And So That Was Christmas......

Christmas is over again. All that preparation and it is all over in a few days. Still, it was a very enjoyable few days.

Christmas eve Victoria's mum came found for something to eat and stayed the night so she could be there when Alice opened her pressies.

Alice put out a couple of mince pies and a glass of Whisky for Father Christmas and a carrot for Rudolph and then spent the rest of her evening running around and jumping like a loon. Still, she was in bed at 19:30 and slept through. We then had a meal, drank some wine and were in bed for 12. An early night really.

Christmas day was great. Alice got loads of presents and we had great fun opening them all. Victoria got me a Tassimo coffee maker (most excellent) and I got her a new mobile phone which she also loved. We bought Alice a Scalextric (RESULT!) and she also got a Stephanie from Lazytown outfit from David and Julie, both of which can be seen here.

It was off to my mums for lunch and we had a really good time there. My brother and Claire were there with their three children and they all got on well and were all really happy so it was a really nice day. Victoria was obviously driving due to her pregnancy so I managed to get a little plastered. Excellent!!

Boxing day was a day off so I moaned that I felt hungover and we watched TV all day.

The next day it was back to my mums for pie and peas and another round of relatives coming to visit. Another really good day was had and I once again got a little drunk, not good as I had to work on the Friday.

That was it really. On New Years eve Victoria had twinges so I didn't drink which made it the quietest New Year ever! We didn't even watch Jools Holland until the next day which is a first, as was not having a hangover on New Years Day!! I went rowing as I felt so good!!

So, Christmas piccies are here and thanks to everyone who bought us pressies.

Happy New Year!


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