Friday, December 10, 2010

Rubberbandits - Horse Outside

This is genius. Possibly the funniest music video ever. :-)

I'm buying it from itunes in the hope that it becomes the Christmas number 1.

Monday, November 29, 2010

Naughty Alice

Alice loves Moshi Monsters. This is a website for 5-12 year olds where you adopt a monster and build it a house, make friends with other monsters and play games etc. It's like a safe, mini Facebook for children.

Victoria pays the £5 monthly subscription for Alice as a reward for going swimming each week, something which Alice is rather scared of. It's worth the money as Alice uses Moshi Monsters a lot.

Last week she tried logging on and got the error 'Account Suspended'. Strange I thought. I then got an email saying 'We are sorry you have cancelled your account...' etc etc. Even stranger I thought.

I mailed them back saying we don't want to cancel our account, just access it and why on earth have you suspended my daughters access. I have to admit I was a bit stroppy.

I then got the following mail by way of reply:

Greetings Moshi Parent!

Thank you for your query. Your child alicebriddon and all associated accounts were permanently suspended for inappropriate behaviour after they posted/attempted to post the following message(s) to another Monster Owner:

"add me or i will cill you"

I was appalled!!!! That's not how you spell kill!!

I asked Alice if she posted this message and immediately knew that the answer was yes even though she denied it. She eventually admitted it after we promised not to tell her off. Being suspended was the best punishment ever! It's not being handed out by us so we can't give in to her. She was devastated. I've never seen her so upset. She actually appears to have learned a lesson.

The hardest part was Alice not seeing Victoria and I laughing. It's not a nice thing for her to do but we are not exactly worried about her turning into a psycho. I'm pretty sure she didn't know what she was writing.

Anyway, now I am going to install a proxy server on my network so I can monitor everything she does on the internet. :-)

Thursday, November 25, 2010

How Cool Is This?

It's amazing how quickly people have hacked Microsoft's Kinect Xbox control system. Now these guys are controlling browsers and Windows with it. This is going to turn into something cool.

Click here to read/watch.

Why We Blog

A few years ago everyone regularly posted to their blog site. You can see by the list on the right side of this webpage that I have links to friends who all have blogs and who all used to update them at least a few times a week.

Then came Facebook.

There is nothing wrong with Facebook but unfortunately it seems to have caused people to stop blogging and instead post to it's various walls and comment pages. I myself have spent many hours on Facebook doing exactly that but I have tried not to let it stop me blogging.

Why would I be so bothered about blogging when I can just use Facebook? Well Facebook is so transient. You see a comment or a status. You laugh or click the link. You 'like' or you comment. Then after a day or so the status falls off the bottom of the page and it's gone. Forever lost unless you can be bothered to manually go back through pages and pages of peoples posts to find the lost status you are looking for. Facebook is great for keeping in touch with or finding old friends. It's great for every day chatter. It is not good for keeping memories though.

The other day I was reading through some of my old posts and some of the posts on Victoria's webpage. I was amazed at how much stuff I'd forgotten. I've kept my blog for over 6 years and although the frequency of my posts rises and falls it pretty much covers every important event in my children's lives. It serves as a reminder of holidays, trips to London, Grand Prix weekend, concerts, theatre visits, restaurants, great nights out. The list goes on. Mostly it is a reminder of my children's lives from birth to birthdays and the amazingly funny things they do and say.

Children grow up at a frightening rate and all the little memories can so easily vanish. OK, so it is also full of my brainless mutterings but they are quite funny to read a few years on as well. :-)

So that is why I blog. If you have or are about to have children I strongly recommend you document the things they do for reading in later years. It's so easy to forget and having this modern day version of a diary is a great way to not only share their antics and pictures but it is also great to read yourself a few years down the line.

I just wonder what Alice and Amelia will think of it all when they eventually get round to reading it. :-)

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Oh My God!!! I'm Nearly Weeping Tears Of Joy!!

It's just been announced that Lotus will be running their classic Black and Gold colours on next years car!

When I started watching Formula 1 when I was about 8 years old it is the Lotus that I loved because it looked so cool. I had a toy version of the JPS Lotus and I watched Mansell and Senna drive the car over the years. This is my absolute favourite F1 car of all time!!!

I was emotional when the British Racing Green Lotus returned to F1 this year but a Black and Gold Lotus is just amazing.

I can't wait to actually see it. Roll on F1 2011!

