New Kitchen

As some of you may know, we are having a new kitchen fitted. We needed one anyway but it was pushed forward by a leak that essentially destroyed the floor. The insurance said they would pay for the fix but as we were having the kitchen ripped out anyway we thought we would go for an entire new one.

The plan for the new kitchen is pictured above and you can see additional pictures here. Let's see how accurate the pictures are when the job is finished.

The work starts on Monday (8th September) and should take all of next week. At least I am hoping it will be done in a week, bar the tiling I suppose!

While the work is on-going Victoria is taking the kids and going to live at her mum's, leaving me with the mess and forcing me to live on take away food and beer. Actually that sounds quite good. :-)

I will post more pics while the work of happening and keep you up to date on this exciting venture. ;-)


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