F1 Teams Tell FIA To Go Fuck Themselves.....

OK, so they didn't actually say that, but this is my website so I can put what I like. :-)

What the F1 teams association (FOTA) have actually done is explain to the FIA that according to their own rules they can't impose any new rules less than 20 days from the start of a new season without all the teams agreeing. All the teams think that the new 'winner takes all' rule is is a rubbish idea so the FIA have graciously decided to defer the plan until next year, explaining that they thought all the teams agreed. This is of course bollocks as FOTA actually put forward their own ideas which were instantly rejected for the rubbish 'winner takes all' plan.

This has made me as happy as my post on the new rule made me sad. Herr Mosley was so keen to force his will on the teams he forgot to read his own rules. Very funny if you ask me.

You can read a much more accurate account of what has happened here.

Now all we need to do is hope Mclaren can pull themselves together for next weekend.


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