Pregnancy Update

Here we are in what seems like record time at week 39 of Victoria's pregnancy. The due date is the 18th January (next Friday) and we are all ready for our new arrival.

As you can see by the picture opposite Victoria is quite large and has looked like she has been ready to give birth since before Christmas. I even went without booze on New Years Eve as we were so convinced that someone was coming early!! Alas, nothing happened, but at least I felt great on New Years day for the first time in years. :-)

The midwife on Friday said everything was fine and the baby was in the perfect position for birth. The head is also about 60% engaged. This essentially means we play the waiting game. Alice was a week late so we could have a while to go yet but hopefully the birth will be sooner rather than later.

We can't wait for the baby to be born. We are only planning on two children so we feel like our family will finally be complete. I also want the baby to come soon so I can have my wife back. I also have some really nice wine I want to drink. :-) Not easy when you have to stay sober just in case!!

Well, that is about all there is to say. The next baby post will be announcing the birth of either Picard Muad'Dib Briddon or Ripley Martha Briddon depending on the sex.


Victoria said…
I thought we were using Kiefer & Kylie.

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