Who Watches The Watchmen? I Do!!!!

Last night I went to see Watchmen. The very fact that I went to the cinema speak volumes about how much I wanted to see this film as I usually avoid the place like the plague. Full of other people, sound usually wrong, sticky floors, too expensive etc etc.

Watchmen however was different. I had first read the book around 22 years ago and since then have read it many many times. It is the story of a bunch of dysfunctional ex-masked superheroes, only one of which has any superpowers, and how someone is killing them.

This film was pure genius. I would have never thought that they could successfully turn it into a film but they have done it.

If you want to see a very clever, intelligent film that just happens to be about superheroes, go and see this one.

Close enough to the original book to please the fan boys? - Check
Cool throw-away one liners? - Check
Extreme violence? - Check
Very sexy girl wearing latex? - Check

Looks like it ticks all the boxes. :-)


The Author said…
Close enough to the original book? Cool one liners? Extreme Violence? Sexy girl wearing rubber? If the book were 'Little House on the prairie' and the rubber was rubber gloves - it sounds just like another day at our house :)

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