Thursday, November 04, 2010

Wedding Anniversary London Trip - 16th October 2010

For our wedding anniversary my mother in law kindly furnished us with tickets to go and see Chicago at the Cambridge Theatre in London. This is a good thing as I know from seeing the film that Chicago is full of scantily dressed ladies singing and dancing for my pleasure. :-)

We got the 06:30 train from Chesterfield station and I was pleasantly surprised to find that the train has wireless internet that was free and that actually worked. Brilliant! The journey flew by.

We got to London in about 2 hours and had already decided to go see the Natural History Museum, so we jumped on the tube to South Kensington. After a quick breakfast in an Italian cafe/restaurant called Dino's which served the worlds best coffee we hit the museum.

I have to say it was a bit it and miss. The dinosaur section was best with loads to see. Skeletons, animatronic dinosaurs etc. It was great. We then moved onto the mammals section which was also very good, the highlight of which was a life-sized model of a Blue Whale. Wow those things are big!

The rest of the museum was not nearly as good. They had a great Earth exhibition you got to on an elevator which carried you through a metal sculpture of the earth and you got to stand in a model of a shop that shakes to show you what an earthquake is like but apart from that it is all stuffed animals. OK, but not great. Still, it's definitely worth a visit.

By now it was time for lunch. We were recommended a restaurant called 32 Great Queen Street. It looks like a cafe from the outside and a gastro pub from the inside but the food is fantastic. Good proper English food. I had Grilled Lambs Heart with Creamed Spinach and Victoria has roasted Partridge on Garlic Toast. Both were fantastic. The lambs heart just melted in the mouth and the garlic bread that the partridge sat on was possibly the most garlic tasting thing I have ever eaten.

Lunch for us both including a couple of drinks each came to just over £50 including tip which I though was very reasonable. I very much recommend you visit this restaurant if you are near Covent Garden.

Next we walked to the Cambridge Theatre to watch Chicago. It was excellent. There were indeed lots of scantily dressed ladies singing and dancing for my pleasure, but apart from that it is just a great show. Apparently it had someone from Eastenders in it but that means nothing to me. I just know that all the cast were very good.

Once the show was over we did a bit of shopping, this highlight of which was visiting Neil's Yard Dairy Cheese Shop. This place really stinks of cheese, in a good way, if you love cheese. On the other hand if you are Phil it will be your worst nightmare. We tried quite a few cheeses and bought a couple to take home, one of which was called 'Stinking Bishop'. It really lived up to it's name. We had to eat it quickly once we got it home as it was stinking out the fridge. Delicious though.

So that was our trip to London. We had a great time as we always do when we go to London. I think my favourite part was lunch. The restaurant is so understated and just do damn good. I am so pleased Chris recommended it to us.

Happy anniversary Victoria. :-)

Monday, November 01, 2010

Happy Birthday Alice - 6 Today!

Alice is 6 years old today. Happy birthday sweetie!!

I can't believe how quickly my girls are growing up and that it is 6 years since we were sat in the hospital looking at our beautiful little baby.

I'll post about her birthday weekend and the hell on earth that is Jungle Mania when I have uploaded the pictures.

Happy Birthday Alice.

UPDATE : I've now posted pictures of Alice's birthday here.

Mac Users - You Must Be Worried.

Can a Mac user please read this article on the Register and explain to me why you are not worried about the direction Steve Jobs is taking your platform of choice? I really don't understand why none of you seem bothered that he is slowly adding the same software restrictions to the Mac as there are on the iphone/ipod/ipad.

I'm serious. Please explain it to me.

My prediction? Within 12 months there will be a Mac announced without an optical drive as Jobs has decided that the Mac App Store is so good that nobody needs CD's or DVD's any longer.

Saturday, October 30, 2010

This Morning I Nearly Shat Myself.....Update

Last night at around 20:30 the neurologist I saw phoned me up to tell me my CT scan results were clear.

What great service once again. I now feel much better.

Friday, October 29, 2010

This Morning I Nearly Shat Myself.....

I've been getting headaches recently. Not normal headaches but ones accompanied by blurred vision is my right eye and sometimes numbness in my hands/lips/tongue.

I used to get migraines when I was younger and these felt very similar. The main difference was that they would come on when I had been running in the morning.

