FFS. More FIA Formula 1 Meddling

The FIA have just decided that the driver with the most wins will win the drivers championship this year. This means that the second place driver could have more points than the winning driver.

They did this to encourage drivers to go for the win. It's not going to work. It is just another attempt by Max Mosley and the FIA to ruin the sport I love the most.

The F1 teams association wanted to change the points system to encourage drivers to go for the win. They ran a survey and the results say the fans liked their idea. What the survey also said was that the fans did not want a situation where the driver with the most wins gets the championship. However, the FIA (Mosley) ignored this.

I hope this is not the beginning of another year of pointless rule changes. What with Mosley ruining things from the FIA side and Ecclestone taking away all the classic races because Asian and Arab nations pay him more money, F1 is in decline. Both these twats need to leave the sport to people who actually like it and want to see it grow.

The story is available here.


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