Restaurant Review - Milano

As I said below, Victoria, myself, my brother and my sister in law all went to Milano on Saturday night.

We have been there before but not for a few years for some reason so we were keen to try it again.

After a couple of pre-meal pints at the Robin Hood we arrived at the restaurant about 10 minutes before our table was booked and headed to the bar. A waiter took our drinks order and within a few minutes Victoria and I were happily sipping down G & T's while Claire had a V & T and Justin had a rather gay Magners.

After a few more minutes we were given a menu each and we all had difficulty choosing what we wanted as it all looked really good.

For starters I had Thai Fishcakes, Victoria had dried strips of beef, Justin had chicken livers and Clairs had a sort of Scalopes, Octopus and squid broth. All were excellent. We all went for the fish option for a main course. My brother had the Sea Bass, Victoria had the Monkfish and Claire and I both had the Cod. Once again it was all brilliant and after two courses we were all full. Well, the girls were not so full that they could not have a dessert but Justin and I decided not to.

The food, service and atmosphere were all excellent, and I don't think the price was too bad either. The total bill came to £249 for all four of us. That did include 4 G&T's, 2 V&T's 3 bottles of white, one bottle of red, 3 Magners and a large Ardbeg. Not bad at all really. Oh, and all the white was drunk by Victoria and Claire the little binge drinkers!!!

We will be going back to Milano soon. I would recommend it highly.



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