Thursday, January 31, 2008

Baby Review - Amelia Rose Briddon

OK, so you all know that Victoria finally gave birth to a lovely little girl last Sunday and that she is called Amelia, but like a shiny new gadget, the excitement could easily ware off after a few days use. So, what is having Amelia in your home like after a few days and how do I think she will be after a longer test period?

Well, as you know, initial results were good. Firstly Victoria's waters broke when she was on the toilet which saved cleaning up a lot of mess. Once this stuff starts flowing there is nothing you can do to stop it and boy is there a lot of it!! Waters breaking on the loo is a great start for any new baby.

Although the labour and delivery were both very quick I'm afraid I'm going to have to mark Amelia down a point for being too fast!!! If the birth had started while I was at work I would have NEVER made it home and then to the hospital in time and I would have had to deliver her myself, probably in the car!!! This would also mean I would have to replace the seats in the car as all that gunk does not wash out!!

Once at the hospital however all went well. We arrived at 4am and after a VERY fast inspection the nurse said "You are 10cm dilated and are having the baby now." She then said in a panicked voice, "Please don't have it here". I've never seen someone moved from one room to another so fast as Victoria was wheel chaired to the delivery room!

The birth was extremely quick. Victoria gave six pushes and Amelia was out. The first push moved Amelia down towards the exit and after the second push I could see the top of the head. Push three saw the top of the head emerge and push four got the whole head out. Push five got the shoulders and arms and push six got the rest. When I say the rest I mean the rest of Amelia and about 3 gallons of amniotic fluid, blood and general gunk. Honestly, it was like a Nightmare on Elm Street when Johnny Depp got sucked into his bed! Still, after such a quick birth with relatively little pain (Victoria had zero pain relief) you have to mark Amelia up an extra point.

After the birth and the expulsion of the placenta I cut the cord and we took a look at our new family member. I would say she is damn cute. She obviously takes after Victoria where as poor Alice takes after me so I would say Amelia has a head start in the looks department (not that Alice is doing badly with what she was blessed with!). We think she is going to be dark haired and although her eyes started out as bright blue they are darkening every day. All you need to do though is look at the picture above. How cute is she? Very cute is the answer.

After the birth Amelia was bathed by the midwife and Victoria had a bath. We then tucked into some tea and toast while listening to the woman in the neighbouring room scream the hospital down. Amelia however just slept. In fact for most of the day in hospital that is all she did. She woke up a few times for a feed and was obviously awake during all of the inspections new born babies have to go through but apart from that she was in the land of nod all day! She was pooing almost continuously and it was a tar like poo that is really sticky, but that is not her fault so I can't deduct points for that.

We were luckily allowed home on the same day Amelia was born so what would the first night bring? I sadly made the same mistake as I did with Alice when she was first brought home and had a few glasses of wine to celebrate the birth. Not enough to get drunk but enough to hurt when at 3am you are trying to get a crying infant to sleep. Just like Alice then she failed the first night booze test.

Night two was not much better. Amelia seemed to wake up every half hour and Victoria was knackered. Night three was a little better with Amelia 'only' being awake from 12am - 3am. Night four however (last night) was much better. Amelia woke up at 11:00 and 04:30 so we (Victoria) were able to get a decent nights sleep. After such a short time she really seems to be working hard at addressing her night time shortcomings. Well Done Amelia! Alice slept through from seven weeks so lets see if we can beat that!!

Apart from that all Amelia has done is sleep and feed. She is fed every four to five hours (whenever she wakes up and starts smacking her lips) and then she goes back to sleep. No trouble at all.

So in conclusion I would say that Amelia is a most excellent baby and I can see us being very happy with her in the long term. If you are in the market for a baby I can highly recommend you picking up an Amelia. But of course you can't can you. Because she is all ours. :-) You will have to get your own perfect baby.

New pictures Here.

Final Score : 10/10

Sunday, January 27, 2008

It's a Girl!!!

Victoria (finally) gave birth to a lovely baby girl this morning at 04:25. Amelia Rose Briddon weighed 8lbs 5oz when she was born in what must be one of the quickest ever births!!

Victoria woke me up at 02:45ish and said her waters had broken. We rang the hospital and they said wait until the contractions start. As soon as Victoria put the phone down they started! We phoned again and said we were on our way!

In the car the contractions were 3 minutes apart and Victoria was in much pain. We got the hospital at 4am and she was rushed straight into a delivery room and gave birth at 04:25. A damn close call if you ask me!!!

We spent the rest of the day in the hospital and then at 6pm ish they said we could all go home!!!
So here we are, our family now complete and together for the first time. We are just SO happy!

