Snack Review - Doner Kebab Pot Noodle

You may remember that in March I blogged about the release of 'The Ultimate Post Pub Snack'. I was of course referring to the Doner Kebab Flavour Pot Noodle.

I promised to try this snack as Phil has stopped providing us with his snack reviews and although it took me a couple of months to find one, I have finally tried the Doner Kebab Pot Noodle.

Just to set the scene, I believe Pot Noodles are best either post pub or during a bad hangover. To give the Pot Noodle a fair chance I have first consumed four bottles of various ales from the 'Badger' brewery. This beer comes in 500ml bottles and it between 4.5% and 5.5% alcohol. I believe this will inebriate me enough to be fair.

As you can see in the picture the neon light style writing on the pot is attempting to conjure up a feeling of being in a dodgy kebab shop. It does not really work but I would say that the packaging was appropriate for this product.

Once you rip off the lid you are greeted with the normal site of an 'uncooked' pot noodle. Dried noodles and dust topped with a sauce packet. This time though it looked a little more grey than normal.

After removing the chilli sauce packet you get to see the pre-water pot noodle in all it's dusty glory.

I have to mention that when you open this pot noodle you get hit by a smell that is almost like lamb flavouring but with a little plastic added for good measure. I think that this demands points for at least trying to get a kebbaby flavour. Don't try to get a better smell though as trying this means you will just get a nose full of kebab flavoured dust.

Next I added the hot water, waited the required amount of time and was left with this. It looks like a normal Pot Noodle except it was a slightly different colour grey to denote the flavour. :-)

At this point I was actually excited. Obviously the texture of a kebab is impossible to recreate in a pot but maybe, just maybe the flavour and hot chilli sauce could give the same effect as the real thing.

I took my first bite.

It tasted of........nothing.

Any lamby type flavour indicated by the initial smell had obviously been soaked up with the water and diluted to the point of not being there anymore. It really did taste of nothing. Warm, slimey plain noodles with some lumpy bits in it.

I then realised that a kebab is not a kebab unless it has chilli sauce so I emptied in the sauce packet.

I took another bite.

This time it tasted like warm, slimey, plain noodles with chilli sauce. The heat was there but there was still no flavour. The chilli sauce also had the effect of instantly giving me really bad hiccups!

So would I buy another Doner Kebab Pot Noodle? No.

Did I finish it?

Yes of course I did, I had just drunk 4 bottles of strong beer.

Did it fulfill my post drink needs?

Yes, but no better than any other pot noodle.

Personally I would stick to Chicken and Mushroom if these are your thing. This pot noodle really does nothing for the brand.

Taste : 2/10 (0 without the chilli, 2 for the heat of the chilli)
Texture : 2/10 (it had some)
Packaging : 9/10
Over all post drink satisfaction : 4/10 (All Pot Noodles get 4 if you ask me. A real kebab would get an 8)

Total Score : 4/10. Quite sad when you think most of this score came from the packaging. :-)

Just to please Rachel, the Pot Noodle cost me £1.59. :-)


ryan said…
I make these all the time, best pot noodle I've ever had make sure to drink all the water in it before you add the sauce! also add a pinch of salt it helps :D

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