Steak Ale And Mushroom Pie

As you may have read below, this week's cooking extravaganza is Steak Ale and Mushroom Pie. You can see a picture of it above this text.

This is the first time I had made pastry and it turned out great. The pie filling was also delicious. It was really rich and lovely. :-)

Once again I am really pleased with the results of my cooking. So far I have had no failures so I am expecting one soon. Of course I do have a cooking encyclopedia of a wife to ask whenever I have a question or two so I'm not exactly working without a net but I still think I am doing quite well.

The recipe for the filling is available here and you can find the pastry recipe here. Gotta love the BBC food website.


Victoria said…
It was a truly scrumptious pie - but I must say, your 'clearing up afterwards' technique needs a lot of work ;)
The Author said…
Ha ha ha - Christian - you need to clear up as you go!!! (I think it's a girl thing as Posselq is not that hot on clearing up.

WE shall have to have a cook-in when you come to stay - Posselq and Victoria can judge!!!

Well done!
As you are cooking from Delia's latest 'a good shortcut is to use frozen mashed potato' book I will easily win. :-)
The Author said…
Aaaaah - don't be too sure!!!! We'll have to wait and see....Ready Steady cook :)

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