Two weeks ago I had a headache that started on Wednesday and was still there on Friday so I went to the doctors. She checked my blood pressure, checked my heart rate and retinas and said she didn't know what was wrong but just to be sure she would refer me to the neurology department at the Hallamshire Hospital.

She then said that the only thing she can assure me of is that I don't have a massive tumour in my head, which made me feel better!

So, the appointment was set for this morning at 10am. As soon as I sat down with the neurologist she informed me I was being tested for suspected cancer of the brain and that is what my GP had referred me for!!

It was at this point that I nearly shat my pants! I thought they would say it was nothing but here I was picturing a slow lingering death and the thought of never seeing my beautiful children grow up. I felt the blood drain from my face, my heart literally sank and I felt a little sick.

Anyway, the neurologist did about 30 minutes of tests on me and said at the end that all was normal. Thank fuck for that!!!

She said that the GP should never have referred me as it is obviously some form of exercise induced migraine.


Anyway, she said that as I had been referred she will do a CT scan just in case. She also ordered an ECG to check that my heart is OK (it seemed fine when she checked it but best to be sure) and a blood test.

So, off I trundled to various parts of the Hallamshire to get all these tests done. I thought I'd be there all day but everything was done in 90 minutes. The NHS did me proud today!!

I will probably get a letter from the GP with the results in a couple of weeks but if the tests show anything they will call me sooner. I'm obviously hoping they don't call!

So there you have my tale of fear and almost soiled underwear. I can honestly say I have never been so shocked and scared in my life. Bungee jumping is nothing compared to this!

Now I want to go home to hug and kiss Victoria and the kids and then I think I will tuck into a particularly good bottle of red.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

8th Wedding Anniversary - 18th October 2010

Yesterday (18th October) was mine and Victoria's 8th wedding anniversary. I can't believe it's been 8 years. Time is flying.

It is at times like this that I like to congratulate myself for bagging such a perfect wife. I really did find the perfect woman for myself. We have similar interests, the same sick sense of humour, and she's damn sexy. Perfect!

To celebrate our anniversary we went to London for the day. I will post about that later.

Happy anniversary sweetie. I love you more as each year passes. :-)

Thursday, September 30, 2010

American Cuisine

I found this web page at lunch.

We recently had someone from the US come over to our office and he was telling us how good food is in America. When asked for examples he listed a number of fast food 'restaurants' and suggested something called 'Sliders'. These are apparently small versions of bigger food. Being America this just means they eat 30 of them instead of 20! :-) The joy according to this chap is the way the fat soaks from one bugger to the next. Nice.

Anyway, the link lists the 30 worst foods in America. I can't believe that most of them are legal.

My personal favourite is the Large Chocolate Oreo Shake which weighs in at a staggering 2600 calories!!

Check out the entire list and tell me if you are still hungry after. :-)

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

The Las Vegas Death Ray

Apparently the MGM Mirage Vdara hotel's concave construction is focusing the sun on the swimming pool area and cooking guests like a magnifying glass on an ants nest.

Very funny.

Full story here.

Friday, September 03, 2010


I so want to see this film.

Thursday, September 02, 2010

A Different Era?

From F1Fanatic.

"Juan Manuel Fangio won his fourth world championship on this day in 1956, in the last race of the season at Monza.

The steering on Fangio’s car broke early in the race, putting him out. That left his Ferrari team mate Peter Collins with a shot at winning the championship, if he won the race and set fastest lap (which was worth an extra point in those days).

But when Collins came into the pits to change tyres with 16 laps to go he spotted Fangio on the sidelines and offered his car to his rival (car-sharing was also allowed). Fangio took it and drove it to second place, enough to claim the by three points from race winner Stirling Moss.

Collins said afterwards he expected he would have other opportunities to win the world championship in the future. But just two years later he was killed in a crash at the Nürburgring."

Can you imagine this happening today? Even if car sharing were allowed I can't imagine Alonso giving his car to Massa if it meant he could win the championship.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Hair Today Gone Tomorrow

All Gone
Originally uploaded by Christian Briddon
So I've gone and done it! With 2 weeks of holiday ahead of me last night I shaved my head.

As I said below, I've always wanted to do this, just once, to see what I would look like.

It's actually very hard to shave your head. I started with the clippers and went down to a number 1 all over (via a Mr T style mohawk of course) and then I used my razor to do the rest. Unlike your face, the top of your head is very boney and dome shaped. This means that when you shave you just remove a thin strip of hair. It's also easy to cut yourself.

