Christmas and New Year 2011

OK, so it was a month ago, but I'm a busy man and I've only just had time to upload the photo's of Christmas day I took!

This Christmas we did exactly the same as we did last year. There was just the four of us and we stayed at home. Perfect!

The kids were extremely excited on Christmas eve as you can imagine, but they still went to sleep very quickly and didn't wake up too early. About 6am I seem to remember which is good enough!

We got up and opened our pressies. The kids got the usual impressive haul. Victoria got me a Kindle which was a very pleasent surprise as we had agreed to not bother buying for each other. Good job I had ignored her as well. :-)

After we had opened our presents we got dressed, the kids played and Victoria prepared lunch with her usual military precision. The preperation as usual included a gap at about 12:30 during which we could all take a trip to the Castle.

Lunch was fantastic. The turkey was cooked using the 'Nigella' method of brining it for 24 hours and then only cooking it for 2.5 hours. Perfectly cooked and very moist and tender. It was accompanied by the usual selection of veg and side dishes, all very tasty and also perfectly cooked.

After lunch the kids decided we needed to watch the Spongebob Movie we had bought them. We were not too keen to be honest but we are all Spongebob fans so we put it on anyway. Strangely enough it was the perfect Christmas afternoon movie. Funny, exciting and most importantly happy. It even had a cameo from David Hasselhoff! Recommended!

After that the kids went to bed and we stayed up and watched Doctor Who.

All in all a great Christmas day.

Boxing day we were VERY lazy. We just watched TV in our pyjamas and ate leftovers. We didn't even get dressed. How decadent. :-)

New Years eve we stayed in as we always have since having kids. Some friends came round with their kids and while they played we all drank beers and wine and chatted the evening away. A very nice way to spend New Years Eve.

So, a good Christmas all round for the Briddons. Pictures can be found here.

Happy (belated) new year every one.


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