is because there is no way God would allow such a creature to evolve unless it was meant to be eaten. It is like God saying 'For my sake, just pick this thing up and pop it in your mouth, no effort required! How much more obvious can I make it!!! Just eat the thing!'

Anyway, I had steak (cooked blue of course) for a main and Victoria had guinea fowl. All very nice indeed and washed down by large amount of St Emilion.

The service at Morans was exceptional as ever and once again I can't recommend the place highly enough!

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Alice Sings Nursery Rhymes!

For the past few weeks Alice has been nagging us to video her singing. I think she fancies herself as a bit of a popstar!

Here is the result! I hope you enjoy it. ;-)

Alice Sings from Christian Briddon on Vimeo.

Monday, March 31, 2008

'A Sadomasochistic Orgy With Several Prostitutes'

Oh dear oh dear. It looks like Max Mosley has been a naughty boy.

For those of you who don't know who this self important tosser is he is the head of the FIA, the Formula 1 governing body. He obviously hates F1 and was the ringleader in the 'fitting up' of Mclaren last year which cost them the constructors championship.

Apparently he has been 'taking part in a sadomasochistic orgy with several prostitutes which allegedly involved Nazi role-playing.'

I don't care if it is true or not, it has to be embarrassing and that is good enough for me. Anyway there are photo's and video stills and the can't be faked. ;-) Whatever, it will always be true in my universe and I hope this muppet finally retires. Even better, maybe he will not be able to deal with the shame and will hang himself. I am sure the devil will be pleased to get his hands on Mosley earlier than expected!!

Read more here with the original story available here.


Mosley has response is on the BBC News website here and it sounds like he is admitting it to me.


What a twat!!

Saturday, March 29, 2008

The Wisdom Of Alice part 9

Alice, sat in the back of the car, making polite small talk with Joseph, her 13 year old cousin.

"I don't poo in a nappy anymore, I poo in the toilet!"

Sunday, March 23, 2008


It snowed last night. Here in Dronfield we seem to get hit quite badly by snow so when we woke up this morning it was no surprise that there was quite a lot of the white stuff laying around.

Alice has seen snow before but there has never been enough for her to play in so it was with squeals of delight (Alice's, not mine) that we got dressed up warm and went out into the garden to enjoy the snow.

First thing I taught Alice how to make a snowball. She picked this up very easily but it all fell down when she tried to throw it as she really does throw like a girl. :-)

Next was the snowman. I have not built a snowman for about 25 years at least but it must be like riding a bike as the old magic was still there. After 20 minutes of rolling a couple of big snowballs we had the magnificent specimen you see in the picture here. I resisted the urge to pick up the body of the snowman and drop it on Alice's head as I used to do with my brother as she is only 3!

Anyway, we eventually got cold and wet and came inside for some Easter egg and to watch the Simpsons Movie. A morning well spent if you ask me. :-)

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Formula 1 To Return To The BBC

I heard great news on Radio 4 driving into work this morning! Formula 1 is to return to the BBC from next year for at least 5 years!!!

This means no adverts every 5 minutes and hopefully the return of Fleetwood Mac's 'The Chain' as the theme tune!!!!

I love the BBC recently. I used to resent having to pay them a licence fee. Over recent years though I have been loving the BBC and if it means they have the F1 I am now even happier to pay my £110 (or however much it is) per year. As I pay Sky £25 per month to broadcast 900 channels of shit I think that paying the BBC £10 a month for 5 channels of quality plus Radio 4 and the best news website ever is a bargain!!

Well done to you all! Just make sure you keep Martin Brundle for the commentary!!

Wednesday, March 12, 2008


Victoria and I watched Delia Smith's new TV show last night. It is just called 'Delia' and the idea is to show you how to cook quickly and easily.

I have never liked Delia Smith. She is very patronising (at one time showing how to cook toast) and I think she has horrible hands which would prevent me from eating anything she had ever touched. :-) I was also delighted when she was pissed and making a fool of herself on national TV at the Norwich football ground. Very funny.

However, Victoria and everyone who knows much more about cooking than I say she has very good tips and I have to admit I have enjoyed her recipes in the past.

So, the new show. Sounds just like Nigella Express doesn't it? Well it is a blatant rip off of Nigella Express. The difference here is that Delia is cooking crap.

I'm not saying that Nigella Express was Nigella Lawson's best work. Far from it, but at least you can imagine her taking short cuts and the recipes in the book were much better than the ones show on TV.

When I say Delia is cooking crap in her new show let me explain by telling you how she cooked her easy version of a Shepherds Pie.

Take some diced onions and carrots and fry in a pan. Once cooked add these to a bowl of freshly opened tinned cooked mince meat in some plastic looking gravy. Mix it all up and put it in a flat dish. Then, take the frozen mashed potato out of the freezer and distribute the discs of mashed spud over the top of the mince goop. Sprinkle pre-grated cheese on top and bake for 30 minutes.

Tinned cooked mince? Bleugh.

Another 'recipe' had her cooking posh oven chips and sprinkling some peppers on top and calling it a meal. Crazy!!!

