Fresh Meat For The Grinder

Victoria and I have been wanting to try Ostrich for ages and tonight we finally did. The only reason we have not tried it sooner is because we could not find anywhere that sells it. Victoria finally found some Ostrich burgers at Chatsworth.

The texture is very much like beef and the taste is...I don't know how to describe it....a bit gamey I suppose.

Anyway, it was delicious.

We really want to try an Ostrich steak rather than a burger but it was hard enough to find the burgers. Maybe it is because Ostriches can run so fast that their meat is in short supply. :-)


Rach said…
For the full ostrich experience you need to go on a trip to South Africa. There is a wide variety of ostrich products available there.

Nick and I went to an ostrich farm 2 years ago and saw the eggs incubating and hatching, held a cute little baby ostrich and then checked out the fields of older ones. They were very nosey and came right up to look us in the eye. It was a bit worrying because they were taller than me and have very large beaks.

Ostrich leather is the most expensive leather in the world, mainly because you don't get much off one bird. It looks kind of spotty where the feathers grew, and horrible when there is a leg piece cos you can see the wrinkly knees - urgh. Anyway, we saw tons of ostrich products for sale: a belt was £100, a wallet £200 and a bag or pair of shoes upwards of £500.

While we were on the farm tour with a posh middle aged man and his mother, the man's wife was browsing in the leather shop. By the time we returned from the tour she had selected a large pile of stuff for her husband to purchase for her. All of it was gross, and I can only imagine the total bill. I was not surprised by her taste at all - she was weraing a suit made out of zebra skin. I am not joking.

Ostrich meat is on sale in supermarkets in South Africa and BBQs quite well. I have to admit after trying it once we didn't go back for seconds. It was more to do with the thought of their funny little faces looking at me than the taste, which I agree is quite rich and gamey.
I'm pleased someone else has tried it. We really enjoyed it but as you say, we didn't have to look then in the eye.
The Author said…
My daughter's dad used to own an Ostrich farm in partnership with my brother!!! We have lots of photos of them being chased!!! Ostrich's are very aggressive. It got closed down by the DTI!!!!!

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