Saturday, October 27, 2007

The Wisdom Of Alice Part 5

"I like to eat LOTS of bogies".

Sunday, October 21, 2007

At Least It Wasn't Alonso.....

OK, so I am upset that Lewis Hamilton is not F1 world champion in his first season. I truly believe he deserved to win in spite of some setup issues throughout the year caused by his inexperience and a few questionable judgement calls (pit NOW Lewis!!!). He is the most amazing rookie driver I have ever seen in my many many years of watching F1 and I can tell you all that he will win multiple championships in the years to come.

What has cheered me up though is that Fernando Alonso did not win the championship either. I started out being a big Alonso fan and at the beginning of the season I wanted him to win, but his childlike behaviour all year has turned me totally against him. Luckily all but the Spanish F1 fans feel the same so he will hopefully be driving a much worse car next year after alienating his entire team. Maybe he won't get a drive at all and will have to become a cheap male prostitute to pay his way, which I'm sure he would not mind what with him being a cock sucking wanker!!

The winner, Kimi Raikkonen does deserve to finally get a championship. Personally I think he is overrated and he does nothing to promote the sport as well as being possibly the most boring man on earth (if Alice can't sleep we play at tape of him talking and it sends her straight off), but he is consistant and has nearly won several times before. We can let him have him moment before Lewis kicks his ass next year. :-)

The person who was most upset by Hamilton not winning seemed to be Alice, who kept asking during the podium "Where is Lewis Hamilton" and seemed very upset when we told her he did not win. We have also taught her to boo when Alonso is on TV. :-)

Now, when is the next race? April?!?!? Bugger!!!

Restaurant Review - The Walnut Club

As it was our 5th wedding anniversary a few days ago Victoria and I decided that as usual we would go out for a meal to celebrate. We had always wanted to try The Walnut Club in Hathersage but as it was a bit far out we never bothered. As Victoria is pregnant though and therefore functioning in taxi mode this is currently not a problem. :-)

The restaurant looks very nice and there is a nice atmosphere. It's very chilled out. We were 30 minutes earlier than we had booked for but were shown straight to our table.

We were offered a selection of nice bread and left to choose what we wanted to eat.

The menu has quite a wide selection and it was not easy to choose. In the end Victoria had pressed terrine of organic milk fed rabbit and poached quail with caramelised pears wrapped in air dried ham and served with a sauternes & vanilla jelly for a starter and pan roasted fillet of wild seabass with ravioli of pumpkin and almonds, tossed in a port & beef stock glaze for a main course. She also had apple tarte tatin with calvados and vanilla scented organic cream for a dessert. I decided upon craister kipper and smoked haddock pastry with a leek vinaigrette and a soft poached organic duck egg for a starter and Roasted rib of Derbyshire farm assured beef with a turnip & potato gratin, buttered curly kale and claret enriched roasting gravy for a main.I skipped a dessert as I was stuffed! Everything was excellent. The taste, presentation and the amount of food was just perfect. I especially liked my starter which was really special.

The Walnut Club has live jazz most nights and I was worried that this would be too loud and spoil the evening, especially as we were sat rather near to the stage. I need not have worried though as the music was kept to a reasonable level. We had the pleasure of listening to The Dizzy Club last night and I am sure the other bands they employ are just as good.

The bill came to just over £95 which included the food, a bottle of red wine and the obligatory G & T before the meal which I though was very reasonable. All I needed to add was the tip which I did happily.

We really enjoyed The Walnut Club. The restaurant looked good, the atmosphere was good, the food was excellent, the staff were extremely attentive and polite and it has the bonus of excellent live Jazz. The only downside is that due to the music if you went with a larger group you would probably find it difficult to talk to anyone not sat next to you. This is a VERY small downside as personally I think the music adds much more than it takes away.

Both Victoria and I agree that it is well worth a trip out to Hathersage to try this very good restaurant.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Wedding Anniversary - 5 Years

Today is our 5th wedding anniversary. 5 years since I married Victoria and Phil ran up a wine bill to rival the defense budget of a small European country!

Where the hell did the last 5 years go? I guess time flies by when you are happy and I am very happy.

