Monday, November 24, 2008

Alice Is SO Clever!

I seem to be posting about Amelia being very clever recently, probably because changes in behaviour at her age are so pronounced.

We must not forget Alice though. She is learning all the time and can now write her own name with no help at all. The scan of her writing is shown above. I am sure you will agree that she is very clever.

I actually think her writing is neater than mine!!!!

Friday, November 21, 2008

More Exciting Amelia News!!

Is there a week goes by without my beautiful youngest daughter doing something else new? I think not.

This evening she managed to pull herself up to a standing position for the first time!! Amazing!!!

What will she do next? I am hoping she will develop an uncanny ability to pick lottery numbers. :-)

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

It's All Over!

As I said below, yesterday afternoon I went for the snip.

Leading up to the event I was slightly apprehensive but yesterday I was surprisingly calm, and even just before and during the op I was not worried at all. I guess I 'Manned Up'. :-)

Anyway, we dropped the rug rats off at my mum's at 13:30 and got to the hospital at 14:15. We were taken through to the waiting area almost immediately and I was given 2 most fetching gowns to wear along with some lovely plastic foot bags. It took me a while to work out why I had 2 gowns but then I realised that wearing one would mean I was showing my ass or my manhood depending on which way I wore it and I was given 2 so I could wear one each way round. I must say I think I carried the look off very well. ;-)

I then signed the patient consent form and sat with Victoria for 10 minutes before my doctor called my name and I went through to the operating theatre.

I was given a bed to lie on and the 2 doctors told me they would be keeping me talking through the procedure to keep my mind off what they were doing and they certainly kept up their side of the bargain, chatting happily all the way through. They were very friendly but remaining professional and really put me at ease.

The operation began when they injected the anaesthetic. This was about as painful as an injection you would have when having a filling, ie not at all. After that all you feel is a bit of movement as you are pulled about but no pain at all. It takes about 5 minutes for the first side to be done and they move on to the other side and the operation is repeated. It took about 15 minutes in total from me leaving Victoria to me being wheeled back to the recovery room.

After the op I had to stay on the bed for 30 minutes, after which the nurse checked the (tiny) wounds were no longer bleeding and then I was given a sample cup, told to return it in March and sent home. All done and dusted in about 90 minutes from walking through the door.

When I got home the anaesthetic had worn off so there was a little discomfort but it was really nothing bad at all. A little pulling from the stitches and a bit of a dull ache only a man can understand. This morning I feel about the same. No bruises or anything.

Anyway, the experience was not a bad one. It was about as painful as a filling, ie, not.

Now all I have to do is wait until March to get the all clear and it's no condom central for me. :-)

Monday, November 17, 2008

The Unkindest Cut Of All

Today I am off work so I can visit the hospital. I am going to have the snip.

As you can imagine, I am not too happy about the prospect of someone with a very sharp knife chopping away very close to my favourite organ but as I am such a great husband and Victoria and I don't want any more children I think it is the best thing to do.

When you first go to the doctors to request a vasectomy they try to put you off.

Doctor : "You do know it's permanent don't you".

Me : "Yes"

Doctor : "Even though it is the safest form of contraception there is still a chance it won't work"

Me : "I understand that yes"

Doctor : "What if your entire family die in a horrible accident involving a high speed crash on the M1 in which a burning bus crashes into your car, causing you to be thrown free but your wife and children to be mashed into pulp, burned to a crisp and then eaten by wild dogs? Would you not want to find someone else and start over again? Because you would not be able to!!"

Me : "eh?"

OK, so I am exaggerating but they really do say things like "What if one of your children dies, would you not want to replace it?". Like you can replace a child! Muppet's!

Anyway, I am all booked in for 14:30 at the Hallamshire. Victoria is coming with me for moral support and the kids are going to my mums. I am off work tomorrow as suggested by the hospital but I expect to be fighting fit for Wednesday.

I'll let you know later how it went.

Wish me luck!!!

Friday, November 14, 2008

Amelia Escapes Her Bumbo Chair

Amelia has a Bumbo chair that we put her in whenever we want her to be immobile for a brief period of time. This chair is great as she can sit comfortably but not escape.

It least that is what we thought!

Victoria captured this video of Amelia managing to get out of her chair with ease. I guess we will have to resort to a straight jacket or something from now on.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

The Wisdom Of Alice Part 10

Alice jumps on me and her foot stands on the part men don't like to be kicked in.

Me : Ouch!!!

Alice : Sorry, did I tread on your tuppence?

