Tony Almeida - Obituary

Tony Almeida, former member of the Los Angeles CTU team, died last night at the hands of former law enforcement officer and killer of Tony's wife, Robo-Cop.

After repeated attempts to extract information from his wife's killer failed, Tony decided that he was better off dead, but Robo-Cop turned the tables and killed Tony. He died in the arms of colleague and good friend Jack Bauer.

Bauer was later heard to say "Dammit Tony, I told you that there was no time!!!"

Tony Almeida spent several years at CTU, starting at the level of Deputy Director and rising through the ranks to Special Agent In Charge.

Tony was discharged from CTU and sent to prison for treason, but was later pardoned by the President and granted temporary employment at CTU by Secretary Heller.

During his time at CTU he helped prevent many terrorist attacks, all aimed at Los Angeles, including the detonation of a nuclear bomb, the release of a virulent disease and the use of a nuclear missile fired from a stealth bomber.

He also met his wife Michelle Dessler while working at CTU.

Tony leaves no family or friends except Jack Bauer as they were all killed over the past few years, the last of these being his wife who was blown up on the same day Tony was killed.

I would like to take this opportunity to open the comments on this post as a book of rememberance for Tony.

Rest in peace Soul Glow. You will be missed.


Chris said…
Fare thee well Tony. I have written a poem in rememberance.

Oh Tony
I can't fucking believe you're dead
That's messed up

Well, not so much a poem, more a random collection of words without form nor rhyme, but you get my point.
Conski said…
Words cannot express the sadness I have felt since I realised that Tony was actually dead. I felt exactly the same way Jack felt. I just hope that Jack extracts the appropriate revenge on Robocop.

Tony Almeida - RIP.
Anonymous said…
You're foiling terrorist plots in a better place now Tony. We shall miss you.
Rach said…
You are all totally bonkers.

Naturally Nick knows Tony well and will be attending the funeral in his best suit.
Nick said…
OboeJane said…
Dear sweet lord above! Is there no end to how sad you all are?

[And you can interpret that whichever way you like. But we all know which way I meant it.]

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