Baby News - 20 Weeks Scan!

Today Victoria and I went for the new baby's 20 week scan. Everything was great and here you can see the scan picture. For those not used to looking at such images I have added notes to the Flickr version so that you know where the head is etc. :-)

The lady doing the scan talked us through what she was looking at while examining the image on the screen. Things like "I'm looking at the spine now to make sure it is all covered in skin", and "I'm looking at the internal organs to make sure they are actually internal and not growing on the outside of the body". Nice!!! Still, everything was fine and the new baby is doing well. Two Arms, two legs and a head. It's all good. We could have found out the sex today but decided that, as with Alice, we would leave it as a surprise. No matter how much you want a boy or a girl, when the baby is born it really does not matter and it's nice not to know until the birth.

It was great to see the baby again and it's amazing how much they grow in 2 months. The next time we see it will be when it is born. We both can't wait. :-)


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