A Geek's Hell

I've found out this week that, in spite of my happy geek filled ramblings below that it is not always good to be a geek.

I like to think of myself as being pretty much on the bleeding edge of technology, especially where PC's are concerned. I therefore no longer own a floppy disc drive. None of my PC's have one and they have not had one for at least 2 years. What's the point? In a world where my usb key holds the equivalent of nearly 3000 of the things I can do without them.

This evening I was finishing building my server with the nice big disc array that will fix all my storage needs. The drives were plugged into the RAID controller and I had mirrored the system drives to provide some fault tolerance. Next, install Windows Server.

Unfortunately Windows does not have a driver for my RAID controller and it would like me to provide it with one, other wise it will not see the array and not have anywhere to install the operating system.

I have the driver. I have it on CD, usb key and on another hard drive. Can you guess where Windows wants it to be? Can you guess where the only place that Windows will install the driver from is no matter what you try to do?

A floppy disc. A Frickin floppy disc. To make matters worse, I booted from the install disc with a usb key plugged into the server (containing the drivers) and although windows could not load the drivers from the usb drive it did in fact recognise it and offer to install itself on that!!

I have to say my language was not for Alice's ears!!! I now have to go and scrounge a floppy drive and some discs from our IT dept tomorrow.

It's not easy being on the bleeding edge! :-)


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