BIG Alice News!!!!!

At 18:25 on March 2nd 2006, just after Fifi And The Flowertots had finished on Nickelodeon Jnr, Alice took her first steps.

She was stood by the sofa and all of a sudden she let go and started walking towards me.

We were so proud. We have been trying to convince her to walk (for we knew she was close) for days now and here she was, doing it all by herself.

We then had a fun filled few minutes getting her to walk from Victoria to myself and back before Alice got bored and refused to do anything but crawl. Still, what a few minutes!!! :-)

I always thought that she walked a bit like a post accident Douglas Bader when she was walking with her walker but when she walks by herself she is more like a post accident Darth Vader. Still, we don't care as she will soon be leaping around like a gazelle.

Of course we now have to worry about her even more as she now has mobility to go with her total lack of common sense.


Anonymous said…
Get in! Not long now till you can send her down the offy!
Tim said…
Steady Phil... You have to go through the 'get daddy a beer from the fridge' training programme first.
Tim is of course correct. These are small steps that Alice is taking. The offy comes much later. :-)

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