Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Tony Almeida - Obituary

Tony Almeida, former member of the Los Angeles CTU team, died last night at the hands of former law enforcement officer and killer of Tony's wife, Robo-Cop.

After repeated attempts to extract information from his wife's killer failed, Tony decided that he was better off dead, but Robo-Cop turned the tables and killed Tony. He died in the arms of colleague and good friend Jack Bauer.

Bauer was later heard to say "Dammit Tony, I told you that there was no time!!!"

Tony Almeida spent several years at CTU, starting at the level of Deputy Director and rising through the ranks to Special Agent In Charge.

Tony was discharged from CTU and sent to prison for treason, but was later pardoned by the President and granted temporary employment at CTU by Secretary Heller.

During his time at CTU he helped prevent many terrorist attacks, all aimed at Los Angeles, including the detonation of a nuclear bomb, the release of a virulent disease and the use of a nuclear missile fired from a stealth bomber.

He also met his wife Michelle Dessler while working at CTU.

Tony leaves no family or friends except Jack Bauer as they were all killed over the past few years, the last of these being his wife who was blown up on the same day Tony was killed.

I would like to take this opportunity to open the comments on this post as a book of rememberance for Tony.

Rest in peace Soul Glow. You will be missed.

Monday, March 20, 2006

The Supper Club 2

Victoria and I went to the Supper Club again last Saturday evening (18th March). We had not been out for a meal for a while and thought we would treat ourselves. Well, Victoria thought that I would treat us as I was paying. :-)

We were considering going to the Walnut Club in Hathersage but we have heard mixed reviews so in the end we decided to stick to our favourite restaurant.

The service was once again excellent, as was the food. For starters Victoria had Spring Rolls and I had a Thai Beef Salad. For main course Victoria had the Monkfish and I had the Cod. My Cod looked like about half a fish!! It was massive and it literally melted in your mouth. Delicious.

I know I have said this before and I will probably say it again but you really must try The Supper Club if you have not been. OK, so it's not cheap, but I say it is worth every penny. You really do get what you pay for.

Fox Network Once Again Admits It Was Wrong

The Fox TV network in the US must be run by a bunch of complete assholes.

They have a habit of producing some great shows and then canceling them after only a few episodes. They generally say something about it being due to low viewing figures which is probably true, but is caused by Fox moving shows around in their schedule on an almost weekly basis.

Past victims of Fox include:

Wonderfalls - a brilliantly funny show about a girl who has inanimate objects telling her to do things - Cancelled after 13 episodes to make room for reality shit show called 'The Swan'. They didn't even bother to show the last 5 episodes so desperate were they to bin the series.

Firefly - Jos Whedon's brilliant sci-fi offering. Fox decided it was not 'Sci-fi enough' and cancelled it after 15 episodes. They only bothered to show 12 of them though. It has since been resurected in the equally brilliant movie Serenity. Hopefully the TV series will be recomissioned.

Family Guy - Similar to The Simpsons at first glance but a totally different program when it comes to the humour. Fox cancelled this because.......who the hell knows why. This program is hillarious. I mean, seriously funny. After it was axed DVD sales of the series were so high that the Fox assholes decided to bring the series back. This is the first time they admitted they were wrong.

Futurama - From the producers of The Simpsons, the tale of a pizza delivery boy frozen in cryogenic suspension on New Years eve 2000 for 1000 years. This is once again a brilliantly funny cartoon that should never have been cancelled and it is Futurama that is the reason for this post.

According to Ain't It Cool News Futurama is back!! Apparently, 26 new episodes will be produced. They don't know when they will air but who cares, I can wait!

Reading between the lines, Fox asking for new Fururama episodes is actually them saying "I'm sorry but we are a bunch of souless brain dead network executives who would not know good TV if it fell on us. Please make more Futurama in the hope that the devil will be a little nicer to us when we are burning in hell for all eternity."

As a footnote, 'The Swan' is a reality show that takes sad ugly middle age American women and gives them plastic surgery to make them look vaguely attractive in the hope they will feel at least a little self worth. What a great show to cancel Wonderfalls for!!

Thursday, March 16, 2006

Today Is The Anniversary Of........

.....Victoria and my first kiss.

Thirteen years ago today (well, tonight) Victoria and I first locked lips. :-)

The way she tells it I had been begging her to go out with me for weeks and I finally used trickery to make it happen.

I of course know the truth. It was my natural charm and good looks that convinced her to go out with me that night. She was powerless to resist.

Anyway, all these years later and here we are, married with children (well ok, child).

I've said it before and I'll say it again, I've never been so happy.

I love you Victoria.
xxxxxxxxxxxxx (one kiss for each year).

New Photos

Victoria, Alice and I went for a walk around Sheffield General Cemetery last weekend and I took a few pictures.

It is located just off Ecclesall Road and was originally put there as it was a fair distance from the center of town.

The whole place is in a state of disrepair but it still has a sort of morbid beauty about it. Many of the gravestones are broken or have fallen over and everything is overgrown, but it seems somehow a better place to be buried than a nicely kept cemetery with everything in neat rows. If I wanted to be buried instead of cremated, this is the kind of place I would wish to be.

The history of the place is also facinating and is told on the Sheffield General Cemetery website. There is also information on how they are trying to restore it to it's former glory.

Anyway, the pictures I took seemed to lend themselves to black and white so that is what I've done to them. Lots of lovely monochrome and boosted contrast. Very miserable they are!! I have left bits of colour in some of the images though. Why? Because I wanted to. :-)

Go and have a look and please feel free to comment. I'd appreciate to feedback.

Saturday, March 11, 2006

Fresh Meat For The Grinder

Victoria and I have been wanting to try Ostrich for ages and tonight we finally did. The only reason we have not tried it sooner is because we could not find anywhere that sells it. Victoria finally found some Ostrich burgers at Chatsworth.

The texture is very much like beef and the taste is...I don't know how to describe it....a bit gamey I suppose.

Anyway, it was delicious.

We really want to try an Ostrich steak rather than a burger but it was hard enough to find the burgers. Maybe it is because Ostriches can run so fast that their meat is in short supply. :-)

Thursday, March 02, 2006

BIG Alice News!!!!!

At 18:25 on March 2nd 2006, just after Fifi And The Flowertots had finished on Nickelodeon Jnr, Alice took her first steps.

She was stood by the sofa and all of a sudden she let go and started walking towards me.

We were so proud. We have been trying to convince her to walk (for we knew she was close) for days now and here she was, doing it all by herself.

We then had a fun filled few minutes getting her to walk from Victoria to myself and back before Alice got bored and refused to do anything but crawl. Still, what a few minutes!!! :-)

I always thought that she walked a bit like a post accident Douglas Bader when she was walking with her walker but when she walks by herself she is more like a post accident Darth Vader. Still, we don't care as she will soon be leaping around like a gazelle.

Of course we now have to worry about her even more as she now has mobility to go with her total lack of common sense.

Another New Girly Blog

Jane ( the Jane I know properly this time ) :-) has started a blog.

As Rachel has only managed to supply one recipe and zero cleaning tips I'm sure that Jane will do us proud with her little piece of the web.

I have added a link to Jane's blog, as well as a link to the other Jane's blog, the one I think I met at Nick and Rachel's wedding but was perhaps a little tipsy at the time. Anyway, her blog is a good read so I've added that link as well.

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