Today Is The Anniversary Of........

.....Victoria and my first kiss.

Thirteen years ago today (well, tonight) Victoria and I first locked lips. :-)

The way she tells it I had been begging her to go out with me for weeks and I finally used trickery to make it happen.

I of course know the truth. It was my natural charm and good looks that convinced her to go out with me that night. She was powerless to resist.

Anyway, all these years later and here we are, married with children (well ok, child).

I've said it before and I'll say it again, I've never been so happy.

I love you Victoria.
xxxxxxxxxxxxx (one kiss for each year).


Anonymous said…
Ahh, I love you too,but you did trick me into going out! you said everyone would be there.I'm pleased you did though!
Anonymous said…
she is very brave
Anonymous said…
hey i know this is not the topic but i was wondering if we are related becuase my last name is briddon and someone in my family said that im related to every briddon anywhere everywhere

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