Still, all done now. It's a very strange feeling to have no hair for the first time. It feels very sensitive to heat, moisture etc. I have to admit that I can't stop touching it.

I went running this morning and it felt great to have lots of excess heat escape from my head. It was also nice to feel the wind as well.

So, I think my head shaving experiment is a total success. I have seen what I look like bald and I am enjoying the experience.

I'm now interested to see how long it takes to grow back, and if it grows at the same rate and my facial hair. I'll keep you informed.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

First Tooth Lost

First Tooth Lost
Originally uploaded by Christian Briddon
Alice has lost her first tooth!! It has been wobbly for ages and now finally it fell out. Apparently she thought it was a grape when it came out. er, OK.

Anyway, she looks very cute with her gap and is looking forward to a visit from the tooth fairy tonight. I think 20p should do it.

DEAD LIKE ME-WONDERFALLS-PUSHING DAISIES Creator Bryan Fuller To Adapt Lunar Novel THE LOTUS CAVES For Syfy!! -- Ain't It Cool News: The best in movie, TV, DVD, and comic book news.

DEAD LIKE ME-WONDERFALLS-PUSHING DAISIES Creator Bryan Fuller To Adapt Lunar Novel THE LOTUS CAVES For Syfy!! -- Ain't It Cool News: The best in movie, TV, DVD, and comic book news.

Good news. Bryan Fuller is a TV genius. It's just a pity that the TV execs keep cancelling his shows.

I'm particularly interested in this as The Lotus Caves was my favourite book as a small boy. I still have my copy. I may have to read it again.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Who Loves Ya Baby?

For the past 6 weeks or so I have had much less hair than I used to have. I have always had thick hair with more curls in it than a slinky and I just got a bit sick of it so I shaved it all off. Well, not all of it but most of it.

I love my new hair. It requires no effort to look after and I think it looks much better. I have also bought a hair trimmer so I don't even need to go to the hairdressers any longer. This is a good thing as I can't believe how quickly hair grows when it is very short! I'd be spending a fortune.

So, I was looking in the mirror the other day and thought, "I wonder what I would look like totally bald?". The more I think about it the more I want to know. It's become an obsession! I don't want to be totally bald forever, just shave my head completely once to see what it looks like.

Now, starting next week I have the best part of 2 weeks off work. As I said above, hair grows very quickly when it is very short and I think I could shave it at the beginning of my holiday and it would be mostly back to where it is at the moment in a couple of weeks.

The question is, should I do it? I'm thinking yes but opinions would be welcome. :-)

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Donington back in action | Planet F1 | Formula One News

Donington back in action Planet F1 Formula One News

Good news!

There was a chance that Donnington would be lost along with it's exceptional F1 museum. Thankfully it seems to be back on track (pardon the pun).

Saturday, August 07, 2010

I really want one of these!! :-)

F1 simulator on a giant robot arm!! Genius!

It's just a pity it's simulating a Ferrari and not a Mclaren. :-)

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Alice's First School Play - The Lion King - 9th July 2010

Last week it was Alice's first ever school play. The entire school was involved in a production of The Lion King.

The play was actually quite good. You started in the school hall for the first part and then moved around the school grounds for the subsequent parts. Everyone in the school was involved so it allows Alice and her little chums to work with the older children.

Alice played a vulture in the play. She had to dance around an injured Simba while looking menacing. She was excellent. Easily the best vulture and I'm sure I'm not just saying that because I am bias. :-) Alice is not one for standing up in front of people. I think she gets very nervous. This means she did extra well as she was very good.

We really enjoyed the play. I did however expect the lawyers from the Simpson's to suddenly appear and say something like 'This song is the property of the Disney corporation.....'. There were many copyright violations. :-)

Pictures are available here.

Well done Alice. :-)

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Time Travel? - Sorted!

Quantum Time Machine Lets You Travel to the Past Without Fear of Grandfather Paradox

Finally someone has sorted this out. Now I can finish building my time machine without the worry of erasing myself from history.

See you yesterday!

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Exciting Alice News!

Alice has her first wobbly tooth! She is very pleased as she has wanted one for ages.

How much does the tooth fairy leave these days? Is it still 10p?

The Wisdom Of Alice - Part 14

Alice : "Daddy, why have you got a hairy chest? Did you used to be a monkey?"

