The Wisdom Of Alice Part 10

Alice jumps on me and her foot stands on the part men don't like to be kicked in.

Me : Ouch!!!

Alice : Sorry, did I tread on your tuppence?

Me : What? No! I'm a boy, I don't have a tuppence.

Alice : You do! You have a wobbly tuppence.


Tony Ruscoe said…
Ha! I've never heard "it" called a tuppence before. I guess every new parent goes through the discussion of what they're going to call "it" so that their kids don't go embarrassing themselves (or their parents) in public when they're shouting about their "tuppence" or whatever.

Was "tuppence" your choice or did she make that up herself?
Tuppence was Victoria's choice. It was what lady bits were refered to in her house when she was a child. :-)
Tony Ruscoe said…
Surely with inflation it should be called at least a "ten pence" now... :-)
The Author said…
Mine was called a 'flower'. Please - I can hear you laughing from all the way down here in Surrey!!! and I can just imagine what you're going to say next!!!

You should tell her (or maybe not) that sometimes your wobbly tuppence is worth a fiver!!!
Victoria said…
We nearly called it a flower, so pleased we didn't. At ballet last saturday she had to mime picking a flower & smelling it.... that could have been very embarrassing!

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