It's All Over!

As I said below, yesterday afternoon I went for the snip.

Leading up to the event I was slightly apprehensive but yesterday I was surprisingly calm, and even just before and during the op I was not worried at all. I guess I 'Manned Up'. :-)

Anyway, we dropped the rug rats off at my mum's at 13:30 and got to the hospital at 14:15. We were taken through to the waiting area almost immediately and I was given 2 most fetching gowns to wear along with some lovely plastic foot bags. It took me a while to work out why I had 2 gowns but then I realised that wearing one would mean I was showing my ass or my manhood depending on which way I wore it and I was given 2 so I could wear one each way round. I must say I think I carried the look off very well. ;-)

I then signed the patient consent form and sat with Victoria for 10 minutes before my doctor called my name and I went through to the operating theatre.

I was given a bed to lie on and the 2 doctors told me they would be keeping me talking through the procedure to keep my mind off what they were doing and they certainly kept up their side of the bargain, chatting happily all the way through. They were very friendly but remaining professional and really put me at ease.

The operation began when they injected the anaesthetic. This was about as painful as an injection you would have when having a filling, ie not at all. After that all you feel is a bit of movement as you are pulled about but no pain at all. It takes about 5 minutes for the first side to be done and they move on to the other side and the operation is repeated. It took about 15 minutes in total from me leaving Victoria to me being wheeled back to the recovery room.

After the op I had to stay on the bed for 30 minutes, after which the nurse checked the (tiny) wounds were no longer bleeding and then I was given a sample cup, told to return it in March and sent home. All done and dusted in about 90 minutes from walking through the door.

When I got home the anaesthetic had worn off so there was a little discomfort but it was really nothing bad at all. A little pulling from the stitches and a bit of a dull ache only a man can understand. This morning I feel about the same. No bruises or anything.

Anyway, the experience was not a bad one. It was about as painful as a filling, ie, not.

Now all I have to do is wait until March to get the all clear and it's no condom central for me. :-)


Victoria said…
I was very proud of my brave little soldier!!! And you did well too xx
David Callaghan said…
Did you come back from the hospital two stone lighter?
David Callaghan said…
Apparently - McVities Ginger Nuts are on offer at Morisons - a snip at half the price
David Callaghan said…
A vasectomy is never having to say your sorry
David Callaghan said…
What's the definition of matcho - jogging home after a vasectomy
David Callaghan said…
*crap joke*

Christian goes to the doctors to get a vasectomy, but is horrified to find out how much they cost!

"I could do you a cheap one!" says the doctor, "But it's painful".

"I can take it" replies Christian

So the doctor hands Chritian a fire cracker... "Take this home, light it and hold it in your right hand for 10 seconds".

Christian replies, "How on earth will that give me a vasectomy???

"You'll find out" says the doctor.

Chritian takes it home, holds it in his right hand, lights it and starts counting to 10.

When he gets to 5 he tucks it between his legs, and holds up his left hand "6, 7, 8"
David Callaghan said…
While doing a vasectomy, the doctor slipped and cut off one of the man's balls. To avoid a huge malpractice suit, he decided to replace the missing ball with an onion.

Several weeks later, the patient returned for a checkup. "How's your sex life?" the doctor asked. "Pretty good, but I've had some strange side effects." "Like what?" the doctor asked anxiously. "Well, every time I piss my eyes water. When my wife gives me a blow job she gets heartburn. And every time I pass a hotdog stand, I get a hard-on."
David Callaghan said…
A man pulls up at the medical clinic, leaving his wife and kids in the car, and races inside. "We're leaving on vacation, and my wife says I need to be vasectomised immediately!" The doctor is surprised, but makes the guy happy. Snip, snip, and it's done. So the guy shuffles back to the car and gingerly lowers himself back into the driver's seat. "So, are you vaccinated, then?" asks his wife.
David Callaghan said…
A guy wakes up from a vasectomy and the doctor tells him he has good news and bad news. "The good news is we were able to save your testicles." "The bad news is they're under your pillow....!
Anonymous said…
I don't think there are any snip jokes left for me :(
Anonymous said…
I've not yet had the Flickr notification that you've uploaded pictures of the scars? Is that still happening?
The Author said…
Well - despite all your other friends ripping the p**s out of you Christian - I am very proud of you for being so very brave :)
Tony Ruscoe said…
I hope they didn't change your shiny wobbly tuppence into two dirty old pennies!
David Callaghan said…
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David Callaghan said…
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