Bakers Man

I love food.

I love eating out at expensive restaurants and I love eating in as my wife is the most AMAZING cook.

I have been meaning for ages to make an effort and cook myself and since new year I have been doing exactly that.

I have cooked fish twice followed by the worlds best curry (including home-made pilau rice) and today I thought I would try home-made burgers.

Obviously it is no fun to just make the burgers so I decided the bake bread as well so that we would have home-made breadcakes.

I have never baked bread before and I have to say it is the most amazing thing to do. You start with flour, yeast, salt and water and as you mix it in a bowl it suddenly changes into a totally different mixture when it is properly mixed. Then you kneed it for 15 minutes and it totally changes again. Amazing!!! Then after you leave it for 2 hours it is suddenly twice the size. Superb. Payback all the way through the process.

Finally, after all this fun you get bread!! The best bread ever because it is home made and oh so fresh!

I decided to make 6 breadcakes and a loaf. That way we had bread cakes for tonights burgers and a loaf for sarnies tomorrow. You can see the picture of the loaf above and the breadcakes here.

The burgers were also brilliant and really simple to make. The meat was from a good butcher and not supermarket crap and so was rather healthy. Everyone is a winner. :-)

Anyway, I have had a really good time today baking bread and making burgers. Everyone should try it.


The Author said…
Well done you!!! Today I am making liver and onions!!!! The liver and onions are in the slow cooker right now bubbling away!!! I could do with some of your bread to mop up the gravy!!!
Liv said…
About time you learned how to cook ... ! Those burgers look yum, they are making my mouth water! Can you really honestly claim they were as good as Victoria could make though?!
Victoria said it they were as good as hers so that is all that counts. :-)

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