It snowed last night. Here in Dronfield we seem to get hit quite badly by snow so when we woke up this morning it was no surprise that there was quite a lot of the white stuff laying around.

Alice has seen snow before but there has never been enough for her to play in so it was with squeals of delight (Alice's, not mine) that we got dressed up warm and went out into the garden to enjoy the snow.

First thing I taught Alice how to make a snowball. She picked this up very easily but it all fell down when she tried to throw it as she really does throw like a girl. :-)

Next was the snowman. I have not built a snowman for about 25 years at least but it must be like riding a bike as the old magic was still there. After 20 minutes of rolling a couple of big snowballs we had the magnificent specimen you see in the picture here. I resisted the urge to pick up the body of the snowman and drop it on Alice's head as I used to do with my brother as she is only 3!

Anyway, we eventually got cold and wet and came inside for some Easter egg and to watch the Simpsons Movie. A morning well spent if you ask me. :-)


The Author said…
am loving the snowman's hat!!!

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