Formula 1

Formula 1, the one true sport and the only mainstream sport that the British consistently excel at (yes I include football rugby and cricket when I say that. Have you watched our national teams recently?) has been going through some rough times over the past few months.

On the one hand you have the best championship for years. Lewis Hamilton is an amazing driver and is hopefully going to become the first driver ever to win the drivers championship in his rookie season. He is consistently faster than his teammate Fernando Alonso as well as being faster than Ferrari's dynamic duo. OK, so he has made some mistakes but these are mainly in the car setup and it is his first year. His driving is always second to none.

On the other hand you have Ferrari accusing Mclaren of spying on them and using their technology in the Mclaren cars. This culminated in the FIA kicking Mclaren out of the constructors championship and fining them $100 million last week. The drivers championship is not effected by this.

Essentially it seems that a Ferrari engineer was sending a Mclaren engineer SMS messages about Ferrari setups and he gave the Mclaren engineer a 750 page document regarding the Ferrari car. It was later discovered that the Mclaren engineer was passing this information to Pedro De La Rosa (Mclaren test driver) who was emailing them to Fernando Alonso (Mclaren driver and professional wanker).

Mclaren's defense was that nobody else in the team knew about this information and none of it was ever used in the cars. I believe them. Ron Dennis (Mclaren boss) has built the team and his reputation on being honest and trustworthy. I refuse to believe he would cheat like this.

After the Hungarian GP (the one where Alonso blocked Hamilton from doing his final qualifying lap. See Here) Alonso and Dennis had an argument where Alonso threatened to send the emails regarding Ferrari data to the FIA unless Ron Dennis gave him more support than Hamilton. Did I mention that Alonso is a twat? Until this moment Ron Dennis did not know about the emails or any information coming from Ferrari to Mclaren and as soon as he heard about them he rang the FIA and told them. This is not the actions of a guilty man but rather a man who wants to clear his name and the name of his team.

So now Ferrari have their way and Mclaren have been kicked out of the constructors championship which means they win. Can anyone say 'hollow victory'? The drivers championship is still being decided and hopefully Hamilton will beat that tosser Alonso. With any luck Alonso will not be at Mclaren next year. What he has done can't make him very comfortable where he is. Personally I hope he leaves F1 and can only get a job racing Nascar, the crappiest of all the motor sports.

Anyway, all this scandal has really upset me. This is my favourite sport and one that I am passionate about. I hate all this political crap that has been floating about and all it has really done is make the sport look bad during it's best, most exciting season for 10 years.

So, what have I done to cheer up myself and Victoria, also an avid F1 fan? We are going to the 2008 British GP at Silverstone!! We were not going to go originally as we would have a 6 month old baby but we thought our mum's could have a child each. :-)

When we went to the 2007 GP we had general admission tickets. This means you stand on the banks wherever you want. We had a great view but had to get there early and not move from our spot.

This time we have got the best tickets in the house. Pit Straight B. Platinum tickets. We are right on the start/finish line. I am rather excited which is unfortunate as there are 10 months to go!!!

Thanks to Phil as well for finding me a reasonably priced hotel!!

Anyway, hopefully all the scandal will now be over and we can get back to just enjoying the racing.

Anyone willing to bet a tenner that Alonso will not be racing for Mclaren next year? :-)


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