Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Amelia's First Birthday - 27th January 2009

Last Tuesday was Amelia's first birthday. I have only just written this post as I have only just uploaded the photo's I took. They can be found here.

I had the day off work so I was here to open her presents with her. We then had a nice day and then we went to Uncle Sams on Ecclesall Road for tea. Alice decided on the eating place as she thought it was where Amelia would like to go. Nothing to do with it being Alice's favourite place due to the train they have going round above everyones heads.

The whole day was really nice. Amelia seemed to know something was going on and seemed happy with her presents, especially the bouncy spinny sit on zebra you can see in the photo above.

Happy Birthday Amelia.

Amelia's First Birthday Party - 25th January 2009

Amelia's birthday is today but we had her first birthday party on Sunday. We all had a great time.

There were only about 20 people here and about 6 kids but as we only have a 3 bed semi it seemed like a full house. I spent most of the time serving drinks and Victoria spent most of her time in the kitchen cooking her usual excellent standard of food.

The food was a little different this time. Instead of the usual hot buffet Victoria decided to do hot pork sandwiches. She bought a MASSIVE piece of pork and cooked it for 24 hours. It was so tender that she carved it with a pair of tongues. There was also loads of lovely crackling from the pork and she made home made sage and onion stuffing and her own apple sauce. All very nice. The meal was finished off with roast veg and home made oven baked chips. There was fresh bread and everyone just made their own sandwiches and helped themselves to the rest. A triumph.

Pudding was a mixture of cakes, tarts and my personal favourite, Eaton Mess.

I know I say it every time we have a do but Victoria really is the best cook ever. She also made Amelia's cake which you can see above. Amazing! Her cakes really do get better with each one she does.

After the food everyone sat and chatted and drank beer, wine and even the odd whiskey. We also played Elefun which was great.

Surprisingly I also managed to get a photo of Phil holding a baby! Amazing stuff.

The only bad thing about the day was when we went to bed at about 10:30 Amelia decided to start crying. She would stop when I held her and fall asleep but as soon as I put her down she woke up and started crying again. I eventually got to bed at 01:30. I was knackered the next day. Still, you do get these things happening every so often with small babies. The good parts of parenthood easily make up for the hard parts.

Thanks to everyone who came and thanks for all the presents you bought Amelia. They are all most appreciated and thankyou cards will be with you shortly.

Pictures are available here.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

It's Party Day!

Tuesday is Amelia's first birthday. Yes, one year has passed since she popped out at record speed and said hello to the world.

Today, we are having a little party for her, similar to Alice's first birthday party.

Victoria has been working very hard as normal and has cooked pork so that everyone can have hot pork sandwiches with lovely crackling and home made stuffing and apple sauce. Makes a change from the normal buffet she thought. I just thought 'Great, I love pork sarnies'. :-)

It will be a great day. I will report back with pictures later.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Farewell Mr Fuckwitt

Finally George W Bush is no longer the US president. Is it just me of does everyone else feel a little bit safer in the world?

The best part is that I can listen to Radio 4 in the car and not have to listen to that retard George babbling on about something or other.

Let's hope that Obama can at least in part deliver what everyone hopes he can.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Donnington Grand Prix Exhibition

As some of you may have noticed, I like my motor sports. I especially like Formula 1 and have been watching it for as long as I can remember. The first Grand Prix I went to was in Portugal in 1992 and I have watched every race since.

After an exciting season last year we are now in the off season and I am getting F1 withdrawl. What can you do to fix this? Visit the Grand Prix exhibition at Donnington is what!

I am so lucky in that Victoria also loves Formula 1. This means I have no problems watching the qualifying and the races on TV, I never have any problems finding someone to go to the races with and I never have problems taking the whole family to a museum of old Grand Prix cars. :-)

As I was still off work for Christmas this week but everyone else was back at work or school we decided that this was a great time to visit Donnington and we were right. We were practically the only people there.

The exhibition is amazing. They have racing cars from 1903 up until the present day. They are not all but are mostly Formula 1 cars and there are some real classics. The Lotus Climax 18 that Sterling Moss won the 1961 Grand Prix in, the Lotus 92 driven by Nigel Mansell in 1983 (possibly the coolest F1 car ever) and the Tyrrell P34 with it's 6 wheel design. The best part though is the Mclaren Hall. Here we have a large collection of Mclaren F1 cars from the 70's up to 2001, including cars driven by James Hunt, John Watson, Alain Prost and about 6 cars driven by Ayrton Senna. For any F1 fan this is an amazing collection.

Victoria and I both really enjoyed the exhibition. It took about 1 hour 45 minutes to get round it all and the kids were getting a bit bored but we loved it. :-) If you are an F1 fan get yourself down there. It is also only £14 for us all to get in which these days is a bargain.

As I have said before, Donnington is to host the 2010 British Grand Prix. I knew that they needed to work on the circuit before this could happen but having been there I can see how much work they have to do. When you get to Silverstone it looks like a big racing circuit. There are massive permanent grandstands and proper visitor access facilities etc. Donnington has a shed with a guard in it.

When you drive to Silverstone there is a specially built 3 lane each way A road and you still get stuck in huge amounts of traffic if you don't set off early enough. To get to Donnington it is a single lane each way road which they share with East Midlands airport.

They really have their work cut out to make 2010 happen.

Pictures of the exhibition are here.

Monday, January 05, 2009

Christmas And New Year 2008

It seems as though we have been preparing for Christmas for months and now it is all over in a flash. I am sure you all feel the same. However, we did have an excellent time.

We normally go to my mum's for Christmas day but Victoria wanted to do the honours this year so everyone came to ours. Everyone except my step-father as he had the rather rubbish cold that had been going round so he stayed at home to prevent the rest of us becoming infected. We plated him up a meal though so he did not miss out totally!

On Christmas eve we put out a carrot for Rudolph and a glass of Whiskey for Father Christmas then then put Alice and Amelia to bed. We then gathered all their presents together to sort them out. There were loads! Seriously. I can't believe how much stuff they got.

We set the alarm for 7am as the rug rats are good sleepers. This meant we had chance to have a shower before they awoke. We came down at about 7:30 and spent the next hour opening presents. Alice got a very scary doll called Roby (although she calls it Rory) that reminds me of the film 'Child's Play' a bit too much.

After presents (I got 3 bottles of whiskey so I would call it a good haul) Victoria started cooking lunch and I started whatever chores she gave me. At 12:30 the family arrived and I buggered off to the pub for a few pints with my bro. :-)

We had lunch when I returned and I have to say it was the best Christmas lunch ever. Victoria did things in a modern way and added loads of different flavours, all of which worked well together. It was amazing. You can read about what she did in her post here.

Then it was chat, drink and fall asleep time and that was Christmas day. Excellent.

For the next week we went to various peoples houses for more overly large meals and I am now feeling very fat indeed. I think much rowing is required in the next few weeks.

For New Years Eve we did what we have done since we had kids. We watch a film and then Jools Hollands Hootenanny. This year we watched Seven Pounds staring Will Smith which was absolutely brilliant. A must see movie if ever I saw one. Jools Holland was not as good this year for some reason, probably because Dizzy Rascal was on which was just wrong.

So, that was our Christmas. It was brilliant. I was never a Christmas fan until Victoria's enthusiasm and us having children changed my mind. We had a really lovely time this year.

I hope you all had a great Christmas and Happy New Year to you all.

Our pictures can be found here and I hope you like this years cheesy family picture above. :-)

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