Friday, August 31, 2007

Baby News - 20 Weeks Scan!

Today Victoria and I went for the new baby's 20 week scan. Everything was great and here you can see the scan picture. For those not used to looking at such images I have added notes to the Flickr version so that you know where the head is etc. :-)

The lady doing the scan talked us through what she was looking at while examining the image on the screen. Things like "I'm looking at the spine now to make sure it is all covered in skin", and "I'm looking at the internal organs to make sure they are actually internal and not growing on the outside of the body". Nice!!! Still, everything was fine and the new baby is doing well. Two Arms, two legs and a head. It's all good. We could have found out the sex today but decided that, as with Alice, we would leave it as a surprise. No matter how much you want a boy or a girl, when the baby is born it really does not matter and it's nice not to know until the birth.

It was great to see the baby again and it's amazing how much they grow in 2 months. The next time we see it will be when it is born. We both can't wait. :-)

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Movie Review - Black Sheep

You may remember back in February I drew you attention to a trailer for a little film from New Zealand called Black Sheep. Well I actually got to see this classic movie the other day and let me say I was in no way disappointed.

In case you don't remember, this is a film about a sheep farmer who has been doing genetic experiments on sheep to breed the perfect specimen.

Taking the 28 Days Later route to disaster, some eco-hippies break into the lab to free the sheep and cause one mutated specimen to escape and infect all the other sheep in the area. They all start attacking humans to satisfy their new found love of blood and any humans that get bitten start turning into sheep.

This film is fantastic. It is done in the same vein as 'Bad Taste' and 'Brain Dead' but with more of a budget. The special effects are done by Weta who did Lord Of The Rings and so while not up to that standard are actually not as bad as they could have been.

Obviously this is not going to win an Oscar, but take it for what it is, a comic horror film with a very stupid premise, and you will love it. It's funny as well as gory and the action is well paced.

I watched this with Victoria and even she liked it. We were both laughing all the way through.

If you want 90 minutes of no brain required entertainment, watch this film!

Friday, August 10, 2007

Chilli Plant Update

I've not mentioned the chilli plant for a while so I thought I would make the effort. It's doing great!!

The plant is looking really healthy and happy and the chilli's are big and juicy! We even ate one in some chilli a few weeks ago and it was delicious.

As you can see from the picture, the chilli's have now turned bright red. We have also got another new chilli growing which is pictured here.

Now that the first chilli's seem pretty mature we are thinking of eating them soon. They just look too tasty to leave any longer. :-)

I'll keep you informed!

Saturday, August 04, 2007

Fernando Alonso Is A Twat

I've always been a fan of Fernando Alonso. For the last few years he has been an excellent sportsman and a fabulous driver for Renault, deservedly winning the world championship twice.

This year he is driving for Mclaren along side Lewis Hamilton. It's obvious that they don't get on very well and Alonso is always saying that the team give Hamilton more support. Whatever, a bit of bickering won't hurt as long as it does not spill out onto the track.

However, this weekend is the Hungarian Grand Prix. Victoria and I have just finished watching the qualifying and what Alonso did prevents me from ever supporting him again, no matter how good he is.

In F1 qualifying the final laps, no, the final lap a driver does is usually the best. The car has been running for a while, the driver is in 'quick' mode. The last lap is when the best times are set.

Normally before the last lap the drivers dive into the pits for a new set of tyres. They then do a slower lap of the circuit and the lap time starts when the car crosses the start/finish line.

This afternoon in the pits, Alonso got his new tyres and Hamilton was queued behind him to get his tyres. They had to be quick as the qualifying session was about to end and if they did not start their quick lap before it did the lap would not count. Hamilton was fastest at this point and Alonso was second. Alonso got his tyres and the engineers gave him the go signal and.....he just sat there. For 9 seconds he sat there holding up Hamilton so that he would not get round the circuit in time to have his final lap. The team were shouting at him to go but he still waited.

Hamilton did not get his final lap because of this and Alonso has pole position. This is not the sort of thing we see in Formula 1. It's not football for god's sake.

Alonso is a cheating twat who should be kicked in the balls for being such a wanker. If he can't win by playing fair he should leave the team.

Luckily Ron Dennis, Mclaren boss, was very angry. I am hoping that he gives Alonso the ball kick he deserves.

Alonso, you are a tosser. I will never again cheer for you when you are successful and I hope many other people feel the same. I hope that after your contract with Mclaren ends they don't renew it and that no other team will have you. You were such a prick today that I hope that you have to move to America and drive Nascar just to keep racing.

UPDATE: Alonso has been demoted to 6th and the Mclaren team will score zero points for todays race. Zero points is VERY bad for Mclaren at this point in the season but at least the stewards at Hungary realised that Alonso needed punishing.

Friday, August 03, 2007

One Final Geek Post

I have now finished building my new file server and have created my new array. 4x500GB drives configured as RAID5 which gives me 1.5TB of storage! Lovely! Just look at the screenshot here. Look at all those lovely big numbers and look where it says TB instead of GB.

I am a happy geek tonight.

Obviously building the machine and installing an OS is only half the job. I still have to move all my Films/TV Shows/Music/Applications etc to the drive, install and configure Exchange 2007 which Tim says is great fun (?) and convert my firewall which is running on a physical machine at the moment into a virtual machine. All good fun which I will not bore you all with. :-)

Just know that I am a happy geek this evening!

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

A Geek's Hell

I've found out this week that, in spite of my happy geek filled ramblings below that it is not always good to be a geek.

I like to think of myself as being pretty much on the bleeding edge of technology, especially where PC's are concerned. I therefore no longer own a floppy disc drive. None of my PC's have one and they have not had one for at least 2 years. What's the point? In a world where my usb key holds the equivalent of nearly 3000 of the things I can do without them.

This evening I was finishing building my server with the nice big disc array that will fix all my storage needs. The drives were plugged into the RAID controller and I had mirrored the system drives to provide some fault tolerance. Next, install Windows Server.

Unfortunately Windows does not have a driver for my RAID controller and it would like me to provide it with one, other wise it will not see the array and not have anywhere to install the operating system.

I have the driver. I have it on CD, usb key and on another hard drive. Can you guess where Windows wants it to be? Can you guess where the only place that Windows will install the driver from is no matter what you try to do?

A floppy disc. A Frickin floppy disc. To make matters worse, I booted from the install disc with a usb key plugged into the server (containing the drivers) and although windows could not load the drivers from the usb drive it did in fact recognise it and offer to install itself on that!!

I have to say my language was not for Alice's ears!!! I now have to go and scrounge a floppy drive and some discs from our IT dept tomorrow.

It's not easy being on the bleeding edge! :-)

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