Tuesday, April 29, 2008

More Vermin

Three squirrels caught in three days!!! Amazing. These traps really do the job!!

This morning when I left for work I saw a baby squirrel poking it's head out of out roof and I saw the same this evening when I got home. I think we have the adults and just need the babies now!

Unfortunatly the babies don't appear to be leaving the nest yet. Still, they have 2 choices. Leave and get caught or starve to death. Either way suits me. :-)

Sunday, April 27, 2008


Victoria and I live in a house that backs onto some woods. This seems to mean that we get all sorts of wildlife around our home. Normally this is considered a good thing but occasionally they decide to make our home their own!

Seemingly every year we get a wasp nest in or around the house, and recently we have had squirrels in the roof. I don't think they are actually in the loft as I have been up their and there is no sign of them and no damage, but they still make a lot of noise and if I wanted to share my home with animals I would go and buy a pet!

Squirrels are apparently rather hard to remove as they can get through very small holes and they keep coming back year after year, so I thought the best thing to do would be to buy a couple of traps and see if we can snag ourselves some rodent!

So, I bought a couple of traps from Amazon of all places and set them up in the garden on what we believe is the path the squirrels use to get to our roof. To be honest I was not hoping for much. Bear Grills never catches anything on his show and he is an expert so what hope have I got!!!

This morning I looked out of the dining room window and saw that one of the traps had been triggered and there was a squirrel inside it!! The little bastard was going mad to get out but the trap worked a treat!!

The picture above is of the now ex-resident of Dronfield just before I got rid of him in the most humane way possible. :-)

The traps are now reset and I am hoping to they will be full again soon.

I will keep you updated.


Victoria called me this morning to say that we have caught ANOTHER squirrel already. I thought these things were supposed to be clever!! :-)

Finally, proof that vegetarians are wrong!!!

Victoria and I went out last night. It was the first time since Amelia was born and so was a nice change.

We went to our favourite restaurant, Morans and for starter we both had soft shelled crab as we have never tried it and were wanting to do so.

Oh my god, this is a delicious little creature and has to be proof that veggies are just SO wrong.

Soft shelled crabs are eaten whole. Shell, legs, claws, everything. Essentially you pick up the crab, drop the whole thing into boiling water for a few minutes and then eat it. It is a walking snack. A living pack up if you will.

The reason this is proof that veggies are wrong is because there is no way God would allow such a creature to evolve unless it was meant to be eaten. It is like God saying 'For my sake, just pick this thing up and pop it in your mouth, no effort required! How much more obvious can I make it!!! Just eat the thing!'

Anyway, I had steak (cooked blue of course) for a main and Victoria had guinea fowl. All very nice indeed and washed down by large amount of St Emilion.

The service at Morans was exceptional as ever and once again I can't recommend the place highly enough!

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Alice Sings Nursery Rhymes!

For the past few weeks Alice has been nagging us to video her singing. I think she fancies herself as a bit of a popstar!

Here is the result! I hope you enjoy it. ;-)

Alice Sings from Christian Briddon on Vimeo.

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