Briddon Birthdays

Last Saturday was my birthday. I was 42 which is the answer to the ultimate question of life the universe and everything so I am expecting great things from the next 12 months.

I had a nice birthday. I watched qualifying for the Abu Dabi Grand Prix, then I played a bit of Modern Warfare 3, then I played a bit of F1 2011. Once my gaming was over I ordered a load of winter clothing from Wiggle using the vouchers my family had bought me so that I could cycle in to work warm and cosy.

In the evening Victoria cooked us homemade fish and chips and an amazing but super unhealthy ice cream cake with a cheesecake style base and caramel on the top. Really nice.
On Sunday we went to my mums where I drank too much wine and I took the Monday off work to give me a nice long weekend. It was all good.

More importantly though on the 1st November it was Alice's birthday. She was 7!!!! Where the hell did all that time go? I can't believe it's been 7 years since she went from this to this.

Alice decided on a bowling party for her birthday. We went to Hollywood bowl and they had cake, lunch and did lots of bowling. Amazingly enough Amelia won!!

We both really enjoyed our birthdays, and it's nice that they are both so close. Let's not rush to get to any more though OK. :-)

Pictures of Alice's birthday are available here. Please excuse the fact that Alice seems incapable of keeping her eyes open when having her picture taken. :-)


The Author said… that all you are? I thought it was the answer when I was 42 but in actual fact it just raised more questions :)

Hope you had a fantastic day and very sorry I missed it x

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