The Unkindest Cut Of All

Today I am off work so I can visit the hospital. I am going to have the snip.

As you can imagine, I am not too happy about the prospect of someone with a very sharp knife chopping away very close to my favourite organ but as I am such a great husband and Victoria and I don't want any more children I think it is the best thing to do.

When you first go to the doctors to request a vasectomy they try to put you off.

Doctor : "You do know it's permanent don't you".

Me : "Yes"

Doctor : "Even though it is the safest form of contraception there is still a chance it won't work"

Me : "I understand that yes"

Doctor : "What if your entire family die in a horrible accident involving a high speed crash on the M1 in which a burning bus crashes into your car, causing you to be thrown free but your wife and children to be mashed into pulp, burned to a crisp and then eaten by wild dogs? Would you not want to find someone else and start over again? Because you would not be able to!!"

Me : "eh?"

OK, so I am exaggerating but they really do say things like "What if one of your children dies, would you not want to replace it?". Like you can replace a child! Muppet's!

Anyway, I am all booked in for 14:30 at the Hallamshire. Victoria is coming with me for moral support and the kids are going to my mums. I am off work tomorrow as suggested by the hospital but I expect to be fighting fit for Wednesday.

I'll let you know later how it went.

Wish me luck!!!


The Author said…
Dearest Christian. I have been with you in spirit all day today and hoping that it all went well - and that things 'down below' aren't too sore!!

See you at the weekend :)

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