It's a Girl!!!

Victoria (finally) gave birth to a lovely baby girl this morning at 04:25. Amelia Rose Briddon weighed 8lbs 5oz when she was born in what must be one of the quickest ever births!!

Victoria woke me up at 02:45ish and said her waters had broken. We rang the hospital and they said wait until the contractions start. As soon as Victoria put the phone down they started! We phoned again and said we were on our way!

In the car the contractions were 3 minutes apart and Victoria was in much pain. We got the hospital at 4am and she was rushed straight into a delivery room and gave birth at 04:25. A damn close call if you ask me!!!

We spent the rest of the day in the hospital and then at 6pm ish they said we could all go home!!!
So here we are, our family now complete and together for the first time. We are just SO happy!

We also know that seemingly every baby at work that has been born in the last few months has the middle name Rose but we decided to keep it anyway. We did actually consider it for Alice 3 years ago so that really makes it our right to use anyway when you think about it. :-) Anyway, it's only a middle name!!

I'll post more pics and a longer post going into explicit detail about the birth tomorrow. I might even post the picture I took of the placenta!! Meanwhile, the picture above will show just how cute Amelia is.


David Callaghan said…

I look forward to the SUBWAY SANDWICH your daughter has just won for me.


All joking aside ... well done ;)
The Author said…
She's lovely.
Chris said…
"makes it our right to use". Erm, no. Firstly, we used Rose first, so there. But secondly and more importantly ours is more to do with family history. (The fact we love the name is a bonus). My Grandma is called Rose, my Mum's middle name is Rose, my sister's middle name is Rose, and thus Charlotte's middle name is Rose. Unless you've got some hard genealogical evidence that Rose also runs in your family and was used earlier than my Gran then we win on the grounds that we have the true rights to use the name Rose! (But yeah, it is only a middle name!)
Chris said…
Oh, and congratulations by the way!
Anonymous said…
Congratulations. You were right she is gorgeous.


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