Friday, July 16, 2010

BBC News - PC Zone magazine is to shut after 17 years

BBC News - PC Zone magazine is to shut after 17 years

This is a real pity. PC Zone is the only readable PC Gaming magazine available and it is closing down.

I used to read it every month but due to all the information required now being online I stopped buying it. I guess this is the problem. Lots of people obviously did the same thing.

The last issue is available on September 2nd. I will be buying it for old times sake.

Friday, June 04, 2010

The Wisdom Of Alice - Part 13

This morning I was met by Alice outside her bedroom. She was holdng her pants in her hand.

Alice says, in a happy chirpy voice with a smile on her face "I wee'd in my pants but it's only a little bit so it doesn't matter."

Thursday, June 03, 2010

Review - Apple iPad

I've never seen the point in the iPad. To me it looks like a massive iPod Touch or iPhone that does not make phone calls. It looked great but what could it do that my iPhone could not?

Well now I know. I have finally spent some quality time with an iPad and here is what I think.

It looks lovely. It is very slim and it has a gorgeous screen. You could really imagine Captain Picard using one on the Enterprise, it is that futuristic looking. The big screen really brings your apps to life and using something like Maps is a real pleasure. It just looks so....BIG!

Configuring the iPad is pretty much the same as configuring an iPhone but with a slightly different interface to allow for the much larger screen real-estate. Very easy. I had mail set up in minutes with no problems. I did find the positioning of some of the buttons in the mail app a little strange though but that is probably because I am overly familiar with the same application on my iPhone.

Web browsing is also very nice due to the big screen and everything looks very crisp and clear and scales very nicely when you zoom in and out. I did notice that the screen blurred quite considerably though when scrolling up and down but this is not really an issue.

So, it looks great and is easy to use. Will I be rushing to the shops to buy one? No.

After using the iPad in my kitchen for 10 minutes, stood up with the device in question resting on my right palm while I used the touchscreen with my left hand I began to get an ache in my right shoulder. The iPad you see is not a lightweight. It actually weighs 1.5lbs and after a while using it stood up it you feel all that weight. I sat down at our dining table but could not find a comfortable way to sit that would allow me to use the iPad. Either it was resting flat on the table which was just wrong or I was propping it up at 45 degrees on the edge of the table which while better would not allow me to use the device very easily.

I tried sitting down on my sofa and resting the iPad on my lap. Nope. Wrong angle again. The only way of using the iPad comfortably seems to be laying on the sofa with feet up so that it can rest on your knees. Great for sitting in front of the TV but not for a lot else.

I tried composing an email to try out the keyboard but I hit the same problem as above. There was no comfortable way to hold the iPad to allow two handed typing, something I assume the keyboard was designed for as when viewing the screen horizontally the keyboard is massive. You can't touch type comfortably standing up, with the iPad on a table or on your knees.

I suppose these are not complaints about the iPad directly but of the whole tablet form factor.

So, applications. What can the iPad do that my iPhone can't? Well from what I have seen, nothing. I suppose that the apps are easier to use due to the bigger screen and piano apps could cover more than one octave but apart from that it does nothing that I can't do on my iPhone.

There are office apps available but unless you dock the iPad with a proper keyboard I can't see you producing much on it.

Web browsing is very nice but as the iPad is trying to deliver a 'proper' browsing experience instead of a mobile one the lack of flash really stands out which ruins the experience. No Flash on a mobile is OK but not on a computer.

But this isn't a computer is it? A computer is configurable and customisable and an iPad isn't. You are forced into doing things Apples way and installing the apps Apple allow you to install. It is locked down just like the iPhone. Device control is OK on a phone but not on a computer.

I really want an iPad. I really want to see a reason for buying one but all I can see it as is a less portable iPhone that does not make phone calls. In my household all it would be used for is surfing the net while watching TV, which is what we use our iPhones for. I can actually see this being the overwhelming use of the iPad in most households. I suppose you could watch films on trains but without a dock or cradle of some sort you have the issues of how to hold it again.

The iPad is a beautiful device. It looks stunning even if it is a little heavy. I love gadgets and I really wanted Apple to come up with something special that would even bypass my increasing dislike for the company and it's zombie look-a-like leader. Unfortunately they have failed. The iPad is just a big iPod/iPhone.

Please feel free to prove me wrong with a long list of things the iPad can do that other Apple products can't. I bet you struggle to find one.

Looks : 9/10 (Would be 10 but it is a bit too heavy)

Easy of use : 9/10

Cost : 5/10 (£429 for the basic version with 16GB? er, FAIL!)

