Monday, June 16, 2008

Fathers Day Gift

Yesterday was Fathers Day and I got a great gift from Alice and Amelia. As you may have guessed by the picture, it was a mug. On one side it had Amelia's footprint and on the other side it had Alice's hand print. Alice also painted the inside of the mug and the handle.

This is what fathers day presents are supposed to be like. Something from you children that they have made for you. It is a great present that I have brought to work to replace my Buffy mug that has served me well for 8 years!! You can see the Alice side of the mug here.

Thank you Alice and Amelia (and, I suspect, Victoria). I love you all so very much.

I also got 2 ticket holders from the Silverstone website. When we were at last years GP we had to show our tickets a lot and getting them out of the bag each time was a pain. This year we will be proudly hanging our tickets around our necks. :-)

I guess I can thank Victoria for this gift.

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Alice The Geek

Whenever Victoria or I were using our PC Alice was always there asking to sit on our knee, look at pictures (generally of her!!) play Flight Simulator (I kid you not) and generally stopping us from getting things done.

So, as we had an old laptop lying around we thought we would give it to Alice. As she would struggle with a track pad we bought her a Microsoft laptop mouse (the are small for her little hands) and set her up in the dining room.

As you can see from the picture here she happily sits and surfs the net all by herself. She is really good at it. As long as you log her on she will fire up IE, open her favourites and select the CBeeBies website. She will then play all the games and watch her favourite shows. Her only obstacle is that she can't read!

Giving her a PC at the age of 3 may be a bit much but she is really good at using it. I even caught her using the track pad the other day. I asked her how she knew how to use it and she said she had seen me use it on my laptop. Amazing! In my opinion these skills can't come early enough. It will surely not be long before I can teach her to build PC's and pay her extra pocket money to manage my domain at home!!

It's also nice to see that she is growing up to be a geek, just like her daddy. :-)

Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Max Mosley Wins FIA Vote Of Confidence? Get The Fuck Out Of Here!!!!

Whore-master Max Mosley, the Nazi sympathiser who heads the FIA has actually won a vote of confidence from the FIA this morning.

You may remember that a couple of months ago he was caught shagging prostitutes while (allegedly) dressed as a Nazi. You may also think that this is not behaviour befitting the head of an international organisation and that if he was running a company he would have been dismissed or 'retired' immediately.

Formula 1 fans (especially Mclaren fans) have been waiting until today to see Max Mosley get booted out of his job, but no, he has won the vote of confidence.

Practically everyone being interviewed is astonished by the results and the motor racing federations from most countries have now severed all ties with the FIA. This will mean that the entire organisation will be useless and have very little power, but they still kept the old perv in a job.

Why? Do they not know that this will destroy the FIA?

I am guessing he has dirt on each of the people voting and threatened to release it to the press. It can be the only reason he is still in a job.

Now we have to wait until October 2009 until he is gone. He wanted to stay until then as he said he has more to do to help motor racing. What? Fine Mclaren again for some non-existent rule breaking?

There is only one word to describe Max Mosley. It begins with a 'C' and ends in 'unt'.

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