Jools Holland - Sheffield City Hall

Last night we went to the Sheffield City Hall to see Jools Holland. This is the third or fourth time we've seen him so he must be doing something right.

Normally we go for a few pints before the concert and then head straight in but this time we decided to go for the hospitality option. Essentially you go a couple of hours early and have a meal. They also provide drinks at the interval.

We also dragged another couple along with us this year in the form of Ruth and Richard. We like going out with them because they are good fun and like a drink. :-)

So, I left work at 4pm, went to Yates's where I met the others. It was nice going to the pub straight from work and meeting the wife. We don't do it enough!

We went to the City Hall at 17:30 and had to queue behind all the old people who were also opting for hospitality. This was not a good sign. Firstly we had to wait to be taken to the dining room in a lift. No stairs option. I guess they don't want to risk broken hips!! Once we were at the table we were offered drinks and soon realised that the advertised 'half bottle of wine or 2 bottled beers each' was just a ploy to avoid getting piss-heads in, and that you can essentially drink what you like. Result! :-) Victoria and Ruth tucked into the red wine while Richard and I enjoyed a selection of beers. So far so good!

Then came the food!

The starter was a little uninspiring but not too bad. Goat's cheese tartlet with onion marmalade or something. Nice but nothing special. The main course was just strange. It was chicken with a red pepper sauce and a chorizo risotto. The sauce tasted to me more like a tomato sauce and the whole dish was just a bit wrong. It was also under seasoned I'm guessing to appeal to the the older diner. The dessert was OK but a but sickly. All in all we were not impressed with the food. Good job there was plenty of booze and the company was good.

After the meal we went into the auditorium for the main event. Jools Holland. He was as ever superb. His band was amazing and they all got to do a solo at some point in the performance. Seriously, if you like good music, even if you don't think Jools Holland would appeal to you, go and see him if you have the chance. He and his orchestra are amazing.

We all really enjoyed the night even though the food was below par. Good music and good company is obviously enough even with dodgy grub. We will probably go again next year but maybe we will eat elsewhere first.


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