Plastic Fantastic?

Victoria and I watched the first episode of the new Nigella Lawson TV show last night, Nigella Express.

We have both been fans of hers for years and believe her recipes to be of the highest standard. I've also always thought she was kinda sexy. :-)

In her latest show though there is something wrong with her face. I can't say what exactly but I have a feeling she has had some 'work' done and it really does not look too good.

She also seems to be acting like someone pretending to be Nigella Lawson. Acting happy rather than actually being happy and gesticulating more than is required.

Anyone else agree with this or is it just me and Victoria?


Anonymous said…
I agree. She seemed to have a kind of mad grin whatever she was doing. No sign of new hubbie either. Whole thing felt really staged unfortunately. (Although her reecipes are good.)


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