We also know that seemingly every baby at work that has been born in the last few months has the middle name Rose but we decided to keep it anyway. We did actually consider it for Alice 3 years ago so that really makes it our right to use anyway when you think about it. :-) Anyway, it's only a middle name!!

I'll post more pics and a longer post going into explicit detail about the birth tomorrow. I might even post the picture I took of the placenta!! Meanwhile, the picture above will show just how cute Amelia is.

Friday, January 25, 2008

Sleepy Morning.

I woke up at 05:30 this morning and rather than lie in bed bored I thought I would get up and surf the web.

Every morning before I go to work I make Victoria a cup of tea and Alice a cup of warm milk, so when I went downstairs I thought I would prepare these beverages even though Alice and Victoria were still asleep. I got a mug out for Victoria's tea and put a teabag in it and I filled Alice's cup with milk and put it in the microwave, ready to be warmed.

I then decided I wanted a cup of coffee from my Tassimo machine so I inserted a pod and waited for the water to boil. When it had done so I hit the 'go' button and suddenly realised I had not put a mug under the coffee outlet! DOH! I grabbed a mug and caught most of the coffee, giving the drip tray a clean after it was done. I then took my coffee back to my desk and surfed the net for half an hour.

As I drank more and more coffee I thought it tasted a bit strange, but it was only when I got near the bottom that I looked into the mug and saw.......a teabag!!!!!!

NNNNOOOOOOO!!!!! I had grabbed Victoria's pre-prepared tea mug instead of a fresh one. It tasted disgusting and I nearly wretched!!!

I morel of this story is watch what you are doing when you get up too early.

I suppose I could market this new drink as Teaffee. If only it tasted anything like nice.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

The Wisdom Of Alice Part 7

Alice : "Where is your bottom?"

Me : "Where it normally is." Points to bottom. "Why?"

Alice : "Because my bottom moves."

Thursday, January 17, 2008

The Wisdom Of Alice Part 6

Alice, while dancing to music in her head and waving her arms about:

"I'm thwowing some shapes".

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Pregnancy Update

Here we are in what seems like record time at week 39 of Victoria's pregnancy. The due date is the 18th January (next Friday) and we are all ready for our new arrival.

As you can see by the picture opposite Victoria is quite large and has looked like she has been ready to give birth since before Christmas. I even went without booze on New Years Eve as we were so convinced that someone was coming early!! Alas, nothing happened, but at least I felt great on New Years day for the first time in years. :-)

The midwife on Friday said everything was fine and the baby was in the perfect position for birth. The head is also about 60% engaged. This essentially means we play the waiting game. Alice was a week late so we could have a while to go yet but hopefully the birth will be sooner rather than later.

We can't wait for the baby to be born. We are only planning on two children so we feel like our family will finally be complete. I also want the baby to come soon so I can have my wife back. I also have some really nice wine I want to drink. :-) Not easy when you have to stay sober just in case!!

Well, that is about all there is to say. The next baby post will be announcing the birth of either Picard Muad'Dib Briddon or Ripley Martha Briddon depending on the sex.

Thursday, January 03, 2008

And So That Was Christmas......

Christmas is over again. All that preparation and it is all over in a few days. Still, it was a very enjoyable few days.

Christmas eve Victoria's mum came found for something to eat and stayed the night so she could be there when Alice opened her pressies.

Alice put out a couple of mince pies and a glass of Whisky for Father Christmas and a carrot for Rudolph and then spent the rest of her evening running around and jumping like a loon. Still, she was in bed at 19:30 and slept through. We then had a meal, drank some wine and were in bed for 12. An early night really.

Christmas day was great. Alice got loads of presents and we had great fun opening them all. Victoria got me a Tassimo coffee maker (most excellent) and I got her a new mobile phone which she also loved. We bought Alice a Scalextric (RESULT!) and she also got a Stephanie from Lazytown outfit from David and Julie, both of which can be seen here.

It was off to my mums for lunch and we had a really good time there. My brother and Claire were there with their three children and they all got on well and were all really happy so it was a really nice day. Victoria was obviously driving due to her pregnancy so I managed to get a little plastered. Excellent!!

Boxing day was a day off so I moaned that I felt hungover and we watched TV all day.

The next day it was back to my mums for pie and peas and another round of relatives coming to visit. Another really good day was had and I once again got a little drunk, not good as I had to work on the Friday.

That was it really. On New Years eve Victoria had twinges so I didn't drink which made it the quietest New Year ever! We didn't even watch Jools Holland until the next day which is a first, as was not having a hangover on New Years Day!! I went rowing as I felt so good!!

So, Christmas piccies are here and thanks to everyone who bought us pressies.

Happy New Year!

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