New Photos

Victoria, Alice and I went for a walk around Sheffield General Cemetery last weekend and I took a few pictures.

It is located just off Ecclesall Road and was originally put there as it was a fair distance from the center of town.

The whole place is in a state of disrepair but it still has a sort of morbid beauty about it. Many of the gravestones are broken or have fallen over and everything is overgrown, but it seems somehow a better place to be buried than a nicely kept cemetery with everything in neat rows. If I wanted to be buried instead of cremated, this is the kind of place I would wish to be.

The history of the place is also facinating and is told on the Sheffield General Cemetery website. There is also information on how they are trying to restore it to it's former glory.

Anyway, the pictures I took seemed to lend themselves to black and white so that is what I've done to them. Lots of lovely monochrome and boosted contrast. Very miserable they are!! I have left bits of colour in some of the images though. Why? Because I wanted to. :-)

Go and have a look and please feel free to comment. I'd appreciate to feedback.


Chris said…
Cool. I took a few photos there a few years back (123). I actually returned in the late evening to get some night shots, but decided I didn't want to sit in a graveyard by my self in the dark so went home.

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