This show is even shot like it was a Nigella Lawson show, with the same camera angles, music and false views into her every day life.

To be honest I think this is Delia Smith's last ditch attempt to jump on a band wagon that has long gone past. You could tell when she was trying to convince you that tinned mince was good that she did not believe it herself and was even possibly dying a little inside.

Final words? Crap show, crap cook, crap food!

Monday, March 10, 2008

Can Anyone Say 'Hypocrite'

The Catholic church today decided to update the original seven deadly sins to make them more applicable to modern society.

Included in this highly predictable list is 'Accumulating excessive wealth'.

Correct me if I am wrong (and I know I am not) but isn't the Catholic church the wealthiest organisation on the planet? Have they not amassed a vast amount of wealth with their regular collections very week in churches around the world, taking money from not only the well off but also from people who can barely afford to eat? Guilting them into handing over hard earned cash in an effort to get to heaven!

Another of the new sins says we should not 'Inflict Poverty'.

I saw a programme on Discovery or some similar channel about the effects of the Catholic church barring it's members from using contraception. There were people living in total poverty in Brazil. They were living in shacks in the shanty towns, whole families huddled together in one room. These people were all Catholic and as such were not allowed to use contraceptives. The result of this was that these already poor people were having 8 or 9 children. They could not feed them and many of them died. The ones that survived just added to the over crowding.

Does this not count as 'Inflicting Poverty'? Also, why are the Catholic church not spending all their not so hard earned cash on the poor?

Honestly, this sort of thing makes me want to puke. I do believe in God but I am really not a fan of religion, especially the Catholic church. I apologise to any offended Catholics but it is not you I don't like, it is the church you follow.

I just hope that these self-important frock wearing tossers have condemned themselves to hell with these 'new sins'.

Just as a little post-script to end my first and probably last post on religion, has anyone actually read the bible? I have. Every word. Apart from being REALLY boring it is sick. The god in the bible mainly burns people alive but also likes drowning them and strangely enough enjoys making them eat their own shit and drink their own piss. Just the deity to base a religion on!!

Friday, February 29, 2008

The Diving Bell And The Butterfly

I just watched the film 'The Diving Bell And The Butterfly' (Le Scaphandre et le Papillon).

I read the book about 8 or 9 years ago and was deeply impressed by it.

It is the story of a French man who has a stroke and is totally paralysed apart from his left eye. He then managed to write a book about his experiences by blinking the letters he wishes to write.

It is a funny, sad, heart warming story which covers everything from the irony of being surrounded by beautiful women and being able to do nothing about it to seeing his children and knowing he will never be able to hold them.

It is an amazing story and I suggest everyone at least watches the film and if not reads the book.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

An Earthquake? In Dronfield? Are You Sure?

Yes, I am sure!!!

At 1am this morning Victoria and I were woken up by the bed violently shaking. We thought the chimney had fallen off or something but when I looked out of the window I could not see anything.

This morning the radio is reporting that it was an earthquake!!! The epi-center was in Lincoln apparently so god knows how violent it was there!

Alice and Amelia slept through it, lazy girls!!!

Did anyone else feel it?

What's to come next I ask? Hot Hail?

Monday, February 25, 2008

The Wisdom Of Alice part 8

Alice (To Victoria) : "I've got a pea stuck up my nose."

Victoria (Having a look) : "No you have not. It must have fallen out."

Alice (To Me) : "I've got a pea stuck up my nose."

Me (Having a look) : "I can't see anything. Are you sure?"

Alice (To Victoria) : "I HAVE got a pea stuck up my nose."

Victoria (Taking another look and spying some green) : "Blimey so you have!! What a silly girl!!"

Victoria the precedes to block the other nostril and tells Alice to blow. The pea is then expelled.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Operation Certain Death

Some of you already know this but my brother Justin and I as well as two others (so far) are climbing Mount Kilimanjaro in October.

This was all decided over Christmas. It appears that my brother is having a bit of a mid-life crisis and in November was talking about buying a motorbike. He obviously realised that this was a stupid idea and instead came up with this African adventure.

At first I thought he was joking when he asked me if I wanted to come. While he is fit and healthy (although a bit of a wuss with bones you could break by staring at them hard) I have never been known for my physical prowess or level of peak fitness. This combined with my total lack of climbing experience made me initially think this was a crazy idea. Then Justin explained that climbing Kilimanjaro actually involved no climbing and it was a hike. A difficult one I'll grant you but a hike all the same. No climbing experience required!!

Now, as Kilimanjaro is the highest place in Africa the fact that getting to the top is 'just a hike' is no real comfort. It is almost 6000m (20000 feet) high and therefore altitude sickness is a real issue. The temperature can drop as low as -25C and you are walking up hill for 5 days in a row. It is no easy thing to do. I was still worried about me level of fitness. This is an expensive trip and I want to make it to the top!!!

