Thursday, March 02, 2006

Another New Girly Blog

Jane ( the Jane I know properly this time ) :-) has started a blog.

As Rachel has only managed to supply one recipe and zero cleaning tips I'm sure that Jane will do us proud with her little piece of the web.

I have added a link to Jane's blog, as well as a link to the other Jane's blog, the one I think I met at Nick and Rachel's wedding but was perhaps a little tipsy at the time. Anyway, her blog is a good read so I've added that link as well.


rach said...

Humph. I've done 2 recipes now, and posts about smear test and fashion tips. How much more girly do you want?????????????

Christian Briddon said...

You are correct about the girly-ness of your site. I appologise.

The non-girly parts are also very entertaining. :-)

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