Me : What? No! I'm a boy, I don't have a tuppence.

Alice : You do! You have a wobbly tuppence.

Restaurant Review - Milano

As I said below, Victoria, myself, my brother and my sister in law all went to Milano on Saturday night.

We have been there before but not for a few years for some reason so we were keen to try it again.

After a couple of pre-meal pints at the Robin Hood we arrived at the restaurant about 10 minutes before our table was booked and headed to the bar. A waiter took our drinks order and within a few minutes Victoria and I were happily sipping down G & T's while Claire had a V & T and Justin had a rather gay Magners.

After a few more minutes we were given a menu each and we all had difficulty choosing what we wanted as it all looked really good.

For starters I had Thai Fishcakes, Victoria had dried strips of beef, Justin had chicken livers and Clairs had a sort of Scalopes, Octopus and squid broth. All were excellent. We all went for the fish option for a main course. My brother had the Sea Bass, Victoria had the Monkfish and Claire and I both had the Cod. Once again it was all brilliant and after two courses we were all full. Well, the girls were not so full that they could not have a dessert but Justin and I decided not to.

The food, service and atmosphere were all excellent, and I don't think the price was too bad either. The total bill came to £249 for all four of us. That did include 4 G&T's, 2 V&T's 3 bottles of white, one bottle of red, 3 Magners and a large Ardbeg. Not bad at all really. Oh, and all the white was drunk by Victoria and Claire the little binge drinkers!!!

We will be going back to Milano soon. I would recommend it highly.


Saturday, November 08, 2008

A Night Out.

Tonight Victoria and I are going out for a meal. We are going to Milanos on Archer Road with my brother and his wife.

We have not been there for several years as we normally go to Morans but it's always good to have a change and Milanos is an excellent restaurant.

When we manage to get these small sniffs of freedom (as in no kids) we like to start the evening by swearing alot. We like to work out how long it is since we last went out and try to get all the swearing in at once. Don't worry, by the time we reach the restaurant we will have finished but if the air turns blue for a few minutes this evening you will know why. :-)

I'll tell you how it went and what we had to eat tomorrow.

Alice's Birthday Weekend

Last Saturday was Alice's 4th birthday. 4 years old already!! Were did those years go?

Anyway, she had a party on the Friday with her little friends and then she dressed up as a witch for halloween. Very scary she was.

On her birthday morning we opened her vast pile of presents and then went to Chatsworth farm to look at the animals. Same as the last 3 years but it was her choice.

She also wanted to go to her favourite restaurant for lunch. "The one with the train" as she puts it. She actually mean Uncle Sams on Ecclesall road.

On Sunday we took Alice and Amelia on a steam train which went from Rowsley to Matlock and back. All good fun.

We had a great weekend which was topped off nicely by Lewis Hamilton winning the F1 drivers championship.

Pictures are here.

Monday, November 03, 2008

Lewis Hamilton Is Formula 1 World Drivers Champion!!!

Lewis Hamilton won the drivers championship yesterday in Brazil. He went into the race with a 7 point lead and only needed to finish in the top 5 to secure the championship. Unfortunately his car was not particularly competitive and he qualified 4th on the grid on Saturday.

Before the race had even started the heavens opened and it rained very heavily for about 10 minutes, causing all the teams to change their tyres to wet weather ones. The rest of the race was dry and it looked like Lewis would cruise home to a 4th place and that was good enough.

Unfortunately it started raining 3 laps from the end so most drivers dived into the pits to change tyres back to wets again. I say most drivers because Timo Glock thought he could stay out and score extra points which meant that Lewis came out of the pits in 5th place with Sebastian Vettel right behind him. Lewis went slightly wide in a corner and Vettel took the place leaving Lewis 6th and in a position not good enough to win the championship.

Victoria and my hearts sank. Surely he is not going to lose the championship again at the last minute!

No. :-)

Timo Glock was on very much the wrong tyres and was going very slowly. This meant that Lewis passed him 2 corners from the end of the race to finish 5th! It is this sort of racing that makes F1 such an amazing sport, in spite of the FIA trying to spoil it!

What an exciting race it was. Our emotions were up and down all the way through and at the end we were so upset when we thought he had not done enough and then instantly elated when he had.

We were swearing at Vettel during the race but my prediction is that for the next 10 years it is Hamilton and Vettel who will have the biggest rivalry and provide the most exciting racing.

Anyway, it is all over until March. We are already looking forward to the next season and have already got out pit straight tickets for Silverstone next year.

Well done Lewis!!!

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