Saturday, September 27, 2008

Restaurant Review - The Saffron Club

Yesterday was Victoria's birthday so we decided to go out for a meal with my brother and my sister in law. We were originally going to go to Cafe Guru but for a change we decided to try The Saffron Club.

We arrived at 8pm and said we had booked a table. I was a bit worried as they looked like they didn't know what we were talking about but they sat us down immediately.

Things began to go down hill when the waiter (possibly about 16 years old) brought us one menu and said that there were no more and one would have to do until other people had finished with theirs. "Bring us some drinks then and come back when there are more menu's" was my brothers reply.

We got some drinks and some menu's and finally got to order at 08:30. Our starters then finally arrived at 9pm. 30 minutes for a starter to arrive? Not good but we thought that the meal was coming now so everything else should be quick. We were wrong.

We asked at 9:30 where our main courses were and were told 10 minutes. We then asked at 09:45 and were told 10 minutes. Then the manager came over, apologised and said our food would be 10 - 15 minutes. He even tried to say the food was slow because we didn't order until 08:30!! We explained that there were no menu's.

That was enough. We gave up and decided to leave.

Justin and I were going to pay for the drinks but as our wives pointed out, the only reason we drank extra beer was because we were waiting for so long. They told the manager we didn't want to pay at all so he just told us to leave. I think that he was trying to avoid a scene.

So that was it. We left. No curry for me which was bad as I had been looking forward to it all day.

So would I try The Saffron Club again? No. The staff were totally disorganised and although the starters were good they took far too long to arrive. It even took them 15 minutes to bring poppadoms for god's sake! Obviously I can't comment on the rest of the meal as we never got that far. I think that being sat at a table for 2 hours without even getting you main is ridiculous and although I have never left a restaurant before I think we were justified in doing so this time.

Next time we will stick to the far superior Cafe Guru!

Still, at least it was a cheap night. :-)

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Kitchen Day 3

I didn't bother posting yesterday as all that happened to the kitchen was the electrician came round to install some additional plug sockets and the actual kitchen was delivered!

Today however the fitters arrived at 08:00 and set to work immediately.

I left them to it and went to work, not knowing what I would find when I got back but as you can see by the picture here they have made good progress.

All the units are installed along with the sink. The dish washer is ready to be installed and the taps need plumbing in but apart from that I think we are nearly done.

Of course when the fitters are done we need to get the tiler in to tile the walls, someone in to fit the laminate floor and I need to strip the old wallpaper so Victoria can decorate but at least we are near the end of the main installation!

As they left their tools I am guessing that the fitters will be back tomorrow morning. Hopefully they are not far away from finishing. :-)

All the kitchen pics are available here.

Monday, September 08, 2008

Kitchen Day 1

The first day of our kitchen refit is now over. Essentially everything has been ripped out including the damaged floor and the floor has been replaced. As you can see by the photo it is not looking too good just yet but we are hoping for more progress on Wednesday.

Tomorrow we have Kevin the electrician coming in the morning to put in some additional plug sockets and then the kitchen is arriving tomorrow afternoon. The fitters will then return on Wednesday and might even finish in one day!! It's only a small kitchen after all and they said they don't mind staying late to get a job done.

All exciting stuff I am sure you will agree.

Kitchen Update 1

As you know today is when the kitchen fitters start our new kitchen. They arrived at 08:15 and started removing the old one.

While they were doing this they discovered the lovely 70's style tiles shown in this picture. Very nice I am sure you will agree. I can just picture how nice an entire kitchen would look clothed in such beauty!

More updates as and when something amusing/interesting happens.

I Am So Very Angry!!

Yesterday (7th September) Lewis Hamilton won the Belgium Grand Prix. He was second to Kimi Raikkonen for most of the race and Felipe Massa was an unimpressive third place.

About 4 laps from the end it started to drizzle and we than had the best 4 laps of racing I have seen for years. Hamilton and Raikkonen swapped the lead 4 times in one lap, they both spun off due to having dry tyres in the wet and it was all very exciting to watch and very good for F1 in general.

In the end Lewis won after Raikkonen spun out and hit the wall. He crossed the finish line at about 30 mph because the car was so hard to handle!

We then learned that Lewis was under investigation by the FIA stewards and a few hours later he was given a 25 second penalty which stripped him of his win and demoted him to third.

This is ridiculous! You can see part of the race here . The incident happened at about 25 seconds on the video.

Essentially Lewis was trying to over-take Raikkonen and was pushed off the track. When he rejoined he had the lead but as he cut the corner he would be penalised unless he gave the place back, which he did. The FIA stewards say that he got an unfair advantage by cutting the corner and penalised him for it.

This is really making me sick. It is the second time in 2 races where the FIA stewards have made a decision so blatantly bias in Ferrari's favour that it makes a mockery of the whole sport. I know that Ferrari are Italian but have the mob got big bets on them winning the championship and are putting horse heads in the FIA members beds? Who knows. All I know is that their decisions are crap. You just need to looks at all the forums to see that 99% of F1 fans think this is a bad decision, no matter who they support!

This really needs sorting as it is ruining my favourite sport. We need the rules clarifying and we need consistency when they are applied. We can't (for instance) have cars that leave the pit lane in a dangerous manor all getting drive through penalties except Felipe Massa who does it and gets a 10,000 EURO fine AFTER the race because it would have cost him the win at Valencia.

It is all wrong and I can't believe how angry it makes me.

FYI, I don't know if you know this or not but the president of the FIA is Max Mosley, the tosser who unfairly fined Mclaren 50 million last year for allegedly stealing secrets from Ferrari even though there was no proof. He was later caught having a sado-masochistic orgy with prostitutes which showes his character nicely I think.

Thursday, September 04, 2008

New Kitchen

As some of you may know, we are having a new kitchen fitted. We needed one anyway but it was pushed forward by a leak that essentially destroyed the floor. The insurance said they would pay for the fix but as we were having the kitchen ripped out anyway we thought we would go for an entire new one.

The plan for the new kitchen is pictured above and you can see additional pictures here. Let's see how accurate the pictures are when the job is finished.

The work starts on Monday (8th September) and should take all of next week. At least I am hoping it will be done in a week, bar the tiling I suppose!

While the work is on-going Victoria is taking the kids and going to live at her mum's, leaving me with the mess and forcing me to live on take away food and beer. Actually that sounds quite good. :-)

I will post more pics while the work of happening and keep you up to date on this exciting venture. ;-)

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