Mac Users - You Must Be Worried.

Can a Mac user please read this article on the Register and explain to me why you are not worried about the direction Steve Jobs is taking your platform of choice? I really don't understand why none of you seem bothered that he is slowly adding the same software restrictions to the Mac as there are on the iphone/ipod/ipad.

I'm serious. Please explain it to me.

My prediction? Within 12 months there will be a Mac announced without an optical drive as Jobs has decided that the Mac App Store is so good that nobody needs CD's or DVD's any longer.


Tony Ruscoe said…
FYI – The MacBook Air doesn’t have an optical drive already.
Chris said…
Why aren't I worried about something that Jobs has said isn't going to happen? I guess there's two reasons.
1) I'm not as obsessed with Apple as you are. I have my current products and I'm extremely happy with them. What the products do in the future is something I'll worry about when I next have a purchasing decision to make regarding the OS X platform.
2) Because I don't waste energy worrying about problems that don't exist or don't affect me. In the unlikely event that Jobs decides to cripple OX X, *then* I will start to worry because it will mark the end of a happy relationship with this OS. Until then? Seriously, what do you want me to do? Run around screaming? Jump off the top story of a building because there's the possibility, albeit unlikely, that the OS I use might be crippled in the future? Send Jobs hate mail? Write a *gasp* angry blog post?
Chris, I'm just taking an interest in the IT world and that includes Apple.

All I get from Apple users is how fucking good their products are and all I see from experience is that they make nice looking products that are no better than anyone else's but which are becoming more and more crippled by the policies of their frankly mad leader.

But still I hear 'You must get a mac, they are so much better than PC's' from various people I know and I want to know why they keep saying this and wondering why they are not worried by these likely changes to their beloved systems.

I think it was a valid question.

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