More Crazy Catholic Fun

Looking at the BBC website today I came across this little gem. Apparently the pope thinks that "handing out condoms can only worsen the crisis of HIV/AIDS." It will apparently promote promiscuity.

Surely the fact that you are using condoms in your promiscuous lifestyle will help prevent aids. Let's face it, people are going to have sex with or without condoms so they can't do any harm.

His popeship made these comments while heading for Africa. Does he not also realise that many of the aids victims are children conceived by loving parents unknowingly carrying the aids virus? Is that why he does not want condoms given out because as Monty Python so brilliantly put it 'Every Sperm Is Scared'?

I'm sick of the catholic church saying such stupid things about condoms and contraception in general. There are thousands of people all over the work living in poverty and having more and more children because a bloke in a frock tells them they can't use contraception. It's ridiculous. The catholic church need to take a more responsible attitude towards their 'flock'.

I say we storm the Vatican and kick the pope out on the streets!! Who's with me? :-)

UPDATE : A new article is available here. My favourite quote is "...the president of the Vatican's Pontifical Council for the Family, Cardinal Alfonso Lopez Trujillo - have insisted that HIV inevitably passes through holes in the latex from which condoms are made,..." LOL


The Author said…
Catholics believe (I know because I am one - albeit somewhat lapsed!)..that the act of sex is not to be enjoyed - but is solely for the production of children - which are a gift from God. (I daren't tell Him that I enjoy it!). Therefore contraception of any kind is strictly forbidden - as that would prevent the creation of a child. I always wonder exactly what procreation was being attempted by all those Priests sticking it up Alter boys - but that's a whole other heated debate!!! Apparently Catholics across the world have regular sex and don't enjoy it at all!!!!

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