By an amazing coincidence I have been taking my fitness much more seriously recently. I have been rowing between 5 and 10km 5 days a week since last September and have been eating very healthily, thanks to my excellent cook of a wife. I've not smoked for years and I don't drink a vast amount these days. My general level of fitness has therefore greatly improved. I was still not sure that the trip was for me but Justin convinced me that in 10 months I could get to the correct fitness.

So, it was decided. Tanzania here we come!!

This week we have paid the first part of the trip. There is now no going back. On October 5th we will fly out to Tanzania for about a week to 10 days and climb a mountain. There is much preparation to be done and there is loads of stuff to buy, all costing a fortune, but I think it will be worth it. I will also be stepping up my training as soon as the weather gets a bit more pleasant and Amelia is a little more settled. Lots of long walks are in order and luckily we have the entire Peak District to climb.

There are so far 4 of us on the trip. Apart from myself and my brother our step father David is coming and a friend of Justin's is coming too. We can have about a dozen in our group and can add people at any time until we leave so if you feel up to the challenge feel free to come along. :-)

I am really excited about this adventure. It is on a par with going to a Grand Prix which means I am VERY excited! I just hope my camera can handle the low temperatures.

Of course Phil has christened the trip 'Operation Certain Death' and I am sure that Victoria is worried that I might die, but I'm sure all will be well. Only about 15 people a year die getting to the top so how dangerous can it be? :-)

Thursday, January 31, 2008

Baby Review - Amelia Rose Briddon

OK, so you all know that Victoria finally gave birth to a lovely little girl last Sunday and that she is called Amelia, but like a shiny new gadget, the excitement could easily ware off after a few days use. So, what is having Amelia in your home like after a few days and how do I think she will be after a longer test period?

Well, as you know, initial results were good. Firstly Victoria's waters broke when she was on the toilet which saved cleaning up a lot of mess. Once this stuff starts flowing there is nothing you can do to stop it and boy is there a lot of it!! Waters breaking on the loo is a great start for any new baby.

Although the labour and delivery were both very quick I'm afraid I'm going to have to mark Amelia down a point for being too fast!!! If the birth had started while I was at work I would have NEVER made it home and then to the hospital in time and I would have had to deliver her myself, probably in the car!!! This would also mean I would have to replace the seats in the car as all that gunk does not wash out!!

Once at the hospital however all went well. We arrived at 4am and after a VERY fast inspection the nurse said "You are 10cm dilated and are having the baby now." She then said in a panicked voice, "Please don't have it here". I've never seen someone moved from one room to another so fast as Victoria was wheel chaired to the delivery room!

The birth was extremely quick. Victoria gave six pushes and Amelia was out. The first push moved Amelia down towards the exit and after the second push I could see the top of the head. Push three saw the top of the head emerge and push four got the whole head out. Push five got the shoulders and arms and push six got the rest. When I say the rest I mean the rest of Amelia and about 3 gallons of amniotic fluid, blood and general gunk. Honestly, it was like a Nightmare on Elm Street when Johnny Depp got sucked into his bed! Still, after such a quick birth with relatively little pain (Victoria had zero pain relief) you have to mark Amelia up an extra point.

After the birth and the expulsion of the placenta I cut the cord and we took a look at our new family member. I would say she is damn cute. She obviously takes after Victoria where as poor Alice takes after me so I would say Amelia has a head start in the looks department (not that Alice is doing badly with what she was blessed with!). We think she is going to be dark haired and although her eyes started out as bright blue they are darkening every day. All you need to do though is look at the picture above. How cute is she? Very cute is the answer.

After the birth Amelia was bathed by the midwife and Victoria had a bath. We then tucked into some tea and toast while listening to the woman in the neighbouring room scream the hospital down. Amelia however just slept. In fact for most of the day in hospital that is all she did. She woke up a few times for a feed and was obviously awake during all of the inspections new born babies have to go through but apart from that she was in the land of nod all day! She was pooing almost continuously and it was a tar like poo that is really sticky, but that is not her fault so I can't deduct points for that.

We were luckily allowed home on the same day Amelia was born so what would the first night bring? I sadly made the same mistake as I did with Alice when she was first brought home and had a few glasses of wine to celebrate the birth. Not enough to get drunk but enough to hurt when at 3am you are trying to get a crying infant to sleep. Just like Alice then she failed the first night booze test.

Night two was not much better. Amelia seemed to wake up every half hour and Victoria was knackered. Night three was a little better with Amelia 'only' being awake from 12am - 3am. Night four however (last night) was much better. Amelia woke up at 11:00 and 04:30 so we (Victoria) were able to get a decent nights sleep. After such a short time she really seems to be working hard at addressing her night time shortcomings. Well Done Amelia! Alice slept through from seven weeks so lets see if we can beat that!!

Apart from that all Amelia has done is sleep and feed. She is fed every four to five hours (whenever she wakes up and starts smacking her lips) and then she goes back to sleep. No trouble at all.

So in conclusion I would say that Amelia is a most excellent baby and I can see us being very happy with her in the long term. If you are in the market for a baby I can highly recommend you picking up an Amelia. But of course you can't can you. Because she is all ours. :-) You will have to get your own perfect baby.

New pictures Here.

Final Score : 10/10

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