Lewis Hamilton Is Formula 1 World Drivers Champion!!!

Lewis Hamilton won the drivers championship yesterday in Brazil. He went into the race with a 7 point lead and only needed to finish in the top 5 to secure the championship. Unfortunately his car was not particularly competitive and he qualified 4th on the grid on Saturday.

Before the race had even started the heavens opened and it rained very heavily for about 10 minutes, causing all the teams to change their tyres to wet weather ones. The rest of the race was dry and it looked like Lewis would cruise home to a 4th place and that was good enough.

Unfortunately it started raining 3 laps from the end so most drivers dived into the pits to change tyres back to wets again. I say most drivers because Timo Glock thought he could stay out and score extra points which meant that Lewis came out of the pits in 5th place with Sebastian Vettel right behind him. Lewis went slightly wide in a corner and Vettel took the place leaving Lewis 6th and in a position not good enough to win the championship.

Victoria and my hearts sank. Surely he is not going to lose the championship again at the last minute!

No. :-)

Timo Glock was on very much the wrong tyres and was going very slowly. This meant that Lewis passed him 2 corners from the end of the race to finish 5th! It is this sort of racing that makes F1 such an amazing sport, in spite of the FIA trying to spoil it!

What an exciting race it was. Our emotions were up and down all the way through and at the end we were so upset when we thought he had not done enough and then instantly elated when he had.

We were swearing at Vettel during the race but my prediction is that for the next 10 years it is Hamilton and Vettel who will have the biggest rivalry and provide the most exciting racing.

Anyway, it is all over until March. We are already looking forward to the next season and have already got out pit straight tickets for Silverstone next year.

Well done Lewis!!!


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