Usefulness if you don't own an iPhone/iPod Touch : 7/10

Usefulness if you do own an iPhone/iPod Touch : 2/10

Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Alice's Sports Day - 20th May 2010

Last week it was Alice's sports day. She entered the only race a 5 year old should enter, the egg and spoon race. She did really well and didn't come last. She came second to last. :-)

There are pictures here for those that are interested.

40 Years Ago Today....

.......Bruce Mclaren was killed at Goodwood.

Bruce Mclaren was the Racing and Engineering genius that began a certain Formula 1 team that is still going today and bears his name.

What better way to remember him than a 1 2 at Turkey last weekend. :-)

Read more here and here.

Monday, May 10, 2010

BBC News - Gordon Brown 'stepping down as Labour leader'

BBC News - Gordon Brown 'stepping down as Labour leader'

It's a great day indeed!! No more Brown as PM. This news has made a rubbish day great. :-)

Thursday, May 06, 2010

Apple demands public apology for iPhone parody • The Register

Apple demands public apology for iPhone parody • The Register

Oh dear. Apple really have had a humour-ectamy. How stupid do they look after moaning about this frankly bit rubbish parody?

As Jon Stewart says at the bottom of the article, Apple used to be the good guys but now they are turning into 'The Man'. They are now the evil empire and everyone else is the Rebel Alliance. Even Microsoft look more benevolent.

Apple don't even really innovate these days. OK, so they had the iPod which is a stunning piece of design which popularised the MP3 player but it was not the first mp3 player by any means. They brought us the iphone which is also a stunning device, even though it is looking a bit dated these days, but it is once again, not the first smartphone. Now we have the iPad. A lovely looking piece of kit but lets face it, it's an ipod touch with a big screen. All they seem to do these days is make things thinner!

Their products are also SO expensive, especially in the UK. They are annoying in the fact that you can't change the battery on most of them and let's hope that you don't want to install anything that that Apple has not approved.

All the apps for the iPhone are heavily controlled by Apple and they change their terms and conditions so often that people who are one day making a good living out of writing iPhone apps are the next day out of a job. Don't get me started on their hatred of Flash. They seem to forget that Adobe wrote alot of the software that popularised Apple computers such as Photoshop.

As I have said before it is obvious to me that they are moving towards providing all software for all their devices (including PC's laptops etc) via iTunes so that they can regulate everything, reducing the amount of control their users have over their machines, and yet people still harp on about how great Apple are.

I own and old ipod and I own an iPhone. I dearly love my iPhone but when my contract runs out in December I will not be buying another. I will be heading to Android or Windows 7 Mobile. As much as I love my iPhone I just really hate Apple and have no intention of ever giving them any more of my cash.

Unfortunately Victoria also loves HER iPhone and she is already excited about getting a new one in October when her contract runs out, so it looks like Jobs and his cult will be getting a little more cash from me. :-(

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

A General Life Update

The last time I posted a 'proper' update was the 23rd December! That was 4 month's ago! I am so lazy!

Back then we were all homeless after selling our house in Dronfield so that the buyer did not pull out and we could not yet move into our new house as all the worlds solicitors and estate agents are a bunch of useless tossers.

In the end it was the 14th of January that we moved into our new house. Exactly 1 month after we left the last one. The solicitors/estate agents were being useless so I insisted on having the vendors phone number and I managed to sort out all the obstacles in about 10 minutes.

So we were all set to move in on the 14th but unfortunately the nice (and definitely not useless) people at SBS removals could not deliver our furniture until the 18th. Bugger! Still, we didn't care and as we had our camping gear at my mum's we spent 4 days sitting on camping chairs and sleeping on airbeds. At least we were in.

The furniture was delivered on the 18th as promised as we are now all settled in.

Well, I say settled in.....Out house is great but it's decor has not been changed since the 1970's. This means that it needs a little money spending on it. The carpets for example are beyond terrible as you can see from this picture of Alice in our lounge. Notice as well the 70's style fireplace to the right and the 70's style doors I am taking the pictures through. Not good!

So, we have recently begun making changes to the house. Firstly we added extra plug sockets, network cables and sockets and extra Sky/TV cables around the house. We then had the 70's style doors between the dining room and the lounge removed and blocked up and this weekend we had the wall dividing the kitchen and dining room removed, giving us a MASSIVE kitchen. We went from this to this. It still needs plastering, decorating and the floor replacing but it's nearly there. Next all we have to do is replace every carpet in the house as they are all really nasty.

