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Porsche Range Experience Day - 6th June 2013

As my brother bought a Porsche Cayenne he was invited by Porsche to their driving centre at Silverstone to enjoy what they call their ' Range Experience Day '. As it's no fun to do these things alone he could take someone with him and thought there would be no one better than his dear old brother. :-) The Range Experience Day is just that. You get to drive the entire current Porsche range of cars in a number of environments. Some were on the road, some on the track and some on what they call the Kick Plate and Ice Hill. We had to be at Silverstone by 8:30 so we set of nice and early and actually arrived at about 8am. We were greeted by coffee and a mini full English and then at 9am it was time to begin. After the obligatory briefing we started of with the Cayenne. This was a road test drive so we all drove the V8 Diesel out to a pre-arranged place then drive the GTS back to Silverstone. These are great cars! The GTS V8 was a monster that made a lovely growling noise

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