I Want One Of These!!!

I've been looking for a new stereo for my car for a while and I think I have finally found it! The Parrot RK-8200 is the head unit for me!

It has a tuner but no CD. This is probably because physical media is SO yeaterday! It does however have an ipod connector, phone connector, SD Card slot, USB socket, bluetooth so it can act as a handsfree car kit as well as 2GB RAM to store music or contacts for you phone, all of which can be called using voice commands. Add to this the £150 price tag and we have a winner.

You can even hide your music player away inside the unit!!! Great!

It's out before the end of the year and you can get more info here.


Victoria said…
Can you use an ipod shuffle in it? If so you should get one - I'm very embarrassed of your "in car cassette player"!!

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