So, that is my update. I hope you now feel better informed on the exciting world of the Briddon family.

I have not been adding much to the site recently as I've just been really busy. I have not been taking many photographs either but still have pictures from November to edit and upload. Normal blogging and photo services will resume shortly.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Jobsian drones shackle gamer with 'lifetime' iPad ban • The Register

Jobsian drones shackle gamer with 'lifetime' iPad ban • The Register

What a bunch of fuckwits Apple really are. Seriously, they are lower than Sony these days and that is low!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Finally Some Progress Towards A Cure.

Let's hope these brave researchers keep making progress. :-)

Friday, April 16, 2010

BBC Sport - F1 - Sebastien Buemi escapes 200mph crash unhurt in Shanghai

BBC Sport - F1 - Sebastien Buemi escapes 200mph crash unhurt in Shanghai

Fuck me that is one mad accident!!! Never seen anything like it!

Apparently there was a failure in the front-right upright which immediatly caused an identical failure in the front-left upright. Whatever caused it you don't want both your front wheels to fall off at 194mph!!!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

BBC News - Pope Benedict says Catholic Church must 'do penance'

BBC News - Pope Benedict says Catholic Church must 'do penance'

According his popeship this penance involves "opening oneself up to forgiveness, preparing oneself for forgiveness and allowing oneself to be transformed."

Nothing then.

How about the richest nation/organisation/cult on the planet makes financial restitution to it's countless victims instead of this crap. Penance should surely be something that is hard to do. I also think that this penance should not fall on the shoulders of Catholics in general but on the members of the church. After all they are the frock wearing kiddie-fiddling perverts who commit these crimes.

Seriously, this is surely the most insidious organisation on the planet. Isn't it time it was ended? Imagine all the good that could be done if their VAST assets were used to help the poor! Imagine how grateful museums around the world would be if all the artifacts hidden away in the Vatican were redistributed. After all they are only hidden away to hide the terrible truths about the Catholic church.

One fact to end with. I bet you can't guess where in the world has the lowest age of consent? Yes folks it's true. The Vatican has an age of consent of 12. Kind of sums up the whole religion really doesn't it.

Monday, March 29, 2010

End of the day for '24'

End of the day for '24' - Entertainment News, TV News, Media - Variety

I love 24 but I am pleased it has been cancelled. They really do seem to have lost their way over the past few seasons and this years plot is so bad that we would probably not bother watching a ninth season.

One has to wonder if they would be carrying on if they had given the viewers what they want to see, which is Jack killing people in amusing ways, Jack torturing people, Jack being tortured and then coming back and killing/torturing the baddies who tortured him. You get the idea.....

Instead what we have had is Jack spending 2 or 3 episodes sat in a car following some mad bint around while she goes all weepy and 'My life's not worth living'. Do us a favour love, here's a gun, go sort yourself out.

Anyway, season 3 was the best and 6, 7 and 8 are pants.

Goodbye Jack. You will be missed.

Friday, March 26, 2010

Vienna Boys’ Choir caught up in sex abuse scandals -Times Online

Vienna Boys’ Choir caught up in sex abuse scandals -Times Online:

Look at the subject matter and then look at the authors name.

You can't make this stuff up! :-)

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Michael Jackson estate agrees record Sony music deal

BBC News - Michael Jackson estate agrees record Sony music deal

Isn't he dead?

How can it be a 10 record deal with only 1 album of unreleased material? Sony aren't rehashing old material are they? Surely not!

Friday, March 05, 2010

3D Cinema - What A Con!

Alice wants me to take her to the cinema to see the new Alice In Wonderland film. This I don't mind as I like Tim Burton films and although I don't like going to the cinema due to there being other people there watching the film it is an exciting trip for Alice which makes it worth going.

Alice in Wonderland is showing in 3D. I have not been to the cinema to see a 3D film since Jaws 3D and thought this would be a good re-introduction.

I logged onto the Cineworld website to check show times etc and was shocked to see that it cost £9 for an adult and £6.70 for a child to see a 3D film plus 80p for a pair of 3D glasses. A frickin tenner to see a film!!

You can see the 2D version for £4.70.

