Finally, proof that vegetarians are wrong!!!

Victoria and I went out last night. It was the first time since Amelia was born and so was a nice change.

We went to our favourite restaurant, Morans and for starter we both had soft shelled crab as we have never tried it and were wanting to do so.

Oh my god, this is a delicious little creature and has to be proof that veggies are just SO wrong.

Soft shelled crabs are eaten whole. Shell, legs, claws, everything. Essentially you pick up the crab, drop the whole thing into boiling water for a few minutes and then eat it. It is a walking snack. A living pack up if you will.

The reason this is proof that veggies are wrong is because there is no way God would allow such a creature to evolve unless it was meant to be eaten. It is like God saying 'For my sake, just pick this thing up and pop it in your mouth, no effort required! How much more obvious can I make it!!! Just eat the thing!'

Anyway, I had steak (cooked blue of course) for a main and Victoria had guinea fowl. All very nice indeed and washed down by large amount of St Emilion.

The service at Morans was exceptional as ever and once again I can't recommend the place highly enough!


Tony Ruscoe said…
Every time you mention it, I think that we really must try this place. Those crabs sound brilliant. God should also start making other animals like this. Fish without bones would be a good start.
The Author said…
I'm sure that your crabs were delicious - but I don't think I could eat them like that. I would be feeling sorry for the poor crabs :)
Anonymous said…
You seem to be under the impression that all vegetarians beleive in some form of theistic evolution which places humans at the center.

I doubt you have ever killed an animal, I suggest you try it if you want to maintain consistency.
I don't know who you are Pariksit but get over yourself.

I was just having a joke.


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