The Ultimate Post Pub Snack?

We have all had a Donner kebab on the way home from a 'busy' night out at the pub and at the time they taste great. It is only the next morning when you realise you dribbled chill sauce down yourself, you stink of mystery meat and you feel like your hangover has doubled thanks to the massive salt and fat intake that you regret your drunken choice.

There is now another choice! Pot Noodle, those purveyors of food that only tastes good drunk or with a hangover have gone the whole hog and released a Donner kebab flavour pot noodle!!


No matter how much crap there is in a Pot Noodle it can't be as bad a a Donner so you are winning in every way.

As Phil seems to have ended his superb snack reviews I will take it upon myself to purchase and try this new pot noodle and to review it properly when I have done so. Of course I will have to get totally pissed before I do so as to have the proper 'post pub' experience.

They are released this weekend so watch this space.....


The Author said…
Minging - pot noodles are minging. I have eaten one only once and never ever will again - mind you - so are donner kebabs. I don't think I've ever been drunk enough to want either, and I've been very drunk on some occasions !

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