I Am So Very Angry!!

Yesterday (7th September) Lewis Hamilton won the Belgium Grand Prix. He was second to Kimi Raikkonen for most of the race and Felipe Massa was an unimpressive third place.

About 4 laps from the end it started to drizzle and we than had the best 4 laps of racing I have seen for years. Hamilton and Raikkonen swapped the lead 4 times in one lap, they both spun off due to having dry tyres in the wet and it was all very exciting to watch and very good for F1 in general.

In the end Lewis won after Raikkonen spun out and hit the wall. He crossed the finish line at about 30 mph because the car was so hard to handle!

We then learned that Lewis was under investigation by the FIA stewards and a few hours later he was given a 25 second penalty which stripped him of his win and demoted him to third.

This is ridiculous! You can see part of the race here . The incident happened at about 25 seconds on the video.

Essentially Lewis was trying to over-take Raikkonen and was pushed off the track. When he rejoined he had the lead but as he cut the corner he would be penalised unless he gave the place back, which he did. The FIA stewards say that he got an unfair advantage by cutting the corner and penalised him for it.

This is really making me sick. It is the second time in 2 races where the FIA stewards have made a decision so blatantly bias in Ferrari's favour that it makes a mockery of the whole sport. I know that Ferrari are Italian but have the mob got big bets on them winning the championship and are putting horse heads in the FIA members beds? Who knows. All I know is that their decisions are crap. You just need to looks at all the forums to see that 99% of F1 fans think this is a bad decision, no matter who they support!

This really needs sorting as it is ruining my favourite sport. We need the rules clarifying and we need consistency when they are applied. We can't (for instance) have cars that leave the pit lane in a dangerous manor all getting drive through penalties except Felipe Massa who does it and gets a 10,000 EURO fine AFTER the race because it would have cost him the win at Valencia.

It is all wrong and I can't believe how angry it makes me.

FYI, I don't know if you know this or not but the president of the FIA is Max Mosley, the tosser who unfairly fined Mclaren 50 million last year for allegedly stealing secrets from Ferrari even though there was no proof. He was later caught having a sado-masochistic orgy with prostitutes which showes his character nicely I think.


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