What a rip-off! I am not sure how current 3D projection technology works but let's face it, the cost is going to be a couple of new projectors at most and the fact that the film is in 3D will mean that more people will come to see it, paying for the cost. Charging double to see the same film AND charging 80p for glasses to actually allow you to watch the film you have paid to see is a massive con.

What the cinemas need to remember is that 3D is the current trend but it may (as it has several times in the past, it is not a new technology) fade into obscurity and people will no longer pay such stupid amounts to see a film.

What people seem to also be forgetting is that if a film is good it will be good in 3D or 2D. Special effects will not make a bad film good.

Now, I wonder why film piracy is soaring? Can anyone think?

Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Alice In Wonderland

Alice has to go to school dressed as a character from a book tomorrow and she is going as Alice In Wonderland.

How cute does she look? I thought I would share the picture with you all so that you can all see how lovely my eldest daughter is. :-)

Tuesday, March 02, 2010

BBC News - Lords rebuff Mandelson call for Ashcroft inquiry

BBC News - Lords rebuff Mandelson call for Ashcroft inquiry

Mandelson needs to keep quiet as an inquiry would surely show how many Labour peers are non-doms!

What I want an inquiry on is how come the Torys only have a small lead in the polls when they are up against the worst government in this countries history, and I include the previous Labour government when I say that and they were pretty bad!

I know Cameron is a bit of a pratt but he's up against Brown for fucks sake!

Monday, March 01, 2010

Sony: Don't turn on your PS3 until PSN bug is fixed

Sony: Don't turn on your PS3 until PSN bug is fixed -- Engadget

How stupid can you get? The Sony PlayStation Network goes down and they tell people not to turn on their consoles as they might suffer data loss.

Whatever happened to 'It's a console so it just works'.

This is just one of the many reasons I never buy Sony.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

iPhone: The OS with big aspirations • The Register

iPhone: The OS with big aspirations • The Register

So Apple want to take the iphone/ipad OS onto other platforms do they? I bet they do. Complete control over what users can install and do with their PC's. It's a dream come true for Apple.

This level of control is fine for phones. It's even fine (at a push) for an iPad. How long though will it be before Apple add applications for OS-X to the iTunes app store? And how long before more and more OS-X apps are on iTunes only? And how long before you can only install apps on OS-X from the app store?

Once this happens what do you have? A desktop computer that you have absolutely no control over. And where will the iMac fans be then?

Fucked is where they will be. :-)

Monday, February 08, 2010


Ab-Lad to play STRETCH ARMSTRONG!!! -- Ain't It Cool News: The best in movie, TV, DVD, and comic book news.

They are making a film out of Stretch Armstrong? Hollywood really have run out of ideas!

Friday, January 15, 2010

BBC News - Peppa Pig in seatbelt safety row

BBC News - Peppa Pig in seatbelt safety row

Naughty Peppa!

Alice loves Peppa Pig but will scream if you try to drive off and ANYONE is not wearing a seatbelt. Silly complaining parents for listening to their children.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

BBC Sport - F1 - F1 tracks should have short cuts - Bernie Ecclestone

BBC Sport - F1 - F1 tracks should have short cuts - Bernie Ecclestone

Is Bernie taking the piss or is he actually going a bit daft? Shortcuts? How is that racing? What a muppet.

If Bernie and the FIA want to 'improve the show' as they keep putting it, the best thing they can do is leave things alone as their constant meddling causes nothing but confusion and annoyance to those who know anything about F1.

If they do insist on making changes they need to massively reduce aerodynamic down force on the cars and stop Herman Tilke from designing boring tracks. These changes will massively improve overtaking and therefore 'improve the show'. Everyone is a winner.

Oh yes, and get rid of Bernie. He is now totally crackers.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

BBC Sport - F1 - Nelson Piquet Jr gives up on Formula 1 for Nascar drive

BBC Sport - F1 - Nelson Piquet Jr gives up on Formula 1 for Nascar drive

LOL. Not only is Piquet Jnr going to be racing in NASCAR, where real racing drivers go to die, he is going to be racing pickup trucks!!!!

What a loser! :-)

BBC News - Tobey Maguire to leave Spider-Man films

BBC News - Tobey Maguire to leave Spider-Man films

Oh dear. This means they are going to be crap doesn't it. :-)

Thursday, January 07, 2010

I'm Famous!!! Not!

I got comment of the day on the F1 Fanatic website! I am so blessed. :-)

Click here to see my moment of glory.

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