Max Mosley Wins FIA Vote Of Confidence? Get The Fuck Out Of Here!!!!

Whore-master Max Mosley, the Nazi sympathiser who heads the FIA has actually won a vote of confidence from the FIA this morning.

You may remember that a couple of months ago he was caught shagging prostitutes while (allegedly) dressed as a Nazi. You may also think that this is not behaviour befitting the head of an international organisation and that if he was running a company he would have been dismissed or 'retired' immediately.

Formula 1 fans (especially Mclaren fans) have been waiting until today to see Max Mosley get booted out of his job, but no, he has won the vote of confidence.

Practically everyone being interviewed is astonished by the results and the motor racing federations from most countries have now severed all ties with the FIA. This will mean that the entire organisation will be useless and have very little power, but they still kept the old perv in a job.

Why? Do they not know that this will destroy the FIA?

I am guessing he has dirt on each of the people voting and threatened to release it to the press. It can be the only reason he is still in a job.

Now we have to wait until October 2009 until he is gone. He wanted to stay until then as he said he has more to do to help motor racing. What? Fine Mclaren again for some non-existent rule breaking?

There is only one word to describe Max Mosley. It begins with a 'C' and ends in 'unt'.


Chris said…
Anonymous said…
It's because the FIA works on the policy of one club: one vote, regardless of the size of the club.

So despite the letter from 22 clubs (representing 86% of the global membership) indicating they would vote against him, those clubs only hold 10% of the votes so couldn't carry it.

For once, I share your interest in the subject - I was on the phone to the FD of F1 the other day(I'm such a namedropper...) to discuss it. Still think the "sport" is indescribably dull, though. Not that I told HIM that.
I know about the one club one vote situation but I am still astonished that he is still president. If he were leading ANY company in the world he would have been removed immediatly.

And incase you don't realise, F1 is the greatest sport ever and is in no way boring! :-)
The Author said…
Does it really matter what the guy gets up to in his spare time? How does that affect what he does during his day job? I have no idea if he does his job well or not - as I don't really follow formula 1, but lots of people do perverse and weird things in their own time and it doesn't really affect how efficient they are at work. I could name some of them but of course you would have to pay me !!!
The Author said…
I wonder if he is related in any way to Arnold Mosley - well known fascist of times gone by - now that would be interesting?

I don't have any problem with him shagging prostitutes (each to their own) but wearing the Nazi uniform is a bit much.
The Author said…
Oh My God I've just checked and he's Arnold Mosley's son. That'll be where the Nazi Uniform comes from then!!!! Read up about Arnold Mosley - he was a right twat.
The Author said…
Sorry - OSWALD Mosley was the fascist - but he is his father. Yikes
He is indeed Oswald Mosley's son and in his own way is as big a twat as his father.

As he attempts to run F1 the only thing he does is ruin the sport by trying to make it into a standard formula (everyone drives the same car) and stopping the innovation that makes the sport so exciting.

He then spends the rest of his time unfairly penalising Mclaren because he does not like Ron Dennis.

The sooner he goes the better.

I also think he is probably actually Hitlers illegitimate son, hidden to protect him from the boys from Brazil....or something like that..:-)

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