Amelia's First Birthday Party - 25th January 2009

Amelia's birthday is today but we had her first birthday party on Sunday. We all had a great time.

There were only about 20 people here and about 6 kids but as we only have a 3 bed semi it seemed like a full house. I spent most of the time serving drinks and Victoria spent most of her time in the kitchen cooking her usual excellent standard of food.

The food was a little different this time. Instead of the usual hot buffet Victoria decided to do hot pork sandwiches. She bought a MASSIVE piece of pork and cooked it for 24 hours. It was so tender that she carved it with a pair of tongues. There was also loads of lovely crackling from the pork and she made home made sage and onion stuffing and her own apple sauce. All very nice. The meal was finished off with roast veg and home made oven baked chips. There was fresh bread and everyone just made their own sandwiches and helped themselves to the rest. A triumph.

Pudding was a mixture of cakes, tarts and my personal favourite, Eaton Mess.

I know I say it every time we have a do but Victoria really is the best cook ever. She also made Amelia's cake which you can see above. Amazing! Her cakes really do get better with each one she does.

After the food everyone sat and chatted and drank beer, wine and even the odd whiskey. We also played Elefun which was great.

Surprisingly I also managed to get a photo of Phil holding a baby! Amazing stuff.

The only bad thing about the day was when we went to bed at about 10:30 Amelia decided to start crying. She would stop when I held her and fall asleep but as soon as I put her down she woke up and started crying again. I eventually got to bed at 01:30. I was knackered the next day. Still, you do get these things happening every so often with small babies. The good parts of parenthood easily make up for the hard parts.

Thanks to everyone who came and thanks for all the presents you bought Amelia. They are all most appreciated and thankyou cards will be with you shortly.

Pictures are available here.


Liv said…
My nieces have that elefun thing as well. It looks hilarious. Phil does look rather uncomfortable holding Amelia, it has to be said. But whenever they are playing elefun and he is holding her he looks quite at his ease!! The cake is amazing, Victoria really is the hostess with the cake mostess!!!

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