Kitchen Day 3

I didn't bother posting yesterday as all that happened to the kitchen was the electrician came round to install some additional plug sockets and the actual kitchen was delivered!

Today however the fitters arrived at 08:00 and set to work immediately.

I left them to it and went to work, not knowing what I would find when I got back but as you can see by the picture here they have made good progress.

All the units are installed along with the sink. The dish washer is ready to be installed and the taps need plumbing in but apart from that I think we are nearly done.

Of course when the fitters are done we need to get the tiler in to tile the walls, someone in to fit the laminate floor and I need to strip the old wallpaper so Victoria can decorate but at least we are near the end of the main installation!

As they left their tools I am guessing that the fitters will be back tomorrow morning. Hopefully they are not far away from finishing. :-)

All the kitchen pics are available here.


The Author said…
OOh it's looking like it's really coming along. I hope I get invited for a nice meal when it's all finished :)
Tony Ruscoe said…
You'll need to get someone in to fit the laminate floor? Do you know how easy that is? Are you a man or a girl? :-P
If I did it myself it would end up looking crap. I am totally useless at DIY!!

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