I love you Victoria. :-)

Sunday, October 14, 2007

No Longer An IKEA Virgin

As you all know we have another little bundle of joy on the way with an arrival time of mid January. As we only live in a 3 bedroom semi this also means that for the second time I am being kicked out of my office and have to find another home for my beloved PC's.

The servers have found a convenient place to live under the stairs and I don't actually know why I didn't put them there sooner as it keeps them out of the way.

The PC Victoria and I actually use though will be living in the dining room and as we needed some furniture to put it on Victoria finally had an excuse to get me to go to IKEA.

I have tried to avoid visiting IKEA for years. I had an image of a busy, full of chavs, hot furniture shop and that I would hate it and want to kill myself. I also have been told that this view is actually correct! However, needs must and I can't expect Victoria to carry furniture in her baby carrying situation.

Phil had told me the day before that I will hate IKEA and that I should take an iPod with me. He said it was indeed hell on earth and that I should do what I can to get out of going. Sadly nothing I tried was going to work.

We decided to get their when the store opened so that hopefully it would not be too busy and my god if we were not right. We cruised straight up to a baby parking space right outside the door and just wandered in. The shop was like the car park, practically empty, so we just walked round with ease casually looking at the furniture. We chose what we wanted, collected it, paid for it, had breakfast for 95p and left. Nice and easy, not too many people there, sorted!!! Of course I had to sit in the back of the car, not the back seats but on one of the pull out seats in the boot!! It was actually quite comfy as the normal back seats were pushed forward so I had loads of legroom. There is a picture of my view here and you can see a picture of the built desk above. Sorry for the weird picture angle but behind me are all Alice's toys so I could not get a better one. :-)

My IKEA experience was not too bad but I can imagine that if we had arrived an hour later it would have been hell, so if you really must go to this place it looks like a Saturday morning is the time to do it.

Sunday, October 07, 2007

Lewis Hamilton Fails To Finish In China

Lewis Hamilton could have been world champion this afternoon but he failed to finish. He stayed out on old tyres for too long and when he did come in to pit he slipped off the road and got stuck in the gravel. Not the best way to finish a race!!!

It was the choice of the team as well as Hamilton to stay out so they are all to blame and they all seemed gutted when he failed to finish the race.

It's not all over yet though. He is still 4 points ahead of Alonso (cough Tosser) and 7 points ahead of Raikkonen so all he has to do in the final race in Brazil in 2 weeks is to finish in the top 3. Not impossible by any means.

It does however mean that Victoria and I have another two stressful weeks wondering of Hamilton will win the championship or not.

Honestly, after the last 2 races I'm not sure our hearts can take it. :-)

Monday, October 01, 2007

The Japanese Grand Prix

This weekend it was the Japanese Grand Prix. This is normally held at the Suzuka circuit owned by Honda but Toyota were getting a little annoyed by this and so this year it was held at their Fuji Speedway circuit.

This circuit is well known for being more than a little wet and yesterday was no exception.

Qualifying was very foggy and the track was damp. Lewis Hamilton got pole by beating Fernando Alonso on his last qualifying lap. A prime example of good triumphing over evil if I ever saw one. :-)

Race day was VERY wet. There was a chance that the race would be abandoned!! In the end they decided to start it behind the safety car as a standing start would be too dangerous.

The cars were behind the safety car for about 19 laps and when it came off Hamilton drove a faultless race in the most horrendous conditions ever. There was one scary moment when Robert Kubica clipped Hamilton and sent him spinning off the track but he soon regained the lead.

Professional wanker Fernando Alonso however had obviously not sacrificed enough babies to his evil overlord this weekend as he managed to plant his car into the wall which ended his race. Victoria and I did so laugh!!!

After Alonso crashed they brought out the safety car again, during which Sebastian Vettel managed to drive his Torro Rosso into the back of Mark Webber's Red Bull. As these two teams are stablemates this was not a good thing for Vettel to do and he has been dropped 10 qualifying places for next weeks Chinese GP. It also caused Webber to say the word 'Fuck' on live TV which was nice.

Anyway, after 2 very tense hours Hamilton won the race. He is now 12 points ahead of Alonso and unless something really bad happens he will be world champion in his rookie year, something that has never happened before.

If he does not win it now I will be in such a bad mood!! :-)

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